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World’s Best Martial Artist Novel Chapter 386

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World’s Best Martial Artist Novel Chapter 386

Once the decision had been made to return to the passageway entrance to join the Rank-9, the party made no delays.

Nevertheless, Fang Ping was extremely vigilant on the way.

Qin Fengqing noticed Fang Ping darting a few looks at him and could not help but lose his temper out of embarrassment. “I’m not planning to steal from you!”

The point was that he could not steal them even if he wanted to!

Right now, he was truly no match for Fang Ping. With one punch, Fang Ping could send him flying. That was dreadful beyond words.

Fang Ping ignored him. He clutched Old Man Li’s shoulders and warned, “Be careful, we may not be free from danger yet. I suspect that the enemy will ambush us on our way back to the passageway!”

Their current location was 600 li away from the passageway.

No matter how far human martial artists traveled, it was inevitable they would return to the passageway.

In truth, the reason he was so sure that there would be an ambush was that… his Wealth did not increase!

This implied that they had not escaped danger yet.

As soon as the words left Fang Ping’s lips, Qin Fengqing and Wang Jinyang sped up, grabbing onto Old Man Li’s arms instantly. Although Old Man Li was not a true Rank-8, his speed was extremely fast, no slower than a typical Rank-8. Clutching onto him was bound to make you faster.

Li Hansong was one step slower. Seeing that the trio was grabbing onto Old Li’s arms, he gave a sheepish look and followed suit, saying apologetically, “I’m grateful to you, Instructor Li.”

Old Man Li did not respond. Instead, he heightened his vigilance.

As for Li Hansong’s slightly delayed reaction… It would be fine once he got used to it.

Unlike these three little bastards. As soon as the word danger was uttered, they wished for nothing more than to glue themselves to him straightaway.

Fang Ping dispersed his Mentality in all directions. Whilst analyzing the situation, he asked under his breath, “If there’s no Rank-8, do you think you can take them on?”

If a Rank-7 ambushed them, there might be a chance to finish the other party off.

Old Man Li shook his head, whispering, “I don’t have the dominance and advantage, nor is this a siege. It will be hard for me to stop the enemy from running away.”

At this moment, even if it was a one-to-one battle, he might not be able to hold down a Rank-7 powerhouse.

Fang Ping felt disappointed, sighing gently. “You cut down a Rank-8 as a Rank-6, and now you’ve turned weak instead.”

Old Man Li was completely speechless. He was not in the mood to entertain him. Though, after some thought, he said, “My fist fighting skills are only average. Construct me a Divine Weapon long sword when we get back. I’ll nurture it for a while. I’ll show you how it’s done next time!”

When he started on the topic of Divine Weapons, Fang Ping became interested instantly. He hastily asked, “What are the requirements to construct a Divine Weapon?”

Divine Weapons were very powerful. Zhou Zhengyang self-detonating with a Divine Weapon was much more destructive than a typical Grandmaster self-detonating.

Zhou Zhengyang, who wielded a Divine Weapon, had extremely powerful abilities. That day, Zhou Zhengyang’s achievements did not go unnoticed as the five of them fought against nine enemies.

“Divine Weapons are also known as imaginary weapons. Just like Mentality corporealization, they could be nonexistent and could be materialized. One of the most important raw materials is actually related to Mentality too.”

Old Man Li lowered his voice and said, “At the very least, you will need Rank-7 and high-ranked monsters’ heart and brain cores, smelting them together.

“Add a portion of valuable and rare metals. On top of that, you need to add plenty of other supplementary materials.

“For example, high-ranked monsters’ bones, high-ranked monster plants’ creepers…

“Lastly, high-ranked martial artists will use their own Mentality and Vitality to nurture it, assimilating it into their own bodies. This will then become a Divine Weapon.

In other words, a Divine Weapon was most probably equivalent to an entire high-ranked monster or monster plant…”

Fang Ping heard his explanation and whispered, “Then, can middle-ranked martial artists construct one?”

“You’re overthinking. Right now, you’re not qualified. You won’t be able to control it.”

Old Man Li nodded thoughtfully and continued, “Divine Weapons are typically driven by Celestiality. I may be able to wield one, but I may not be able to unleash the Divine Weapon’s full potential. As for you, even controlling it is hard. If you have one, it may not be as easy to use compared to your current Bandit-Slayer Saber.”

“Chaos-Vanquishing Saber,” Fang Ping corrected him. It had been renamed a long time ago.

Having said that, Fang Ping continued, “What you’re saying is, the Divine Weapon’s value is based on the high-ranked monster’s carcass?”

“That’s for sure.”

“It’s quite expensive.”

Did humans kill a lot of high-ranked monsters?

Very few!

Humans would not typically hunt and kill high-ranked monsters on purpose. Certain high-ranked monsters even moved in packs.

The greatest enemy, the Catacombs, had not been handled yet. If they hunted monsters now and triggered a monster outbreak, then they would be provoking a great enemy for no reason at all.

Of course, though it was rare, it did not mean that it never happened.

Certain powerhouses would venture into extremely dangerous places. Sometimes, when they encountered such a monster, they would hunt and kill them too.

Moreover, in the Catacombs, some powerhouses have even taken monsters as mounts, or perhaps one could call them partners too.

Certain human powerhouses had rides too. Fang Ping heard someone talking about it before. However, only Rank-9s would typically own one. There were also very few of them.

Hence, it was these people who hunted and killed these monsters.

Over the years, humans had accumulated some supplies. There were not too many martial artists who owned Divine Weapons, though there were not too few of them either.

A Rank-9 would typically own one while a Rank-8 would not. Whether a Rank-7 owned one would depend on family possessions and luck.

Old Man Li heard what he said and laughed. “It is pretty expensive. Fang Ping, why don’t you consider making a sword for me?”

Old Man Li figured that he might not be able to afford one. He was too poor.

Fang Ping, on the other hand, was rich!

Genuinely rich!

Other things aside, energy stones and Life Essence were worth loads.

If he had enough Life Essence, he could even directly exchange it for a Divine Weapon.

Fang Ping put on a glum face and did not utter a word. Right now, even Old Man Li had set his eyes on his hidden reserves. Did he not feel ashamed at all?

“Fang Ping, think about it. If I have a Divine Weapon, I’ll kill Rank-7s like chickens. It’s not entirely impossible to kill Rank-8 either. As for Rank-9…”

Alright, Old Man Li figured that he should stop boasting. If he continued, he might get a heart attack if Fang Ping truly provoked a few Rank-9s and sent them to him.

It was not just impossible, the possibility was really high.

“I don’t have money!”

Fang Ping did not want to entertain him. Then, he continued, “Oh right, do the MCMAU Grandmasters have Divine Weapons?”

“None of them have any.”

Old Man Li shook his head. They were poor!

Even though Wu Kuishan was the vice-chancellor, that did not mean he was rich. Vice-chancellors were very poor too.

Just take a look at the Grandmasters who came in this time. Amongst those under Rank-9, Zhou Zhengyang alone owned one.


He was wealthy!

Upright Sun Martial Arts Dojo branches were scattered all over Nanjiang. They were also all over the country.

When combined, there might be over a hundred martial arts dojos.

It would not be difficult for a martial arts dojo to earn ten million a year, which would total a billion profit every year!

Upright Sun Martial Arts Dojo had been operating for many years. Zhou Zhengyang’s net worth would definitely be several billion, perhaps even ten billion. The others did not have riches like him.

On top of that, Zhou Zhengyang often hunted in the Catacombs too.

As they spoke of Divine Weapons, Fang Ping thought of Zhou Zhengyang. Out of all Rank-7 Grandmasters, it seemed like Zhou Zhengyang alone owned a Divine Weapon.

Fang Ping thought of him, so did Wang Jinyang.

Fang Ping knew certain things about the Grandmasters’ battle. On the contrary, Wang Jinyang had left the battle scene a long time ago. These few days, they were constantly in hiding to avoid getting hunted. They did not have a clue about the specifics.

Since the time they regrouped until now, he did not manage to ask either.

Now, when Fang Ping mentioned about Divine Weapons, Wang Jinyang asked all of a sudden, “Instructor Li, how are the rest of the Grandmasters after the great battle?”

Old Man Li clammed up instantly.

Fang Ping did not hesitate and said softly, “I don’t know about others, but Director Zhou died in battle.”

When he left, Zhou Zhengyang had already self-detonated.

“Died… in battle?”

Wang Jinyang’s eyes became solemn instantly!

There had been rumors in the streets saying that there was a Grandmaster backing Wang Jinyang, and that was not NMAU’s vice-chancellor.

It was no rumor!

It was the truth!

That Grandmaster was none other than Zhou Zhengyang.

It was actually no secret. When Wang Jinyang had just entered Rank-1, he lacked money. Missions were scarce in Nanjiang. In order to earn money, taking up a part-time teaching job at a martial arts dojo was one of the more efficient methods.

And the largest martial arts dojo in Nanjiang was Upright Sun Martial Arts Dojo.

During that time, the old and the young saw each other eye to eye. Zhou Zhengyang saw great potential in the kid, hence he gave him some pointers and advice.

This was not considered as particularly favoring him. Grandmasters would not intentionally take those geniuses under their wing.

Even Fang Ping, who was in MCMAU, was not especially taken care of. You take what you deserve and fight for what you did not.

Geniuses did not become geniuses for getting free meals. Instead, under a fair condition, they could achieve even more on their own.

Despite that, it was a fact that Zhou Zhengyang saw potential in Wang Jinyang. Whether it was related to Wang Jinyang going south as a Rank-1 or north as a Rank-3, Zhou Zhengyang’s existence had helped him pave the path from many obstacles.

A Divine Weapon-wielding Peak Rank-7 powerhouse’s influence was no lesser than a typical Rank-8.

Otherwise, an NMAU vice-chancellor alone might not be enough to ensure his smooth northbound trip.

Many were taking the path to invincibility.

However, you would realize after careful observation that these people who were taking the invincibility path had the support of powerhouses behind them.

Without powerhouses’ support, did you think you can punch just about anyone you want?

Did you think you could ruin other people’s reputation as you wish?

Other same-ranked peers have to fight you just because you want to?

Where did a low-ranked martial artist like you get such confidence?

Zhou Zhengyang was not Wang Jinyang’s instructor nor his relative. They barely qualified as good friends despite a great difference in age. They were barely an older generation powerhouse slightly supporting and looking after his younger counterpart.

Even so, when he heard the news that Zhou Zhengyang had died in battle, there was still a throbbing pain in Wang Jinyang’s heart.


His own instructor ventured deep into the Catacombs with a slim chance of survival!

An honest and sincere elder, whom he was on friendly terms with, had also died in a Catacombs battle.

What about the vice-chancellor?

The governor?

What about the rest of the Nanjiang High Grandmasters?

Was this how pathetic the weak felt?

From the corner of his eyes, Fang Ping’s figure emerged. At this moment, Wang Jinyang was suddenly slightly admiring and envious.

He did not even have a clue what the cause of these emotions was!

However, there was an unexplainable feeling in his heart.

His instructor, unknown whether dead or alive. His older friend died in front of his eyes, while he could not do anything…

“Become strong!”

“I’m not strong enough!”

There was not a moment when Wang Jinyang yearned for power more than this.

‘If I was a Grandmaster, if I was a Rank-8 or Rank-9, then my instructor would not have ventured deep into the Catacombs that day. Direction Zhou would not die in the Catacombs either…’

At this moment, Wang Jinyang was as silent as a volcano that was about to erupt.

Sensing an odd atmosphere, Fang Ping said no more.

Although he came from Nanjiang as well, he started his martial arts journey in Magic City.

Powerhouses and elders whom he was on friendly terms with were all in Magic City.

People like Li Changsheng and Lu Fengrou were still alive too.

Wang Jinyang’s change in mood had helped him understand that Zhou Zhengyang might have had some form of ties with Wang Jinyang. As for the specifics, he did not ask.

That day, when Old Man Li nearly died on the battlefield, he found it difficult to bear too.

When a stranger martial artist died in battle, you would admire, empathize, and feel sorrowful. Yet, one would not know how grief felt like exactly.

When a well-acquainted martial artist or relative died in a Catacombs battle, you no longer felt a sense of admiration but helpless grief.

As Wang Jinyang became quiet, the others stopped speaking too.

The talkative Qin Fengqing still presented his devil-may-care attitude, as if nothing mattered. In his mind, however, scene after scene flashed across.

Grief was for the weak.

He, Qin Fengqing, did not want to become weak nor to continue grieving.

A long time ago, his father died in a Catacombs battle. His mother bathed her face in tears, lasting for many years.

After growing up and enrolling in MCMAU, he felt even more grief and helplessness.

After entering the Catacombs, his leader and comrades died in battle.

Later, his father’s instructor, who was also his half-instructor… the old man died in battle too.

The subsequent setbacks, grief, and helplessness made Qin Fengqing realize that the root of all these was because he was too weak.

Hence, he wished to become strong.

Whatever it took!

His aptitude was not too good. Few people knew that he, Qin Fengqing, was a once-honed martial artist who was unable to become twice-honed.

However, as a once-honed martial artist, he had achieved many things that a lot of people could only dream of their entire life.

He achieved Rank-4 before he graduated!

Moreover, he still had hopes of achieving Rank-5!

Such progress had caused many to forget that his martial arts aptitude was only average. To be able to make so much headway today was the result of him risking his life again and again.

Others only knew that he, Qin Fengqing, was very arrogant and wild. A Rank-3 who dared to venture hundreds of li into the Catacombs.

However, if those fellows thought about it, was he really a fool if he could cultivate up to Rank-3? Was it not dangerous to venture into the Catacombs? Very dangerous!

However, only by venturing deep inside would he have the chance.

One had to venture deep into the Catacombs as the periphery in Magic City no longer had many gains.

Without venturing deep into the Catacombs and taking risks, perhaps he would still be hanging around Early or Middle-stage Rank-3 right now. He would never have achieved Upper-stage Rank-4 so quickly.

Before Rank-3, he progressed slowly. He was still a Rank-1 during sophomore year.

Then, after Rank-3, he progressed much faster. How many people paid any attention to this?

Every martial arts powerhouse had their own stories, each had their own driving force.

Today, Qin Fengqing had long gotten used to concealing all kinds of emotions. Powerhouses did not need outsiders’ empathy.

Amid the silence, Old Man Li ran at breakneck speed. They were beginning to approach the passageway.

Fang Ping, who was constantly expelling Mentality, shook his brain suddenly and hissed, “Run!”

Before the words had left his lips, two golden figures emerged suddenly.

Old Man Li was already on alert. Without any intention to fight, he unleashed an intense energy wave, soaring into the sky. In the blink of an eye, he hurdled through both Rank-8s’ blockade.

Further ahead was the passageway. As long as they were a hundred li away from the passageway, these Catacombs powerhouses would not dare to continue the chase unless a Rank-9 attacked.

Speaking of ability, Old Man Li might not be a match for Rank-8s. Though if he only ran and not fought back, even Rank-8 powerhouses would find it difficult to kill him in a siege.

Unless he was really blocked.

Old Man Li only ran and not fought. The duo behind them was hot on their heels. One after another, intense energy waves attacked from behind.

Fang Ping and the rest no longer remained silent, taking action one after another. They hugged each other tightly, escaping to the front of Old Man Li. They would never be able to bear a Rank-8’s attack.

Old Man Li’s back released an intense golden glow. Caring for nothing, he continued running for dear life.

At this moment, the sorrowful atmosphere earlier had dissipated. In the mess, Qin Fengqing still had the mood to vent. He hissed and cursed, “Iron head, don’t block me. Block Fang Ping!”

At this moment, the four of them were entangled together. The furthest ahead was Fang Ping, holding tightly onto Old Li’s waist. The three at the back were also clutching onto him and dared not loosen their grips.

Li Hansong was at the outermost position. After getting scolded by Qin Fengqing, he was also extremely helpless. “You’re all faster than me. What choice do I have.”

Qin Fengqing and Wang Jinyang moved very quickly. As soon as Fang Ping hid himself in front, these two fellows followed instantly and made their way in front. He was the last. If he did not stand outside, was he supposed to squeeze inside then?

Qin Fengqing mumbled, no longer scolding. Forget it. It was better if this fellow was outside. If a few more people emerged ahead, he would be the first one to die. There was no need to mind so much in getting blocked.

Old Man Li was running pretty fast despite carrying four people.

For a Rank-7 powerhouse, the weight of a few people was nothing.

Even if these fellows were all quite heavy.

Whilst running, Old Man Li released an intense Vitality Force, reminding the Rank-9 allies at the passageway to come to his aid quickly.

In no time, there was a response.

In front, two intense forces surged. Wu Chuan and Zhao Xingwu had already sensed their urgency.

Following the movements of both forces, the pursuing troops at the back slowed down gradually.

“We’re safe!”

At this moment, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Fang Ping let out a sigh of relief too. Only after two powerful forces made their way to them, chasing after the pursuing troops and retreating them, did his Wealth finally change. This meant that these guys had truly given up on hunting them.





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Chapter 386