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World’s Best Martial Artist Novel Chapter 384

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World’s Best Martial Artist Novel Chapter 384

At the same time when Fang Ping was shouting, a ray of golden light rushed toward him.

When the explosions rang out, Old Man Li knew something had happened.

At that moment, just as Fang Ping was done yelling, the golden light rushed swiftly toward him, shouting, “I’m here!”

Instantly, Fang Ping rose into the sky and grabbed Old Man Li’s shoulders.

“Kill him!”

Fang Ping panted heavily, hatred in his eyes as he glared at the Rank-7 powerhouse who was chasing him from behind.

However, Old Man Li did not say a word and quickly flew over to where Qin Fengqing and the others were!

Fang Ping did not understand at first, then his face was filled with shock and horror.

“What did you do?”

At that moment, two rays of golden light flashed in the distance, added with a few Rank-7 presences rising into the sky. Old Man Li was also being chased!

“I was being chased for half a day already!”

Old Man Li was also helpless. First, it was the Rank-9 hunting him down. After he managed to meet Zhao Xingwu through much difficulty, he managed to brush off the person who was chasing him.

In the end, he had not even returned to town before he was stopped by two Rank-8s from Gigantic Willow City, along with a few Rank-7s.

As for Zhou Dingguo and the others… they were still being chased by people from Gigantic Pine City.

Whatever it was, right now in the Catacombs, the human martial artists were all being hunted down.

Perhaps not all. Zhao Xingwu might be the one pursuing Willow King.

Old Man Li could already feel the aura, but… it might be reversed anytime soon. If Willow King joined forces with the big willow tree, even Old Zhao would have to run.

“Humans are so pitiful!”

This thought flashed through Old Man Li’s mind.

The sorrow of the weaklings!

They were all being hunted down, how miserable.

As for the Gigantic Willow City in the distance that was half-collapsed, Old Man Li just acted like he could not see it.

He was not the one who did it, and these were all insignificant anyway.

The ray of golden light moved quickly, and in a flash, it grabbed the three people who were on the ground.

The few of them did not feel an ounce of gratitude. Qin Fengqing had a pessimistic look about him. He turned his head to look and said, “Two Rank-8 powerhouses and five Rank-7 powerhouses, we’re going to die!”

If they were caught, there was no doubt that they would die!

When he infuriated a few Rank-6 powerhouses, he was already trembling inside. What were these two doing?

The main point was that when they were escaping, those two should not head their way!

Now, as Old Man Li carried all four of them on his back, his speed reduced significantly, and it looked like he was going to get caught soon.

Old Man Li was a little frantic as he yelled, “Give me a drink!”

Fang Ping’s expression was dark as he angrily said, “There’s none left!”

“We’ll die!”

“Even if we die there’s none left!”

“Boy, you’ve created such a huge scene, didn’t you manage to grab some?”

Old Man Li was surprised. The kid had already collapsed their city, yet he did not seize the Life Essence?

Fang Ping said with resignation, “What can I grab? I only just went in and accidentally blew up an energy mine. That big tree went crazy and tried to hunt me down. Let’s not talk about this.”

This conversation caused Li Hansong to have a blurry look on his face.

At that moment, they did not even care about the people who were pursuing them. Li Hansong hurriedly interrupted and said, “What mine did you blow up?”

“Energy mine. Didn’t you know? There is a huge energy mine beneath the Royal City. They could mine at least a few tons of energy stones, maybe even up to ten thousand tons.

“I was preparing to dig up a few, but in the end, I accidentally blew up a section of it…”

The other three were shocked!

Did you really try to mine?

Even Qin Fengqing, who thought that he was the one who knew Fang Ping the best, could not stop himself from saying, “So for these past few days you have been mining?”

“No, I’ve been constantly chased by people. After I managed to grab some Energy Essence, I almost had nowhere to run. I only managed to enter the city again this morning to carry out smaller deeds, dig around for some worthless goods. Who would’ve thought that the Rank-9 tree got pissed off and wanted to kill me!”

“Worthless goods…”

Tens of thousands tons of energy stones!


Not grams!

If they were to change it to grams…just hearing it was enough to make them drool. Now Fang Ping was using tons to measure, was he fooling around?

Wang Jinyang was usually a pretty steady person, but he too gulped, eyes glinting as he said, “Is there a huge mine?”

“A Royal City is equivalent to a mine, and they are massive mines! I tell you guys, those low-purity energy stones were lying around like regular rocks. They were everywhere!”

“Simply picking up some would already be a few hundred catties.

“However, this time a lot of the low-purity stones were blown up by me. What a waste. I blew up at least a few hundred meters of the mining passageway, I wonder if those energy stones were destroyed.”

Fang Ping sighed and said, “Actually that’s nothing, at the core area, the cultivation-aiding energy stones, not even mentioning those as big as a human’s head, even those about the size of a millstone were everywhere.

“At the core area, it’s not even energy stones anymore, but Energy Essence. Heard of it before?

“Those are rivers and waterfalls of energy; it was at least a few tons!

“The purity is almost a hundred percent. Just throwing someone in there, if he did not explode, even a pig could become a Rank-9…”

They all had given in to their imaginations.

A huge energy mining vein!

Unlimited amount of high-ranked energy stones!

And the energy river, even thinking about it felt wondrous beyond description!

Li Hansong suddenly felt a sense of inferiority.

He did not know when it started, but he felt that when he was together with Qin Fengqing and the others, seizing so many energy stones was a magnificent feat that he could brag about for many years.

Now that he thought about it… he should not even bring it up. It was too embarrassing.

Fang Ping sighed and said, “It’s a shame. When I saw the low-ranked energy stone that was as big as a millstone just now, I wanted to take it along with me, but unfortunately I couldn’t.

“In the end, it was blown up, it was at least one to two tons heavy.”

Hearing Fang Ping repeatedly saying the word “tons”, the others went into a trance again.

When did they start measuring energy stones by the ton?


The sound of saliva being swallowed could be heard. Old Man Li sighed and tried to bring them back to earth. “Don’t think about it anymore, you punks. Think about how are we going to run!”

Behind them, the figures were catching up.

Two Rank-8 powerhouses, five Rank-7 powerhouses. If they were caught up, death would be only a matter of time.

It looked like Old Man Li would not be able to outrun the enemies. With a pained expression on his face, Fang Ping made a deliberate gesture and tried to take something out from his chest, and realized he was not wearing any clothes!

Fang Ping coughed and looked briefly at the others. Then, without asking for permission from Iron Head Li, he yanked his shirt off him and covered himself with it.

It was then the others realized something was amiss. Li Hansong murmured, “You… why do you have to run naked?”

He should just run, why did he remove all his clothes!

At that moment, the others were right next to each other. As they, Li Hansong especially, thought of how Fang Ping was facing them just now, they shuddered with fear. Was this some kind of kinky hobby?

Fang Ping was too lazy to explain. He used the shirt to wrap himself up, then he felt around his back. His fingers held a tiny, crystal clear drop of Life Essence, and said in a pained voice, “Take some and run harder!”

Old Man Li saw the tiny drop of Life Essence and hissed, “That’s all?”

“Don’t be unappreciative, this is at least one gram, it is still better than five grams of high-ranked energy stone!”

“Yesterday you drank by the grams, and now you are giving me just this little?”

“I don’t have any more…”

When the two of them were talking, Qin Fengqing and the others were turning green with envy!

Such potent energy!

Without even eating it, just sensing the energy it was emanating was enough to make them light-headed.

It was so potent!

And that was only a drop!

What was Old Man Li saying?

He drank grams after grams of the stuff?

Shit, what a luxury!

They were so ashamed!

They were too humiliated to show their faces!

Just to absorb a high-ranked energy stone the size of a thumb, they had to endure intense hardships so painful like their flesh was being cut off.

This guy Fang Ping, what sort of good stuff did he managed to grab?

In the next moment, Qin Fengqing did not care about the danger anymore and reached out to try and touch Fang Ping. Fang Ping grabbed his hand and snarled, “What are you doing!”

“Fang Ping, Uncle Fang, please let me have a sip, just one sip! Where did you hide it, I’m dying here, please save me, just one sip will do…”

Qin Fengqing’s face was filled with longing, his expression exhilarated.

If he could have one sip, just one sip, he might achieve Peak Rank-4!

Li Hansong swallowed his saliva but was too embarrassed to say anything. On the other hand, Wang Jinyang said solemnly, “Fang Ping, at this time, we don’t even know if we will make it out alive. Just let us have a sip to regain our strength. Even if we die, we still have to take a few of them along with us!”

“Yes yes yes…”

Li Hansong immediately followed suit and said, “I want a sip too, one sip, and then we will kill our enemies!”

It was so tempting!

How often did people see something like this? Essence made of pure energy, even just thinking about it stoked their imagination about how great it would feel.

A few of their eyes flashed greedily, Qin Fengqing even stuck out his tongue to lick Fang Ping’s finger. There was a drop there!

Just one lick could be about 5 million bucks!

As they thought about it, they suddenly realized something!

Where did Fang Ping hide it?

He was not even wearing any clothes just now!

Then he suddenly reached around and touched his back…

Qin Fengqing, who still had his tongue out, immediately pulled it back!

Where did he hide it?

Where else could someone hide something on their back?

Their expressions became agonized. They were sorely tempted, but when they thought about where Fang Ping could have hidden it… they were struggling!

This… could they still eat it?

This bastard Fang Ping was too disgusting!

However, this one small drop would at least be worth 5 million, and this was something that money could not buy. Even with the price, it did not mean that they would be able to get it.

Fang Ping did not care about all that. With alertness on his face, he stuffed his finger into Old Man Li’s mouth and stirred it around. He then wiped his finger on Old Man Li’s body and warned, “Don’t make a fuss, we have not gotten away yet!”

The others felt conflicted. It was disgusting to watch Old Man Li swallowing without a care on his face—he even looked satisfied and pleased.

Did Old Man Li know where Fang Ping took that out from?

If he knew, would he have eaten it so happily anyway?

Fang Ping did not think too much then and said, “There’s none left, not even a drop, I drank it all yesterday. I had a few catties, Old Man Li drank about a hundred catties. Why don’t you guys try taking a bite of him and see if there’s more…”


There was an ear-piercing sound. Qin Fengqing had tried to take a bite, then there was the loud grating sound. Qin Fengqing covered his mouth and tears flowed.

It f*cking hurt!

The drop that Fang Ping took out, he felt that it was utterly disgusting. On the other hand, he thought that drinking the old man’s blood would have been fine, not disgusting at all.

Who would have thought, he almost broke all the teeth in his mouth?

Old Man Li shot forward in a burst of speed, feeling a little resigned. ‘I don’t even want to say anything. If you could actually bite through my skin, I’d take my hat off to you.’

These people were fooling around as though they had forgotten that people were pursuing them. Wang Jinyang finally calmed down and immediately said, “Teacher Li, you… you broke through?”

Even though Old Man Li was not an NMAU teacher, Wang Jinyang knew all the powerhouses that came to Nanjiang to help this time.

Before this, Li Changsheng was not this strong.

Especially when Qin Fengqing took a bite… that crunch that he heard, that was a golden body, right?

But breaking through… from Rank-6 to Rank-8?

From where to where?

When he said this, the others finally came to their senses. They were so shocked from before that they almost forgot about this.

Qin Fengqing was very familiar with Old Man Li, and his face was shocked as he said, “Is it that after taking a few hundred catties of this stuff, you became a Rank-8?

As he said it, he looked at Fang Ping, hostility in his eyes, and shot at him, “And you?”

Fang Ping said blandly, “Rank-5.”


Qin Fengqing really could not hold back this time, and he did not care where Fang Ping took it out from. To breakthrough, there was nothing that a martial artist was unwilling to do!

Let alone taking it out from there, even if it was from his shit, he would also dare to eat it!

With uncontrollable excitement, Qin Fengqing croaked in a low voice, “Fang Ping, give me a little, just a little, doesn’t have to be a lot, just let me breakthrough to Rank-5… This is divine medicine!”

Not only him, but the other two had also fallen to their endless desire!

Li Changsheng who was Rank-6 became Rank-8 in a blink of an eye.

And Fang Ping who was Rank-4 also became Rank-5 in an instant.

If this was not divine medicine, then what was?

Especially Li Changsheng, he has reached the sky in one leap!

Before this, they had heard of this sort of fable. Who would have thought that the stories were actually real? Their emotions were such a mess now that they had completely forgotten of the soldiers who were chasing them.

It was okay to die once one had been enlightened!

If Fang Ping would let them eat a little, even death would be worth it.

Fang Ping was resigned, he told them in a weak voice, “There is none left.”

“I don’t believe it!”

“Doesn’t matter if you believe it or not.”

As Fang Ping spoke, he patted Old Man Li’s head and said exasperatedly, “Hurry up, the Life Essence in your body must not have been completely digested. Why are you leading them along? Let’s find a place to hide first then continue this conversation.”

Old Man Li did consume a lot yesterday. Even if he reconstructed his body into a golden body, Fang Ping was sure that there was some leftover.

The old man was not willing to erupt his full power as he was waiting for Fang Ping to put to use every last ounce of his essence.

This old man, did he not have a shred of good will?

He had only so little left, and he refused to let him go, where was his conscience?

Old Man Li heard him and sighed, saying, “Is there really not much left?”

He did not ask if there was none left—there was definitely some left!

He refused to believe that Fang Ping was willing to use it all up.

“There is none left.”

“So it seems that there isn’t much left…”

Old Man Li sighed. The little that he had left in his body was not enough to nourish his Mentality.

However, Fang Ping was unwilling to use anymore, and it was hard to deceive him.

He did not say another word. A bright golden light emitted from Old Man Li’s body, and a wave of strong energy exploded out. In the next moment, his speed was three times faster!

Qin Fengqing’s eyes became bloodshot again. Such powerful strength, such strong energy!

“Comparisons… really piss people off!”

Qin Fengqing had a face of resignation, then very quickly, he regained his will to fight!

It was better to learn how to fish than be given a fish. How was Fang Ping able to get so many things?

Because of his Restrained Qi!

“Fang Ping, how about you teach me your Restrained Qi Technique? I will give you one million as my tuition fee!”

“Get lost!”

“Five million!”

“Aren’t you getting lost?”

“Ten million!”

Qin Fengqing’s eyes were red. He would learn it no matter the price.

Fang Ping ignored him. He looked back and waved to the pursuers who were a distance away from them. Goodbye!

As he had messed with Gigantic Willow City like that, he would not be able to go back in the near future. If he went, even if that monster tree would demolish the entire city, it would tear him limb from limb. Fang Ping could already foresee this happening.

After entering the city after much difficulty, yet somehow he made such a huge scene, Fang Ping felt some regrets.

If he knew better, he would have been a little quieter in his movements.

That mine was his personal hidden mine, now, it was hard to say.

“There are other cities in the Catacombs. No, they would have already taken precautions on this side. Next time, we should go to Sky Gate City or somewhere else to steal…”

As he thought of this, Fang Ping looked at the half-filled storage space that he had and felt a twinge of regret.

He could not even fill one storage space, how pitiful.

The energy stones were thrown all over the ground like pebbles, and he still could not fill up his storage space. He had to say, this time it was a loss.


It was then that an angered roar loud enough to penetrate the void was heard. It rose up from afar, and shook the sky into turmoil!

The furious roar, with profound murderous intent, made Fang Ping shiver in fright. That’s it, he absolutely could not go to Gigantic Willow City anymore. The Willow King might be going crazy.

There were countless injured and dead in Gigantic Willow City, the city was already half-destroyed, and a big part of the underground mine had exploded.

At that moment, the fact that he did not self-detonate was considered a good powerhouse attitude. If it was someone else, maybe he would be so angry that he decided to self-detonate.

Fang Ping got the chills, and the others were not that different as well.

The few of them fell silent and looked at each other. This time, they had immensely offended the lord of the city. Next time when he met them, he would probably not treat them as nobodies, but kill them as sworn enemies.

After all, the Rank-9 of the Catacombs, even if they met some weaklings, they might not make their move and kill them.

Following that, the others looked at Fang Ping. This was his enemy, not theirs. They had only killed a few martial artists at the peripheries.

Fang Ping somehow knew what they were thinking and said blandly, “He has never met me before, he has never felt my aura, but you guys are probably remembered.”

Willow King had never met them, but these guys had been chased and pursued by others for so long, their looks, their aura would definitely be remembered.

If they were to kill anyone, these guys would be the first to go.

Even if Fang Ping stood in front of Willow King, he might not know that it was Fang Ping who demolished his royal city.

Their expressions stiffened in a moment. Li Hansong looked like he was crying without tears. He could guarantee that he would not come the next time!

He did not even obtain many benefits, yet he had taken all the blame.

He was only a Rank-5 and now a Rank-9 had a grudge against him. Who would dare to come again?

Fang Ping sighed and said, “I have too many enemies in the Catacombs, three Rank-9, quite many Rank-8, and a whole lot of Rank-7…”

Willow King and the Willow Tree Monster, these two would want to kill him.

The lord of Sky Gate City, Fang Ping needed to kill him.

These three Rank-9, they certainly had an iron-clad grudge against each other.

And for someone who had not achieved Rank-9, it was slightly dangerous.

The others were speechless. Even Old Man Li did not make a sound.

He was certainly one of a kind!

So many martial artists out there, when they were middle-ranked, would never have come face to face with high-ranks.

On the other hand, there was Fang Ping. Let alone a large number of Rank-7 powerhouses, there were even a few Rank-9 after him.

If this continued, when Fang Ping reached Rank-7, the amount of Rank-9s after his blood would probably be hard to count.



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Chapter 384