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World’s Best Martial Artist Novel Chapter 383

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World’s Best Martial Artist Novel Chapter 383


Fang Ping was running for his life in the underground sewage system!

This was a real pain!

He only wanted to get his hands on some low-ranked energy stones and store them in the storage space before leaving.

Who knew, after only a little while, the guards in the Catacomb came in time.

Fang Ping never thought of detonating the mineral veins, and honestly, he could not do it either. The low-ranked stones had low energy content and were hard to detonate, even with the conveyance of his Mentality.

Even so, it sure was a coincidence!

Yesterday, a large amount of life essence was dispersed out, the density of energy in the mining area increased significantly as well.

Later on that day, Fang Ping also splattered a huge amount of energy essence in the mining area, causing the outer mining areas to have a significant increase in energy concentration as well.

The energy mineral veins already had a high energy density. Now that it was even higher, it was probably not much different than the core area.

This was the same as a high concentration of gas in the coal mines. All they had to do was to wait another two days and everything would go back to normal and there would have been no explosion.

The people from Gigantic Willow City never thought that Fang Ping would come again.

It would still be fine if he only came to visit, yet he was throwing around the high-ranked energy stones like they were bombs.

After that, it was like a chain reaction. Huge amounts of energy were ignited, and directly detonating the surrounding areas with highly concentrated energy levels!

As a huge amount of energy exploded, even Fang Ping himself was caught in the blast, suffering severe injuries.

Not only that, but the blast also went along the perimeter, and continued up until it reached the core where the energy was even more abundant.

When it saw that a bigger and stronger blast was coming, the Willow Tree Monster could not stand it anymore. Countless roots receded from the outer city, causing a huge area of the outer city to collapse.

On top of that, to control the explosion of energy, the Willow Tree Monster had no choice but to cut off the connection between the exploding mineral veins and the core district.

A strong Mentality extended into the undergrounds and started concealing and shielding the energy blasts.

The high-intensity energy blast had even blasted off a lot of the roots.

In conclusion, Fang Ping had completely pissed off the monster.

Never in a few hundred years had the Willow Tree Monster ever suffered such a terrible loss.

In its rage, it did even bother about the defense of the inner city anymore. The Willow Tree Monster lifted its roots and, with its wrath, sent them toward the place the energy explosion had originated to personally hunt down the culprit!

When he felt the monstrous presence coming from afar, Fang Ping almost wet his pants!

He did not mean to detonate it!

He never thought that the energy mines would become so combustible.

If it were that easy, the human Grandmaster powerhouses would come to bomb the city despite the risk to their lives.

It just so happened that he was the one who bombed the outer city.

Fang Ping had no words to say about it.

It was true that a high concentration of energy in one place could be easily ignited, but he did not bomb it yesterday right?

He detonated the stones once yesterday too!

Why did it not explode yesterday?

Fang Ping had forgotten that, among the people who were hunting him down yesterday, there were plenty of high-ranks. The moment that the Life Essence exploded, the high-ranks used their Mentality to smother the blast before it even started.

If today, there were a few of those high-ranks in the Catacombs, maybe it would not be that easy to start such a large-scale explosion.

In the end, there was only one high-rank left in the city. In fact, he did not go underground, but was doing his investigations on the ground.

The Willow Tree Monster protected the inner city, but not the outer city.

And in the end, Fang Ping ignited and bombed the energy mines.

At that moment, even though it was just a few of the surrounding low-ranked mineral veins that were ignited, according to the sound of the blast that rang out and the chain reaction that occurred after, there was a large-scale collapse in the outer city.

Furthermore, the Willow Tree Monster happened to be instigated and pulled itself out of the ground. This was worse than the blast that Fang Ping just caused!

The Willow Tree Monster that was deeply rooted and did not move for the past hundred years was almost one with the inner city.

When it pulled itself out from the ground in its fury, a good number of buildings in the inner city started to collapse.

The Rank-9 Monster Plant was filled with rage that it did not even care about the residents in the Catacombs anymore. Its anger was full to the brim just from one little pest. When he stole its Life Essence yesterday, the Willow Tree Monster had already wanted to kill him itself.

Now, it was actually doing it.

“Shit, that was fast!”

As he sensed the presence behind him getting stronger and stronger, and a wave of void-shattering Mentality swept across from all around, Fang Ping’s face turned deathly pale.

He did not enter the inner city as he was afraid that the Willow Tree Monster would make its move.

What was this all about now?

A Rank-9 was hunting him down!

The furious Willow Tree Monster not only sent its Mentality sweeping, but also a huge amount of its roots were tearing through every area. The underground was almost swept clean by them.

So what if he did not have an aura!

As Fang Ping ran frantically, there were still some movements.

It only had to crush everything in its way and that pest would have nowhere to hide. Je would not escape this death!

Beneath the Giant Willow City, Fang Ping was running for his life.

In the city, most of the inhabitants were also running for their lives!

The tutelary had gone mad!

Following the movement of the Willow Tree Monster, many buildings collapsed, crushing to death countless ordinary humans from the Catacombs.

On top of that, Willow Tree Monster showed no reservation as its Mentality swept by. Some unlucky ones were hit by the Mentality and broke down to shambles in a second.

The huge amount of roots that penetrated through the empty air also pierced through a number of the humans from the catacombs.

Above the city, the Rank-7 chieftain stood silently. Until he saw the tutelary was in a craze and was still hunting, he could not hold back and said in a loud voice, “Tutelary, the royal city is about to fall!”

The Willow Tree Monster drew away its own roots and the underground was swept clean. At that moment, there was a huge-scale collapse.

In the distance, a strong presence was soaring through the air, hurrying over to this place.

The Willow Tree Monster also knew that the Willow King was back.

However, the distance was still far and he might still need some time.

As it was probably apprehensive for the royal city to collapse, the movements of the Willow Tree Monster slowed down, though it was still unable to conceal its anger. A wave of Mentality that was extremely strong went toward the direction where Fang Ping was escaping to!

As the wave passed by, almost every living creature died in an instant.

At that moment, the Willow Tree Monster did not care if these people were alive or dead. Even if it was to accidentally kill a group of people, it would do it at any cost.

The Mentality followed one direction, not stopping its search.

“So strong!”

Fang Ping did not care about suppressing his voice anymore, the wave of Mentality that was behind him almost suffocated him, making his expression change in an instant!

As the Mentality swept across, the ground crumbled and rocks shattered. Fang Ping even saw that some of the mine rats, as the Mentality swept across them, were crushed in a split second.

As for him, even though he was still some distance away from the Mentality fluctuations, but at that moment, he felt as though his Mentality was being torn apart.

Fang Ping clenched his teeth together, and as he ran, he did not stop using his Wealth to replenish himself.

However, no matter how he replenished himself, he was still unable to fight against it, his Mentality was still being constantly torn apart.

“Shit, how is this even possible!”

Fang Ping could not believe it; he had already run so far!

That Monster Plant was at least ten thousand meters away from him!

Ten kilometers!

It was so far away, yet the reverberation of its Mentality was able to tear his Mentality apart countless times. How could it be that strong!

Rank-7 powerhouses had a Mentality range of around thirty to a hundred meters.

Rank-8 powerhouses, Fang Ping was not sure of their range, but they were probably not much stronger than a Rank-7 powerhouse.

300 meters?

500 meters?

500 meters was extreme!

How was it possible for a Rank-9 to be that strong?

Was Wu Chuan that strong?

Definitely not!

Not only Wu Chuan, Fang Ping suspected that the others would also not be this strong. This tree must be some sort of anomaly.

The Mentality attack behind him was still rushing after him.

Fang Ping did not dare stop his footsteps and continued running maniacally.

At this moment, the Rank-7 powerhouse finally sensed Fang Ping’s movements and chased after him.

The tutelary, raging and without a care for other’s injuries, initiated the strongest Mentality sweep. At that moment, the ground collapsed and everything turned into a fine powder.

In this kind of situation, Fang Ping’s tracks were even more obvious.

The damage was detrimental, and the tutelary was enraged. If they still could not catch the culprit, he did not know how he was going to explain to his king.

A good half of the outer city was already crumbled.

In the inner city, countless buildings had also collapsed.

Not many of the casualties died in the blast, but there could be thousands who were killed by the tutelary.

Among them, many were martial artists.

As the Rank-7 powerhouse came rushing to kill him, the exceedingly tall trunk glowed blindingly and released powerful rays of light.

The Willow Tree Monster did not move anymore, but it did not rest either, its Mentality continuously being dispersed.

At that moment, the distance between it and its target was increasing. However, the Willow Tree Monster no longer aimed to kill; instead, it was pointing out the direction.

When the Mentality was not meant to attack but to search, it could be released even further.

For Fang Ping who was running profusely, it was not easy to hide from its search.

Fang Ping’s face went white. His Mentality had been torn apart countless times, making him light-headed.

He only stole the low-ranked energy stones that they did not want!

Why were they like this!

The little that he stole cannot compare to the countless ones that they had been incinerated.

Did they need to do this?

Just for the few energy stones, the Rank-9 Tree Monster came down to chase him personally. It was not willing to give him the slightest chance!

Was there ever a coal company where the boss hunted people down personally just because some leftovers were stolen?


While Fang Ping was running, the Rank-7 powerhouse who was in the air made his move.

A palm smacked down through the air, and the ground collapsed!

A huge amount of gravel was hurtling down. Fang Ping’s legs did not stop at all, and he rushed past the fallen rocks, wounds on his body were smashed open by the loose rocks.

“Where is Old Man Li?”

Fang Ping was about to cry. At that moment, someone had targeted him and even staying hidden was difficult.

Yesterday he could hide within the inner city because there were countless passages beneath the inner city. Also, those Rank-7 and Rank-8 powerhouses did not want to destroy the royal city.

Now, however, the Willow Tree Monster had already destroyed a huge half of the outer city.

Since the loss was already severe, this Rank-7 powerhouse did not hold back anymore. With murderous determination, he attacked mercilessly.

Many of the passageways collapsed!

If they continued like this, once there was nothing to hide behind and all the passageways around them were blocked, he would surely die. Fang Ping did not think that he could outrun a Rank-7, nor could he stand against a Rank-7 martial artist.

While Fang Ping was escaping.

Around 30 li from the outskirts of Gigantic Willow City.

Qin Fengqing and the others, who were also on the run, all opened their mouths wide.

That towering tree, what was the huge tree that was out bursting with the immense light?

“Is this the Plant Monster tutelary that they mentioned?”

“Must be.”

“Didn’t they say it couldn’t move?”

“How the hell would I know! Being this far away, I already feel the suppression!”

“It’s the Gigantic Willow City. Did our people attack the city?”


30 li was not considered near; the distance was very far.

Even so, the huge tree was still terribly intimidating, smothering people with its presence.

Qin Fengqing gulped. He had earlier thought of taking down the city. He was sick of living.

If he infuriated the other party, he would be dead before he knew it.

“Luckily, we did not send ourselves to die!”

Qin Fengqing looked relieved. Before this, when he heard the Catacombs martial artists mention the Plant Monster tutelary, he was only listening idly. The guy who was threatening them with the monster, who might have been the mayor of that town, was quickly beaten into a pulp by them.

They only listened to the stories, who would have thought that it was real?

At this moment, Qin Fengqing was relieved. There was no need to tell him twice. Next time, even if he was beaten to death, he would never enter the cities of the Catacombs.

Not to mention anything else, even the huge physique of the monster alone would be able to crush them if it wanted to. That was too scary.

Beside him, Li Hansong focused on running, not saying a word.

Was he sure that he was not sending them to their deaths?

Behind them, hundreds of the Catacombs martial artists were hunting them down!

Ever since they came to the Catacombs three days ago, they had been running for three days nonstop. There was almost no moment of rest.

At that moment, Li Hansong could not care less about Gigantic Willow City. He only wanted to find a place to rest. He was exhausted!

If word about this was to get out, there would probably be no one who would believe that a Rank-5 powerhouse would drop dead from exhaustion on the road.

Three days!

He had been running for three days!

If it was not for his strong body and the large number of energy stones he absorbed, he would have died from exhaustion.

“Being chased by a few Rank-6s and a whole lot of Rank-4 and Rank-5 martial artists, what kind of experience is this…”

As these thoughts were running through Li Hansong’s mind, he remembered Wang Jinyang’s words. A martial artist who was not hunted down was not a good martial artist.

Now, he can be considered a good martial artist, right?

“Maybe, from the beginning, I should have followed Fang Ping. Then maybe I would not be running continuously for three days and two nights…”

A distance of 30 li was not too far away from Gigantic Willow City.

To Fang Ping and the rest, their extreme speed could reach a hundred meters per second. If they ran with their lives, they would be able to run over ten li in one minute.

Of course, it would be hard to sustain if they were running this fast.

Even so, the potential of humans can be limitless.

In the face of danger, nothing was impossible.

When Li Hansong came up with this thought, in the distance, he heard a loud roar.

“Old Li, save me!”

Fang Ping no longer cared about exposing his tracks. He had an enemy on his tail!

At that moment, he had already run out of Gigantic Willow City.

He did not go through the burrows anymore because that was too slow and he was almost shocked to death a few times.

However fast he was, he still could not beat the Rank-7.

At that moment, the Rank-7 powerhouse in the sky came soaring at him with a cold, murderous intent, wanting to kill him on the spot.

That roar was also to let Old Man Li know where he was.

In less than thirty seconds, he was bound to be caught up. If he was in the enemy’s clutches, death would be inevitable!

The loud roar came faintly from a distance away.

Li Hansong was stunned for a moment, Wang Jinyang’s expression changed too. Qin Fengqing also had a look of realization, and immediately hissed, “Shit, I knew it, he must have gone into their lair!”

“Stop talking nonsense, he is being chased by people who want to kill him!”

“We are the same.”

“It’s not the same… the one chasing him is a high-rank!”

Once Wang Jinyang said this, Qin Fengqing’s expression changed abruptly and growled, “Quickly, change directions!”

In that next moment, Qin Fengqing did not even hesitate, changed his direction, and ran to the side.

As for the rescue… what a joke, if they went they would only die for no reason.

Wang Jinyang was diligent and followed him in changing his direction. Fang Ping was better than all of them. They had better run as far as possible. Otherwise, everyone would die together.

Li Hansong subconsciously ran following the other two. After running for a while, he could not stop himself asking sorrowfully, “We’re not saving him?”

These people are crazy!

When Qin Fengqing said that Fang Ping probably infiltrated the enemy’s lair, he did not fully believe it.

Even if he went, he thought that Fang Ping would lurk in the dark.

However, thinking of the sound of the explosions previously, and after when the towering tree flew into a rage, and now with a high-ranked powerhouse hunting him down… Could this possibly be innocent lurking?

He was trying to eradicate their lair!

“Rescue, my ass. Run faster, the further we get from him the better!”

Qin Fengqing’s face went red in an instant. This time he was using his full strength and busting his balls.

If they were caught, they were dead.

As for Fang Ping… Who knew if he would die or not? They could not do anything even if he died. Fang Ping was even more arrogant than him, what exactly did he do to Gigantic Willow City?

He infuriated them so much that even the tree had an outburst!

When Li Hansong heard this, he knew that he had asked a stupid question. They were unable to save Fang Ping and could only die together if they tried. Now he could only pray that Fang Ping would quickly change his direction and not head here anymore!

He had thought that when they were being chased by Rank-6 powerhouses, it was something to be proud of, but now…

Fang Ping was being chased by a high-rank!

Not only that, that tree was also chasing him before, right?

That was too scary!

The fact that Fang Ping was still alive, Li Hansong found it a little hard to believe. People from MCMAU were so tenacious!

“If I don’t die this time, I will never enter the Catacombs with you guys anymore!”

“No, the next time the Catacombs that they are in, I won’t go in even if you beat me up!”

“No, not only the Catacombs, next time even if it was on earth, I will not join their party!”

Different thoughts flashed through Li Hansong’s mind. The insanity of it all was too much, to the point where he could not stand it.

He originally thought that Qin Fengqing and Wang Jinyang were eccentrics, but now… they were insignificant in comparison!

Right there and then, he could not be bothered about Fang Ping’s life. He needed to take care of himself first.




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Chapter 383