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To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel Chapter 326

All chapters are in To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel

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To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel Chapter 326

Su Qingsang allowed Huo Jinyao to lead her by the hand all the way to the center of the park. They came to an artificial lake.

The lake was so large that people could row boats in it when it was warm, but it was a bit cold now. With the wind blowing, Su Qingsang felt cold.

Huo Jinyao wrapped his arms around her shoulders and looked at her under the night sky. There were only small lights on the ground, making the whole environment look a bit mysterious.

“Sweetheart, today is your birthday. You have not made a wish.”

“I—” She had not. She had been preoccupied with Su Chenghui and Xiang Caiping while cutting the cake.

“Now, close your eyes and make a wish.” Huo Jinyao suddenly covered her eyes with his hands.

Su Qingsang was in total darkness and the only thing she could feel was the warm palms of Huo Jinyao.

Make a wish? When a wish flashed in her mind, there was a sudden loud noise. Su Qingsang jumped with a start. At the same time, Huo Jinyao removed his hands.

In the middle of the lake, several boats turned up and fireworks were placed. The boats were lit by the fireworks as they rose into the sky, one by one.

Su Qingsang widened her eyes with astonishment and turned to Huo Jinyao with a shocked look. “You—”

“Look.” Huo Jinyao turned her head to look at the sky. Su Qingsang saw it clearly now.

After the first three fireworks exploded, they turned into one heart after another. There were twenty-five of them altogether, which was her age.

After the hearts, there was a big “love”. The lake was also lit with fireworks.

The last thing that went up in the sky was an S and Happy Birthday.

Su Qingsang covered her mouth tightly to stop herself from screaming.

It was not the first time that she had seen fireworks. It was the first time that all of the so many brilliant fireworks were for her.

Huo Jinyao put his arms around her waist and leaned over to her ear. “It’s not twelve yet. This is my birthday present to you. Do you like it?”

Su Qingsang could not speak but she nodded. Her eyes were swollen and red. She felt an impulse to cry.

Huo Jinyao had known about her birthday only the day before yesterday, but he had prepared all these tonight. She knew he must have prepared it early in the morning.

“Huo Jinyao, thank you.”

“Silly girl.” Huo Jinyao looked at her little rosy face under the fireworks and turned her body around. He bent down and kissed her lips.

Su Qingsang’s arms were around his neck. His face was handsome in the light of the fireworks. She saw her own reflection in his eyes.

She wanted to cry and she wanted to laugh. She could not help but give him more and more passionate kisses.

This was the first time that someone had so carefully given her such a birthday surprise. She hugged him tightly and let him protect her against the cold wintry wind.

The fireworks went on. Huo Jinyao released her and pressed his forehead against hers. She felt his breath on her face with a faint smile in her eyes.

Su Qingsang smiled, raised herself on tiptoes, and kissed him on the cheek. Then, she buried her face in Huo Jinyao’s cheek and set her gaze on the shining fireworks.

Listening to his steady heartbeat and feeling his warm and thick chest, Su Qingsang felt overwhelmed by great satisfaction and happiness.

She suddenly looked up at him, her clear eyes looking even more bright under the fireworks.

“Huo Jinyao, I love you.”

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Chapter 326