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To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel Chapter 325

All chapters are in To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel

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To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel Chapter 325

She had been born out of wedlock and Su Chenghui had married Li Qianxue. Should he have been overtly good to her instead of neglecting her?

If he had been, maybe she would have been in a more awkward position in the Su Family. She probably would not have been able to bear Li Qianxue’s hatred or Su Peizhen’s and her brother’s bullying.

“I don’t think your mother overreacted today. I think your father was acting weirdly today.”

The sentiments they had witnessed were not those of lovers who had met after a long separation. Huo Jinyao felt something weird as he recalled Su Chenghui’s behavior today, but he could not figure out what was wrong.

“What was weird?” Su Qingsang had not noticed. She and Su Chenghui had never been close anyway. “He hasn’t seen my mother for decades and now they suddenly meet. Wasn’t it normal to be thrilled?”

He shouldn’t have been as thrilled as he was. Although Huo Jinyao was young, he had had dealings with various people over the years. He could tell the look in Su Chenghui’s eyes.

“What do you think was wrong?” Su Qingsang hadn’t figured it out after thinking for quite a while.

“All right. Maybe I’m thinking too much.” He had been in the business world every day, seeing schemes and intrigues of all kinds. He might have seen something that wasn’t there.

“You were thinking too much,” said Su Qingsang. Then, her face suddenly changed. “I’m actually a little worried now.”

“Worried about what?”

“I thought my dad would never find out that my mom was back. Now, he just met her face-to-face. Seeing his behavior today, I think he might make some trouble. The peace in the Su Family of the last few decades is about to be disturbed.”

With that, her life might become chaotic. Su Qingsang didn’t like this feeling.

“What’s there to worry about?” Huo Jinyao pulled her body into his arms and said, “When it happens, I will take you and Mom back to Rong City. If you’re not in Lin City, they won’t bother you.”

Su Qingsang looked at him and seriously considered the feasibility of his words. “That might work fine. My mother is used to staying in Rong City anyway. I think it will be easy for her to settle down there.”

“Sweetheart.” Huo Jinyao suddenly put his hand to his chest. “My heart hurts,” he said.

“What’s wrong with you?” Su Qingsang became a little nervous as his face changed. “Are you all right?”

“My heart is really breaking. I’ve asked you so many times to go to Rong City with me, but you refused every time. Now, you’re willing to take your mother there. Sweetheart, do you really think so badly of me?”

“Is it really the same thing?”

Su Qingsang was speechless.

“Why isn’t it?” Huo Jinyao circled her waist and said, “Anyway, I am hurt. You must make it up to me.”

“How do you want me to make it up to you?” Su Qingsang looked at him and knew he was going to make some “excessive” demands.

“Come on, come out with me.”

As he spoke, he suddenly took her hand and started dragging her out.

“Now?” It was almost eleven o’clock.

“Come on.” Giving her no chance to refuse, Huo Jinyao dragged her out the door.

Su Qingsang did not know what he was up to but still followed him. They went downstairs and walked across the road to a park on the other side of the community.

Su Qingsang had come here once before. What did Huo Jinyao want to do here in the middle of the night?

“Huo Jinyao—”

“We’re nearly there. Be patient.”




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Chapter 325