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To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel Chapter 323

All chapters are in To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel

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To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel Chapter 323

Hearing Huo Jinyao’s question, Xiang Caiping’s face changed. Su Qingsang couldn’t help but look at Huo Jinyao. What was he doing? Was he helping her get even?

Su Chenghui looked embarrassed. His wine glass was still in the air. He was normally a cunning old fox, but now he was feeling a little uneasy.

“Qingsang, I came in a hurry today and forgot to bring a gift. I’ll make it up for you next time.” He spoke rather unnaturally. In fact, he really had forgotten that it was Su Qingsang’s birthday today.

He had been used to ignoring Su Qingsang; how could he be expected to remember her birthday?

At this time, Xiang Caiping suddenly stood up excitedly and dragged Su Chenghui by her arm. Su Chenghui did not expect this, and he spilled a bit of wine. He put down his glass hurriedly.

“Leave. Go. Don’t stay here. I don’t want you here,” said Xiang Caiping.

She pushed Su Chenghui outside and looked at her a little anxiously. “Caiping, please. I can explain. I really can—”

“I don’t want to hear it. Get out.”

He had neglected her daughter for over twenty years, not even aware of her birthday. What use could she have for him?

She had given up hope long ago. She should have known that men’s minds were fickle. How could she expect him to ever change?

She pushed so hard that Su Chenghui was caught off guard. She pushed him to the door and reached to open it to push him out. The door opened itself.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m late. That guest was such a fuss that it took me a long time to get rid of him—”

Shi Mengwan apologized as soon as she opened the door. She got through half of her apology and then froze. She tried to analyze the situation, wondering what was happening.

She blinked, carrying a box in her hand. She looked at Xiang Caiping and Su Chenghui. Then she looked at Su Qingsang, asking her what was happening with her eyes.

Huo Jinyao slightly raised the corners of his mouth, amused.

Su Qingsang was in the dark and did not understand why Xiang Caiping would do this out of the blue. She did not expect this was for her sake.

Now that Shi Mengwan entered, she tried to defuse the situation and stood up. “Mengwan, there you are.”

“Yes. Happy birthday.” Shi Mengwan raised the box in her hand and said, “Sorry, I should have gotten here earlier.”

She said the last few words a little slowly, with her eyes inadvertently glancing at Xiang Caiping. “Good evening, Aunt,” she said.

Xiang Caiping put down her hands and smoothed her hair unnaturally. “Hello, Mengwan. It’s kind of you to come. Come on, the dishes are getting cold.”

“Yeah, yeah. I thought you weren’t coming,” said Su Qingsang immediately, trying to save the atmosphere from getting too awkward. At the same time, she looked at Su Chenghui and said, “Now that we are all here, let’s eat.”

Huo Jinyao looked at Su Chenghui and left for a while.

Everyone was in their own heads as they sat down. It was such a weird atmosphere.

Shi Mengwan kept looking at Su Qingsang, wanting to ask what was happening. Why was Su Chenghui here?

Su Qingsang shook her head at her imperceptibly. Shi Mengwan stopped glancing at her.

Xiang Caiping didn’t want to talk as she was raging and disappointed. Today was her daughter’s birthday, and it was the first time she could celebrate it with her, so she had to cheer up.

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Chapter 323