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To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel Chapter 322

All chapters are in To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel

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To My Dear Mr. Huo Novel Chapter 322

Su Chenghui blinked, made a quick decision in his mind, and turned around to hurry to the private dining room that Xiang Caiping had disappeared into.

Xiang Caiping entered the room with her eyes red. She was an intelligent woman. If she were not one, it would have been impossible for her to establish her own career and gain a footing in a foreign land.

Now, however, she was despising her own intelligence. She had interpreted all the nuances in Su Chenghui’s simple question to Su Qingsang.

She felt sudden heartache and was extremely tormented. The excruciating sorrow she felt when she saw Su Qingsang upon entering the room caused her to look pallid and her eyes to be red.

Su Qingsang and Huo Jinyao exchanged looks of dismay. Su Qingsang had mentioned Xiang Caiping’s encounter with Su Chenghui briefly to Huo Jinyao when she returned to the dining room.

The encounter came as a surprise to both Su Qingsang and Huo Jinyao. Both of them did not attribute Xiang Caiping’s reaction to anything related to Su Qingsang. They only thought that Xiang Caiping must have gotten too worked up when she saw Su Chenghui.

“Mother?” Su Qingsang was a little worried as she stared at Xiang Caiping, her eyes clouded with concern.

At this moment, Huo Jinyao’s normally abstruse eyes revealed traces of his thoughts. Instead of responding with concern, like Su Qingsang, he had glimpsed something else from the situation.

Why are Xiang Caiping’s eyes filled with regret? He could not help but look at Su Qingsang again and, as confirmation of his deduction, Xiang Caiping was looking at Su Qingsang from time to time.

“I’m fine.” Xiang Caiping shook her head when she was aware of Huo Jinyao’s attention on her. “Let’s continue with our meal. The dishes are getting cold.”

“Sure,” Su Qingsang did not pursue the matter further. Xiang Caiping was her elder and, if Xiang Caiping felt like broaching the subject, she would naturally do so without external prompting.

Before the trio could resume with their meal, however, Su Chenghui had already entered the room uninvited.

“Caiping…” Su Chenghui fixed his eyes on Xiang Caiping the moment he entered the room. He had much to tell her but, upon seeing Huo Jinyao and Su Qingsang, his words were caught in his throat.

Xiang Caiping ignored Su Chenghui while Huo Jinyao and Su Qingsang stood up to acknowledge him.



Su Qingsang looked at Su Chenghui before shifting her eyes to Xiang Caiping. The bizarre vibe emanating from Su Chenghui and Xiang Caiping finally rattled her.

“Father, have you eaten? Would you like to join us?”

“Yes, let’s get the server to bring in a few more dishes,” Huo Jinyao answered.

Su Chenghui nodded absent-mindedly and sat beside Xiang Caiping. “Caiping, I…”

Xiang Caiping turned away from Su Chenghui and ignored him. Her steeliness revealed infuriation.

Huo Jinyao squinted disdainfully and his eyes landed on Su Chenghui. He had intended the celebration today to be a private affair among himself, Su Qingsang, and Xiang Caiping.

Su Qingsang sat in the middle with Xiang Caiping on her right and Huo Jinyao on her left. Su Chenghui was beside Xiang Caiping.

Once Xiang Caiping had turned away from Su Chenghui, she completely disregarded his presence. “Qingsang, have your fill. It’s your birthday today, don’t let anyone dampen your spirits.”

Su Qingsang remained silent, her eyes inconspicuously scanning Su Chenghui. He was looking at Xiang Caiping, his demeanor unflinching upon hearing her words. All he did was slightly knit his brows together.

The atmosphere in the room was anomalous. Su Qingsang honestly felt a tinge of regret. She would have celebrated her birthday at home had she known this would happen.

“Qingsang, it’s your birthday today. I wish you a happy birthday.”

Su Chenghui took the initiative to break the somber atmosphere, pouring a glass of wine and holding it up to Su Qingsang for a toast. He appeared cool and collected but, upon greater scrutiny, one could see a flash of anxiety cross his eyes.

“Thank you, Father.” Su Qingsang replied a little softly. Xiang Caiping was very still; her clenched fists seemed to be a sign of her continued self-control and tolerance.

Analyzing the situation, Huo Jinyao seemed to be struck with a revelation. He glanced at Xiang Caiping and then at Su Chenghui before slightly curving his lips into a smile. His smile was purposeful.

“Father, you made an effort to be here to celebrate Qingsang’s birthday? Father, thank you for your thoughtfulness.”




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Chapter 322