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The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor’s Defiant Love Novel Chapter 282

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The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor’s Defiant Love Novel Chapter 282

Zi Shang’s nails grew extremely long, and he used them to carve a hole in the root.

Gray-colored Yin Qi gushed out, instantly enveloping the area.

Yun Jiuge waved her hands to fan away the fog. She noticed that the Yin Qi at the core of the root was as dense as water. A small gray corpse was curled up inside it like a baby.

The corpse’s size resembled that of a three or four-year-old child. Its skeletal structure was very similar to a human’s, but its skull was shaped like a monkey’s.

“Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey.” Zi Shang’s eyebrow jerked up, and he turned to look at Yun Jiuge with admiration. “You are fortunate. This thing here is called the ‘Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey,’ and it is formed from the finest Yin Qi. If you were to refine it into a puppet and keep it by your side, you would undoubtedly gain a massive advantage as you practice the Yin Corpse Sect’s Technique.”

Yun Jiuge was currently only a secondary disciple in the Yin Corpse Sect. As a thousand-year-old corpse, it would be difficult for Zi Shang to reveal himself before others. That meant that he would not be able to help Yun Jiuge at all times. However, with a Xuan Yin White Corpse Puppet by her side, Yun Jiuge’s life in the Yin Corpse Sect would definitely be easier.

“You did well, Fat Scorpion.” Yun Jiuge joyfully rewarded the Treasure-hunting Scorpion with two bottles of Cherry Pills.

Her Fat Scorpion had been very reliable whenever she needed its help!

“Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!” The Treasure-hunting Scorpion gleefully hugged the two bottles of Cherry Pills before crawling into the bag to find its wife.

Yun Jiuge was about to paste the Bone Testing Talisman over the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey when Zi Shang stopped her. “Su Junqing cast his Cognitive spell over the talisman. He will be notified the moment someone finds something valuable.”

“Su Junqing is truly an a*shole. He’s even trying to gain something out of the secondary disciples’ examination. I really look down on men like him.”

Yun Jiuge rambled on as she stashed the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey in her bag. Then, she found a random set of skeletal remains and pressed the Bone Testing Talisman to it.

The red talisman led out a flash of faint white light. This was a sign that the remains possessed spiritual energy, albeit only a small amount.

Still, Yun Jiuge had accomplished her mission.

She brought the skeletal remains back to the examination venue. When she arrived, she realized that most of the other examinees had returned as well.

The Liu Sisters stood at the front, and their bodyguards were nowhere to be found. They had most likely become a part of the Mass Grave by now.

It looks like these two sisters are not as foolish and innocent as they seem. They must be quite skilled, Yun Jiuge thought to herself.

After all, the Yin Corpse Sect was not the kind of place where one could gain everything by relying on looks alone.

There were only about 80 people present. In addition to the bodyguards, about 10 more people were also missing. Competition in the Yin Corpse Sect was undoubtedly brutal and fierce.

Yun Jiuge sized up the Liu Sisters discreetly. She noticed that their clothes were clean, and they seemed to be in high spirits. They did not look like they had just engaged in a fight. She wondered how they’d managed to get rid of the bodyguards.

A complete set of skeletal remains was laid out on the table before the sisters. Its bones were pure white, and it was clear from the color that it possessed a lot of spiritual energy.

Yun Jiuge wordlessly placed the skeletal remains she had found on the table. All that was left now was for Su Junqing to examine them.

Su Junqing cast the Cognitive spell and looked through all the skeletal remains submitted by the examinees.

He could not help but feel disappointed. Out of all the skeletal remains submitted, only the bones brought back by the Liu Sisters possessed slightly more spiritual energy. The rest could not even be regarded as useful objects.

Su Junqing heard that, during a past examination, one examinee had managed to uncover a set of remains possessing immense spiritual energy. That examinee was later found to have been born with ‘Dark Pupils.’

His senior brother, who had been in charge of the examination previously, had helped his peak recruit a disciple with a lot of potential. Not only that, but he had also gained a set of good skeletal remains. He had been able to accomplish so much in just a few short hours!

Su Junqing had purposely asked Elder Mo Hua to put him in charge of the disciples’ examination after hearing about the benefits that could be gained from conducting it. However, the reality was very different from his expectations. He had never expected the examination to end with so few benefits to him.

Su Junqing could not help but glance at both the Liu Sisters and Yun Jiuge. He thought to himself, These sisters are pretty good. They definitely can be groomed further.

As for the boy named Yun Jiu…Elder Mo Hua will definitely like those looks of his. It’s a pity that he’s still too young, though. Not only that, but he also looks like a complete sexual amateur. He probably won’t be able to satisfy all of Elder Mo Hua’s desires. Oh well. We can just continue to groom him for now.

Yun Jiuge continued to stand before the table with a face devoid of expression.

Su Junqing’s gaze on Yun Jiuge was covert and hard to notice, but it did not escape Yun Jiuge. She knew he was thinking indecent thoughts about her from the way he looked at her. His eyes were like a pimp’s.

If not for the fact that a lot of people were around, Yun Jiuge would have rushed forward and smashed his teeth in before demanding to know Ye Yunzhi’s whereabouts.

“Calm down.” Zi Shang’s voice rang out from the side.

The Yin Corpse Sect was a big and powerful sect, after all. She would definitely not remain a disciple if she gave herself away now. If she were not careful, she could end up dead.

Yun Jiuge was well aware that her rashness would not lead anywhere. She lowered her eyes and stopped looking at Su Junqing.

“The skeletal remains that you all brought back aren’t too bad. The best remains come from the Liu Sisters. The next best one is this skeleton from Yun Jiu…”

Su Junqing kept all the skeletons for himself the moment he finished his evaluation.

The talismans that had been handed out during the examination came from the Yin Corpse Sect, so it was only natural that the remains would belong to the sect once the examination was over. This was one of the many benefits for the disciples in charge of conducting it.

As the Liu Sisters had come in first, they each received a bottle of Yin Qi Pills as their reward.

Yunjiu, on the other hand, received half a bottle of Yin Qi pills. The rest of the examinees only received a few pills or less.

After the rewards were given out, many people stared at the Liu Sisters and Yun Jiuge with looks of envy and hatred.

Yun Jiuge chose to ignore their gazes.

The Liu Sisters went up to Su Junqing to thank him, and they began badgering him with questions.

It was easy to tell that Su Junqing adored the sisters. The smile on his face was exceptionally gentle and amicable.

However, he was here to receive the secondary disciples, so he did not spend too much time chatting with them. He quickly went back to what he had been saying earlier.

“Congratulations on becoming secondary disciples of the Yin Corpse Sect. This is an Identity Amulet. You will need to drip your blood on the amulet for it to recognize you as its owner. Then, you all need to guard your amulets well. This amulet not only represents your identity, but it will also be extremely useful in the future.

“When you are done, I want all of you to follow the map on this booklet and head over to the logistics area to pick up some items. Then, you can head off and find your residence.” Su Junqing distributed palm-sized gray amulets and yellow booklets to the crowd. He said a few words of encouragement then left.

Yun Jiuge heaved a sigh of relief. The examination had been much easier than she’d expected. It was all thanks to Yin Shili.

She opened the booklet and read its contents carefully. When she was done, she had a preliminary understanding of the Yin Corpse Sect and its workings.

The Yin Corpse Sect was built on a mountain that possessed significant amounts of Yin Qi and spanned ten miles.

The sect’s Inner Region was divided into four peaks.

The Yin Corpse Peak was the sect’s central peak, and it belonged to the sect leader. The other three belonged to the three elders.

One of the three peaks was Elder Qiu Sen’s Qiu Ren Peak.

Another was Elder Mo Hua’s Mo Hua Peak.

The last peak belonged to Elder Bai Gu, and it was named Bai Gu Peak.

The Outer Region of the sect was made up of six smaller peaks.

The main peak was home to a variety of halls, including the Chuan Gong Hall, the Mission Hall, the Medicinal Pill Hall, and the Weapon Refinery Hall.

The other five peaks housed a thousand disciples each, and they were numbered from one to five.

Yun Jiuge was assigned to the Number Two Peak. She followed the map in the booklet and made her way to the stone house that acted as the logistics area for the peak. She then received various items, which the Yin Corpse Sect gave out to all its new disciples.

The Yin Corpse Sect certainly lived up to its name as a large, prominent sect. Each of their disciples was given a red sack containing several objects.

The first was a set of gray clothes with two runes sewn onto it. The runes helped keep the clothes clean and remove odors.

The second item was a rank one, second-rate White Bone Spur.

There was also a rank one, second-rate Corpse Controlling Bell.

Not only that, but they also gave out a book that detailed the basic techniques associated with the Yin Corpse Sect.

The sack was not very big. It was about the size of a small cabinet. However, it provided more than enough storage space for the new disciples.

The White Bone Spur was about two fingers wide and one meter long. It had a sharp edge and could be regarded as a decent weapon.

The Corpse Controlling Bell was gray. It was a piece of junk compared to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s Blood Energy Bell. One would only be able to puppet the White Bone Spur with the Corpse Controlling Bell. Controlling corpses with it would be very difficult.




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Chapter 282