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The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor’s Defiant Love Novel Chapter 280

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The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor’s Defiant Love Novel Chapter 280

Ye Yunzhi sat there with a blank look. Her beautiful eyes had lost their shine.

Su Junqing had never expected Ye Yunzhi to be gifted with the Yin Spiritual Body when he’d first brought her to the Yin Corpse Sect.

Ye Yu was Ye Yunzhi’s brother, and he also had a red mole between his eyebrows. Not only that, but he possessed more exceptional natural endowments than Ye Yunzhi. It was likely that he’d been gifted with a unique physique, just like his sister.

If Su Junqing could refine Ye Yu into a Yin Corpse as well, then he would definitely gain recognition in the Yin Corpse Sect. When that happened, he would not need to be afraid that he would lose his position if Elder Mo Hua ever tired of him.

Su Junqing grew excited when he thought about leading a good life in the future. He could not wait to capture Ye Yu.

However, he quickly vanquished the thought.

Based on Jin Yuanwei’s tone, it sounded like something big had happened to Si Youyue. He was afraid that whatever it was would end up affecting him negatively.

The Yin Corpse Sect would be taking in new disciples in ten days. He should probably go on an errand with Patriarch Mo Hua around that time to get away from this event.

To accept new disciples, the Yin Corpse Sect would open its doors. This recruitment was a yearly affair, and getting into the sect was relatively straightforward. One just needed to know how to read and be able to chant the Corpse Controlling Scripture.

Unlike the prestigious sects’ selection processes, which involved examining each applicant’s natural abilities, Spiritual Root, and even the blood vessels in which the blood and qi circulate, the requirements set by the Yin Corpse Sect were incredibly low.

If a prestigious sect accepted 100 disciples, then approximately 80 to 90 of them would stay alive for a very long time. Those who died would most likely die at the hands of outsiders.

However, it was the opposite in the Yin Corpse Sect. If they accepted a thousand disciples, then only around 90 of them would be able to survive. The rest would perish during the frequent battles between the various branches within the sect. Competition within the Yin Corpse Sect was fierce and brutal.

Yin Shili had specially relayed this point to Yun Jiuge. She could never become a disciple of a sect that practiced Black Magic if she were magnanimous or soft-hearted.

Yun Jiuge expressed her understanding of Yin Shili’s words.

She was currently disguised as a young man who had been poisoned by the Corpse Poison, but she was still ultimately righteous and did not practice Black Magic. She would kill every single evil person whom she encountered from here on out. Her actions would undeniably benefit the community at large.

Yun Jiuge followed Yin Shili’s instructions and arrived at the foot of the mountain where the Yin Corpse Sect was located a short while later. She looked around and saw a sea of people in the distance signing up to become Yin Corpse Sect disciples.

My god, is becoming a Black Magic Practitioner the norm nowadays?

“This place, which spans more than a thousand miles, belongs to the Yin Corpse Sect. This is the only place to go to learn about cultivation,” Zi Shang explained. He had turned invisible and was positioned next to Yun Jiuge.

After hearing Zi Shang’s words, Yun Jiuge suddenly remembered a saying: Horrible surroundings breed horrible people.

The Yin Corpse Sect was surrounded by deep mountains and dense forests, and there were very few fertile plots of land. She figured that the people living here must be leading a rough life.

Joining the Yin Corpse Sect and practicing Black Magic was the only way for them to survive if they ever run out of food or other necessities.

Several blood-red tables and chairs were positioned in the center of the crowd. Four males and four females sat behind the tables. They were helping the candidates with their applications.

A red form was placed on each table. The applicants were required to fill in their name, age, birthplace, Spiritual Root, and some other information. When they were done, they had to sign and provide a blood seal before submission.

The blood seal allowed the Yin Corpse Sect to verify the authenticity of the information provided.

Yun Jiuge did not need to fill in the form. She only had to spill a little blood on the amulet which Yin Shili had given her.

She carried the amulet to one of the tables. A woman in her thirties sat on the other side.

The woman was clad in a tight, black one-piece dress. A skeleton tattoo on her chest signified her affiliation with the Yin Corpse Sect. Near the skeleton was another smaller tattoo of a black flower, a sign that she was Elder Mo Hua’s disciple.

The woman had long eyelashes, and the outer corners of her eyes were pulled upwards. There was also a black mole under her eye. She looked rather beautiful, but she gave others the impression that she was up to no good.

“Yin Shili from the Heishui Village recommended that I come here.” Yun Jiuge passed the amulet to the woman.

The woman cast a cursory glance at the amulet before directing her gaze over to Yun Jiuge. Yun Jiuge felt like the woman was raping her with her eyes.

This was the very first time in Yun Jiuge’s entire life that she’d felt spooked by a woman’s gaze. However, she managed to maintain the deadpan expression on her face.

“What’s your name, cutie?” The woman’s eyes narrowed as she smiled happily at Yun Jiuge.

She found the little boy standing before her to be rather dashing. The sight of him turned her on.

“Yunjiu!” Yun Jiuge replied in a flat voice.

“Yunjiu? Alright. Take this amulet and walk inside from there. You’ll find the examination venue for the secondary disciples.” The woman tickled Yun Jiuge’s palm with her pinky finger as she passed the amulet back. She then added in a coy voice, “Come back and find me if you fail the test. I’ll think of a way to help you.”

Yun Jiuge accepted the amulet with a stoic face before continuing down the path.

She could still feel the woman’s unwavering gaze on her even after she had walked quite a distance. It was like the woman wanted to eat her up.

“Little Jiuge sure is popular!” Zi Shang rejoiced at her misfortune.

“That is precisely why you wanted me to disguise myself as a man, right?” Yun Jiuge had been made painfully aware of just how open the Yin Corpse Sect’s disciples could be toward love and relationships after the earlier incident with their female disciple.

If the women are this lustful, then what about the men?

If she had become a female disciple, then she would probably be surrounded by perverts right now. They would all be looking to have a sexual relationship with her in exchange for helping her accrue status and power in the Yin Corpse Sect.

“That’s right.” Zi Shang admitted honestly.

It was entertaining to watch Yun Jiuge being teased by other women. But if she were to be teased by other men, then Zi Shang would most likely not be able to check his urge to kill them all.

“How smart of you!” Yun Jiuge was impressed with Zi Shang’s “foresight.”

Yun Jiuge soon reached the examination venue for secondary disciples. Quite a few had already arrived. Based on her observations, she believed that there were approximately one hundred people present.

Some were males. Others were females. Some were young, while others were old. Several were dressed in odd clothing, and it was clear that they were not ‘good people.’

Quite a few sized Yun Jiuge up surreptitiously the moment she entered.

Although she was standing among a bunch of weirdoes, her bewitching looks still made her stand out.

“Sis, did that guy over there eat something wrong while growing up? Why is he so handsome?!” A vibrant voice rang out from the side.

Yun Jiuge turned to look, and she noticed a pair of gorgeous twin sisters standing to the side.

They only looked to be around 15 or 16, but they exuded an air of grace and elegance.

The elder sister was named Liu Mei’er. She was dressed in a dark reddish dress. Her face was captivating and slightly seductive.

The younger sister was named Liu Tian’er, and she was clad in a light-yellow dress. She had the exact same facial features as her elder sister, but she came off as more innocent and adorable.

The one who had spoken was the younger sister.

“We can head over and get to know him better if you like him!” Liu Mei’er cracked a smile before leading Liu Tian’er over to Yun Jiuge.

Yun Jiuge instantly avoided them by moving away.

Why were so many women taking a shine to her? Yun Jiuge was sure that she must have offended some deity, which was why she was attracting all these unwanted admirers.

Yun Jiuge’s gesture made it clear that she wanted to avoid the twins. This humiliated them.

“Sis, does he hate us?” Liu Tian’er looked to be on the verge of tears, and she glanced at Liu Mei’er pitifully.

“He probably looks down on ordinary people like us!” Liu Mei’er sighed.

Several of the twins’ admirers stepped in to help them after seeing sadness and disappointment on their faces.

“Hey, little boy! What did you mean by that?” An arrogant man of a short but muscular build walked toward Yun Jiuge before saying in a haughty voice, “If you know your place, then you better apologize to the Liu sisters! If not, I’ll beat you to the ground right now!”

Yun Jiuge instantly felt everyone’s eyes on her.

If she were to show her weak side now, she would be devoured by the pack. This was how things worked in a sect that practiced Black Magic.




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Chapter 280