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The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor’s Defiant Love Novel Chapter 279

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The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor’s Defiant Love Novel Chapter 279

Yun Jiuge finally realized that this was the most likely reason why Zi Shang had wanted her to go to the Yin Corpse Sect.

In the past, he had either been asleep in the imprint, kept a low profile, or hid his presence at her request.

He probably could not take it anymore, and he’d finally found a way to stick by her side in plain view. Most likely, he was celebrating inside.

Yin Shili looked at Zi Shang. He sighed inwardly because this thousand-year-old corpse was really unique.

His actions were like those of a living being. Besides having no vitality or liveliness, he was no different from any other living person. When they went to Yin Corpse Sect, he would surely shock everyone.

“Brother Yun Jiu, the Yin Corpse Sect will be opening their doors to take in disciples in about ten days. When that happens, you just show them the token here, and you will be able to participate in the entrance exam. If nothing goes awry, entering the Outer Region of the Sect will not be an issue,” Yin Shili said. From his robe, he pulled out a black token carved with a skull.

The token was a treasure. Not only could it help Yun Jiuge avoid interrogation or landing in a difficult spot with the Yin Corpse Sect, but it also gave her a 90% chance of entering the Sect as a Secondary disciple.

“Thank you, Brother Yin,” Yun Jiuge said, accepting the token. She felt like she was already half-way taken into the Yin Corpse Sect.

“We will be fellow disciples soon. After you find success, don’t forget about your Elder Brother!” Yin Shili beamed. He thought very highly of Yun Jiu.

“Certainly.” Yun Jiuge thought well of Yin Shili too.

“Brother Yun Jiu, you are very talented at controlling corpses and have a powerful thousand-year-old Corpse by your side, so you will have no problems entering the Sect’s Inner Region.

“However, I would like to suggest that you do not let your Corpse out during the initial selection process for the Outer Region. Starting out as a Secondary disciple is much more prudent.” This wisdom came from Yin Shili’s personal experience.

Although Yun Jiu had a thousand-year-old Corpse to hand, he did not have any cultivation and was poisoned with Corpse Poison.

If he earned the jealousy of the others, it would be easy for those people to kill him before he’d gained enough strength to protect himself.

“Sure. I’ll follow Brother Yin’s suggestion.” Yun Jiuge had already decided to start from the lowest rank anyway.

She was entering the Yin Corpse Sect and hiding her identity. Being too flashy wasn’t exactly beneficial to her, either.

If she started out as a Secondary Disciple, she would be able to understand how the Yin Corpse Sect functioned.

She desperately wanted to know how Su Junqing was faring, and who Si Youyue’s Master was.

Come to think of it, Zi Shang had beaten the Demonic Corpse and Si Youyue to within an inch of their lives. She wondered if they had been able to return to the Yin Corpse Sect at all. It would be great if they had died on their way back.

Yun Jiuge’s wish was fanciful. Reality was not so perfect.

Although the Yin Corpse’s cultivation had drastically decreased because it had lost its arms, it had successfully brought Si Youyue back to Qiu Ren Peak at the heart of the Yin Corpse Sect.

Meanwhile, outside the Qiu Sen Cave Dwelling, the Third disciple Jin Yuanwei was flabbergasted, looking at the armless Demonic Corpse. Si Youyue was also there, lying unconscious on the ground.

Master had created this top-grade Yin Corpse after many years of hard work. Although it was only at the level of a mid-leveled Spiritual Master, its rock-solid defense was very effective against Spiritual Powers. Its prowess was nothing to laugh about.

It was unimaginable that it could be injured to this degree.

Besides, although Si Youyue was not Master’s foremost disciple, her seduction had allowed her to reap many benefits from him.

Her cultivation level was not high, but she was very adept at controlling corpses. Furthermore, she specialized in escapes.

Who knew that she could be injured so severely? Even if she woke up, she would be crippled for life.

Jin Yuanwei was both shocked and angry. He wanted to rush to Bloodcloud Peak to investigate what had happened, but he did not dare.

The Demonic Corpse and Si Youyue were so badly hurt. Even if he went, he would just be seeking death.

Sigh, why did such a thing have to happen when Master sent Eldest Senior and Second Senior out to visit his friends?

Jin Yuanwei was anxious and did not know what to do. Master had sent Si Youyue to handle the Bloodcloud Peak affair because he had not wished for his occult dealings to come to light.

After all, secretly cultivating the Blood Lotus Flower was not allowed within the Sect.

If word got out, besides having to face reprimand from the Sect, the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance would also hardly let things rest.

But to leave things unattended was impossible, too.

Just then, he was suddenly reminded of something.

A few days ago, a man named Su Junqing had flashed Si Youyue’s token and entered the Outer Region of the Sect. Perhaps, he knew something.

Jin Yuanwei called for a junior disciple and instructed him to bring Su Junqing over.

The junior disciple came back quickly and reported, “Senior Jin, Su Junqing is no longer in the Outer Region of the Sect.”

“Where did he go?” Jin Yuanwei was alarmed. He hadn’t run away, had he?

“I heard that Su Junqing caught Elder Mo Hua’s eye. He has been accepted as a proper disciple,” the junior disciple explained with a disdainful expression.

Elder Mo Hua had once belonged to the Hehuan Sect. Since coming to the Yin Corpse Sect, she had not changed her philandering ways. She often took young, handsome men as her disciples.

They might be called ‘disciples,’ but they were essentially boytoys.

“Elder Mo Hua?” Jin Yuanwei frowned.

Si Youyue had always idolized Elder Mo Hua. For her to introduce a man to the Yin Corpse Sect, the man’s looks had to be stunning. It was no wonder that he’d caught the eye of Elder Mo Hua.

“Senior Jin, what should we do now?” asked the junior disciple.

“It’s alright. You can leave now. I will pay a visit to Elder Mo Hua myself.” Jin Yuanwei was Qiu Sen’s third main disciple. Compared to a disciple who was a boytoy, like Su Junqing, his status was much higher.

However, Su Junqing was Elder Mo Hua’s current favorite. By going there in person, he was actually bolstering Elder Mo Hua’s reputation.

So, Jin Yuanwei went to Mo Hua Peak but received word that Su Junqing was in enclosed cultivation. He was busy cultivating his Life’s Origin Yin Corpse.

“Wasn’t Junior Su only just recently accepted into the Sect’s Inner Region? How has he managed to find his Yin Corpse so quickly?” Jin Yuanwei, surprised, asked the disciple guarding the gates.

There were strict rules for the Yin Corpse Sect’s disciples who were cultivating Life’s Origin Yin Corpses. Not only did the Corpse’s five-element sign have to be compatible with the disciple’s, but it also had to have exceptional talent and abilities. Only then could a Corpse become powerful.

Even many years after entering the Sect, many disciples were unable to find a suitable Corpse. They would hold off in cultivating.

Could it be that, because he’d wanted to master the Sect’s techniques, Su Junqing had haphazardly started cultivating his Life’s Origin Yin Corpse?

“Senior Su brought a woman here with a Yin Spiritual Body. The woman’s five-element signs were compatible with Su Junqing’s.”

The disciple at Mo Hua Peak was very envious. He had yet to find a suitable Life’s Origin Yin Corpse for himself.

“The brat has such luck,” Jin Yuanwei murmured to himself. Then, he turned to the disciple and said, “Inform me when Junior Su comes out.”

He did not have the time to camp out here. First, he had to report everything that had happened at Bloodcloud Peak to his Master.

Jin Yuanwei left hastily. Unknown to him, Su Junqing had just finished his cultivation. He had been listening at the door. After overhearing their conversation, he went back inside immediately.

Su Junqing faced toward a beautiful Yin Corpse. She wore a red robe and sat next to him. He gently caressed her silky white skin, and his eyes were fervent with love.

“Yunzhi, from the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew that you were destined to be my woman. Alas, we are meant to be together. I know that Ye Yu is your only relative, and you were always fond of him. When I find him, I’ll bring him here to keep you company, alright?”




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Chapter 279