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The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor’s Defiant Love Novel Chapter 278

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The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor’s Defiant Love Novel Chapter 278

In the Heifeng Village, even though it was daytime, the Vampire Corpse Controlling Masters were all hiding at home. They gave the excuse of resting.

Right smack in the center of the village, sat a grand tiled residence. It was the home of the Village Head, Yin Shili.

“Don’t stand on ceremony, Brother Yun Jiu. Just relax and feel at home,” Yun Shili invited Yun Jiuge in warmly.

Yun Jiuge stepped into the residence and caught a whiff of faint Corpse Qi.

“I’m home, Aimee,” Yin Shili shouted at the building.

The red wooden door opened, and a young woman stepped out of the building wearing a long, pleated red skirt.

She looked to be in her early twenties, and she had a melon face with a dainty brow. Her features were beautiful. But her expression was still, and her movements were stiff.

“This was my wife, A’mei,” Yin Shili introduced the woman.

Yun Jiuge’s eye twitched. A’mei was obviously a Yin Corpse. Did Yin Shili have a Corpse fetish?

Then, a small Yin Corpse boy came toddling out from the building.

He looked to be about five years old and wore a tiger headdress and red silk jacket. His eyebrows were a replica of A’mei’s, but his face shape and mouth resembled Yin Shili. It was obvious that he was their child.

“My son, Hu’zi,” Yin Shili said. He fondled Hu’zi’s head tenderly and continued, “Come, greet Elder Brother Yun Jiu.”

The boy nodded in a daze, and the tiger headdress on his head fell forward, revealing his bald head.

Yun Jiuge’s sharp eyes noted a sunken dip at the back of Hu’zi’s head. It looked as if he had been hit in the head with a blunt object.

“When Hu’zi was young, he was very naughty. He fell down the mountain and hit his head. A’mei jumped down after him. So, I sought the help of a Master to help me protect their remains. Later, I learned the Corpse Controlling Technique and cultivated them into Yin Corpses. Now, we can still live together as a family,” Yin Shili’s explained in a calm voice.

Most people in the Yin Corpse sect cultivated corpses because they wanted to increase their strength in battle. Yin Shili cultivated corpses only because he’d wanted to reunite his family. Usually, he did not order them to do anything nefarious. He just kept them at home.

To be able to look after his family better, he had applied for a post outside as a Secondary Steward. Here, he had established the Heishui Village and taken up the Vampire Corpse Controlling trade.

On the surface, it seemed like he was helping those who’d left their roots then died away from home to return to their birthplace. But if he came across any superior ingredients suitable for Corpse cultivation, he secretly obtained the element then handed it over to the Sect.

“Brother Yin is so faithful,” Yun Jiuge looked at the harmonious family. It seemed like not all Black Magic Practitioners were terrible people.

Yin Shili wasn’t too bad.

Although it was slightly twisted to turn his dead wife and son’s bodies into Yin Corpses, he was so much better than Si Youyue and the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.

That night, Yin Shili cooked up a feast to welcome Yun Jiuge and the Corpse and arranged for them to sleep in the small building at the back.

During the night, Yun Jiuge was fast asleep when Zi Shang pounced on her and started stripping off her clothing.

“Are you out of your mind? This is Yin Shili’s home, and he’s just sleeping next door!” Yun Jiuge slapped Zi Shang’s hand away.

Although Yin Shili had cultivated his wife into a Yin Corpse, he did not couple with her like a normal husband would with his wife. Instead, he let her and their son live together in the same room.

This proper husband and wife pair did not even have intimate relations, so Zi Shang was really too brutish. Even as a thousand-year-old corpse, he did not ease up on her.

“That’s even more reason to dual cultivate. Otherwise, how will he believe that we have forged a contract? Besides, if we do not dual cultivate, your poison will be triggered soon,” Zi Shang asserted eloquently. He took off Yun Jiuge’s pants and gave her bum a resounding slap.

The little lass had dared to kick him today. She was asking for a beating!

“Curse you!” Yun Jiuge did not have a choice and could only cooperate with Zi Shang.

The duo soon copulated. They again used the position of the woman on the top and the man on the bottom.

The wooden bed was very fragile and creaked with any small movement.

The duo moved frantically, and the wooden bed shook to the brink of collapse. Even the dead knew what they were up to.

Yun Jiuge thought about Yin Shili being awoken by their noise and felt very embarrassed.

Zi Shang, on the other hand, admonished her with a stern expression, “What rubbish are you thinking? Concentrate on the cultivation.”

Rats! If you, a thousand-year-old Corpse, aren’t embarrassed, then I don’t care anymore!

Yun Jiuge clamped down on her thoughts, ignored the sounds of the bed on the brink of collapse, and concentrated on the dual cultivation with Zi Shang.

The moans and groans from next door drifted through the thin walls into Yin Shili’s ears.

He could not help but sigh at the thousand-year-old Corpse’s ferociousness. How could Yun Jiu’s frail body take such intensity?

He had better send him to the Sect quickly. The sooner he learned the technique, the quicker he could bid farewell to being forcefully taken. After all, he had to deal with this for the rest of his life!

Yin Shili went next door to check on his wife and child, who were lying stiffly on the bed. His heart calmed at the sight.

He loved his wife and son very much, but he also felt urges sometimes.

Still, he was very clear about the situation. His wife was dead, and what remained now was only her flesh. His wife had always been insistent on there being love in the marriage bed. She would never want him to use her body as a tool of relief.

Yin Shili respected and loved her. But that didn’t stop the people in the Sect from all talking trash about him. He would never defend himself, nor would he actually ever do the horrible deeds that they gossiped about.

Truth be told, he had to give a thumbs up to this thousand-year-old corpse. He was so vigorous.

The moment he had awoken in his tomb cave, he’d snatched a decent partner and forcefully contracted with him. Even if the partner was of the same sex, it didn’t matter.

When would his wife be able to gain intelligence? It would be great if she could forcefully do unspeakable things to him.

Yin Shili wondered about all this and gently kissed his wife and son. Then, he made a bed for himself on the floor and went to sleep.

Zi Shang’s words were harsh and fierce, but his movements were still gentle.

After practicing dual cultivation with Yun Jiuge for one cosmic orbit, he enveloped her tenderly into his arms.

Yun Jiuge breathed out a breath of white mist, then remained still within Zi Shang’s arms.

Ever since the toxic poison had started spreading within her, her body always felt cold. Only in Zi Shang’s arms, feeling the warmth of his body, did she enjoy a restful sleep.

“Aren’t snakes cold-blooded? Why are you so warm?” Yun Jiuge squeezed her cold feet between Zi Shang’s thighs.

“How many times must I repeat this? I am not a snake,” Zi Shang said and started rubbing Yun Jiuge’s icy feet.

“If you’re not a snake, then what are you?” Yun Jiuge repeatedly asked Zi Shang the same question.

“Even if I explained it, you wouldn’t understand.” Sadly, Zi Shang was always dodging this question.

“Tch!” Yun Jiuge replied with a disdainful harrumph. Feeling warmth returning to her feet, she fell into a deep sleep.

When she was by Zi Shang’s side, she always fell asleep without worry. No matter what happened, Zi Shang would always be there for her.

It was daybreak when she woke up. Yin Shili had been awake for some time, and breakfast was prepared.

Yin Shili pretended not to know what had happened last night, and he greeted his guest enthusiastically and warmly, “Did you have a good night’s rest, Little Brother?”

“It was fine,” Yun Jiuge replied and sat down calmly. Zi Shang, of course, stuck by her side. His actions screamed possessiveness.

Ever since Yin Shili had claimed that Zi Shang, like all thousand-year-old Corpses, was super possessive, Zi Shang had perfectly emulated the word ‘possessive.’ He constantly glued himself to Yun Jiuge’s side.


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Chapter 278