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The Queen of Everything Novel Chapter 200

All chapters are in The Queen of Everything Novel

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The Queen of Everything Novel Chapter 200

“Why do you always say such discouraging things about yourself?”

Su Cha directed her gaze at Le Anqi and said straightforwardly, “The last round has not even started, and no one knows the final results. Even if you do not make it to Top 10, you will be okay. I promise that I will not forget about you when I am famous. When I make it big in the entertainment industry, I will @ you on Weibo all the time so that my fans will know that you exist.”

Tears welled up in Le Anqi’s eyes, she was extremely touched, “Su Cha, I am so moved by you. But, why am I not happy about it…”

Le Anqi was worried that Su Cha’s fans would investigate and reveal her entire family history on the internet.

The makeup artist laughed, “Su Cha, I think you are born to be a star. Given your looks, it would not make any sense if you do not get famous. The heavens would not tolerate that.”

“All done.” The makeup artist said as she stood up.

Her eyes sparkled in amazement and awe.

Le Anqi gasped as she looked at Su Cha’s reflection in the mirror.

The makeup artist did not apply any heavy makeup on Su Cha. With her mediocre professional makeup skills, the makeup artist was worried about ruining Su Cha’s stunning features by using a layer of heavy makeup.

With a simple makeup look, the makeup artist highlighted Su Cha’s facial features.

Su Cha had big, dolly eyes that were as clear at the springs.

Her eye shape was rare among Asians. The simplistic eye makeup accentuated the shape of her eyes and made Su Cha appear livelier.

To bring focus to Su Cha’s eyes, the makeup artists used cherry red lipstick that would blend well with Su Cha’s eye makeup.

Su Cha’s skin was also soft and dewy.

Her fair complexion, together with the completed makeup look, made Su Cha stand out among the crowd.

She radiated a natural glow. Su Cha’s natural beauty and compelling aura did not contradict each other as they attracted the attention of others.

Le Anqi exclaimed in wonder, “Su Cha, you look so gorgeous with so little makeup. I am so jealous…”

As she expressed her jealousy, Le Anqi pulled her chair closer to Su Cha. She rested her head on her hands as she admired Su Cha’s beauty.

Ahh, Su Cha is beautiful.

To Le Anqi, Su Cha’s beauty would please everyone’s eyes, and both men and women would not be able to resist her charms.

When Su Cha chuckled, Le Anqi felt like her soul left her body as she was enchanted by Su Cha’s bright laughter.

When the other contestants saw Su Cha, they were filled with jealousy. Despite their jealousy, they could not help but applaud Su Cha’s beauty.

Su Cha’s facial features were remarkable.

If Su Cha was placed in a girl group, she would definitely be the group’s star. In addition to her elegant beauty, Su Cha had terrific vocals. The favoritism shown by the heavens was extremely obvious.

Jealousy flashed through Mona and the other contestants’ eyes. They could not help but wish for someone to disfigure Su Cha’s beautiful face with a knife.

The bystanders had different opinions and ideas. When Su Cha saw her face in the mirror, she lightly grinned.

Even in the past, Su Cha’s face had never been ugly. Although the vitality she absorbed during her recent martial arts practice could not change her facial features, it could expel the toxins from her body. The detoxification and the daily physical exercise improved Su Cha’s skin naturally, giving it a healthy glow.

The detoxification, together with Su Cha’s naturally good skin, made everyone envious.

When Su Cha stood up from her seat, Le Anqi saw a squirrel hugging a pine nut design embroidered on Su Cha’s nude pink chiffon blouse.

The squirrel looked lively and vigorous. Following Su Cha’s actions, the squirrel’s eyes seemed to watch Le Anqi every move. With the beautifully embroidered squirrel design, the plain female blouse now gives off a lively, refreshing, feminine aura.







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Chapter 200