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The Queen of Everything Novel Chapter 198

All chapters are in The Queen of Everything Novel

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The Queen of Everything Novel Chapter 198

The competition would be broadcasted live online.

Compared to the previous rounds, the number of viewers was significantly reduced.

This time around, all the competition regions would have a live broadcast at the same time. Hence, most viewers would choose to watch the live show for popular competition regions such as the Imperial Capital and the Magic Capital. Besides, there were also live audiences who would be watching the final round.

There were only a hundred people in the live audience. The live audiences had been screened online before they were allowed to participate in the live voting process. It was essential to screen the live audience as their voting would directly affect the final results of the competition.

“Hello to our beautiful contestants, our online audience watching the live broadcast as well as our live audience who are present with us today. I am the host for …”

The final round of competition had officially begun, the host had started to greet the audience on stage.

The three judges had arrived early. In the dressing room backstage, all the contestants were waiting for their make up to be done.

As there were only a few makeup artists and hairdressers, some of the contestants had chosen to put on their makeup on their own. Su Cha was one of the contests who did not know how to apply makeup. She only knew how to use a few skincare products.

In the past, other than her naturally strong mentality, Su Cha did not have other promising traits. She had lived in poor conditions. In today’s fast-paced society, it was uncommon to meet an eighteen-year-old girl who did not know how to apply makeup.

Due to her poor financial background, Su Cha had to juggle between work and study. She did not have time to learn about makeup.

As she was born with flawless skin, Su Cha’s delicate facial features did not need to be accentuated with makeup.

The makeup artist said in amazement as she applied makeup on Su cha, “Your skin is really soft and flawless. Other than using moisturizer, what other products do you use?”

Su Cha slightly raised her face as she allowed the makeup artist to apply the products, “Nothing else.”

In ancient times, Su Cha had learned some simple makeup skills. However, the makeup she used in the past was different from the makeup today. In the past, makeup products were more natural. For instance, the rouge lipsticks used were mostly made from flower extracts. The lipstick could be applied easily by lightly rubbing the extract on her lips and pressing her lips gently together.

However, there is a wide variety of lipstick from a myriad of brands in today’s society. The sheer amount of options made Su Cha’s head ache.

When the makeup artist heard that Su Cha did not know how to apply makeup, she found it unbelievable and strange. The makeup artists asked Su Cha to identify some makeup products. Although Su Cha could identify the products based on the names printed on the products, she did not know their specific function.

Everyone in the dressing room noticed Su Cha’s cluelessness. Dong Yishan said with a smile, “How can you not know that? It’s for nose contouring. Little sister Su Cha, you are kidding, right?”

The contestants found it ridiculous that Su Cha did not know about makeup. Most of these contestants would bring along a bag of makeup with them wherever they go. Looking at Su Cha’s flawless, smooth skin, most of the contestants did not believe that she had not applied makeup.

The contestants believed that Su Cha had set this up to appear innocent. Not knowing how to do her makeup at the age of eighteen? Who is she trying to kid?

As soon as Dong Yishan finished, another contestant immediately chimed in, “I might believe you if you said that you do not know how to apply makeup. Judging by your flawless skin, you must have spent a lot of time taking care of it, right?”

For a moment, the contestant tried to reach out to touch Su Cha’s face.

Su Cha fiercely turned to glare at the contestant. Her dark pupils gave off an icy, murderous aura, which made the makeup artist stop her movement.

The contestant who reached out her hand immediately froze.

At that instant, the noisy dressing room fell silent and tense. Sensing the tense atmosphere, other contestants who were chatting among themselves also stopped talking instantly.







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Chapter 198