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The Queen of Everything Novel Chapter 192

All chapters are in The Queen of Everything Novel

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The Queen of Everything Novel Chapter 192

The video from the previous interviews were released today.

Several popular contestants had been interviewed at the time, so they were all compiled together in one video.

Su Cha clicked on the interview video, and watched it once through.

After watching it, she knew why Le Anqi was so agitated.

The videos were sequenced according to their ranking number. There was no problem with the sequence, but with the duration of the videos.

Since Su Cha’s interview was simple, the program team uploaded the full version of the interview. She looked as refined as gold, and even had a nonchalant expression. When she mentioned Jin Mou as her favourite contestant, her expression didn’t change at all.

In the comments, many netizens thought that Su Cha was being fake, or looking down on others, hence casually mentioning a contestant’s name.

But some people thought that Su Cha was really cool.

Both praise and mockery were not Su Cha’s concern. The main reason each contestant’s interview length varied was in order to express themselves. Of course they spoke a whole lot of nonsense. Mona was a typical representation of this. What they said wasn’t really nonsense, but they wanted to occupy more time.

Jin Mou had the same style as Su Cha. Unexpectedly, the contestant that Jin Mou said she liked (appreciated) was also Su Cha.

She also gave a reason. “Because she not only sings well, she also has good grades.”

Speaking of this, Jin Mou, who appeared cold in the video, actually smiled, “I like good academic performance.”

The comments section exploded with LOL’s.

Compared to Su Cha’s indifference, Jin Mou’s answer was very good. At least, many people thought that Jin Mou was particularly cute.

Su Cha also could see that Jin Mou said this sincerely.

She thought about it. When they were interviewed, their college entrance examination scores hadn’t come out yet. Jin Mou shouldn’t know her academic achievements at that time, so obviously, this interview video of her was added on at a later time.

She got special treatment.

But Su Cha didn’t care, her eyes were on contestant no. 30 Dong Yishan.

This was a girl with a similar style to Le Anqi – lively and cute. Compared with Le Anqi, Su Cha thought it was a fifty/fifty.

It was not to cheer Le Anqi or devalue this girl. In terms of appearance, Su Cha felt that Le Anqi still needed to win a point.

Because Dong Yishan’s ability and popularity were average, Su Cha was really not very concerned, but what she said in the interview was intriguing.

“Ah… My favorite contestant? Actually I think I have several favourites, Sister Mona! And Sister Jin. As for Sister Su Cha and Sister Anqi… Hahaha they are both younger than me! Huh? Whom I think is the best? Did you just dig a hole for me to jump into?!”

Dong Yishan in the video covered her mouth and rocked with laughter, and her crescent-shaped eyes looked particularly attractive and charming, making her seem really pure and lively. “I think they are excellent, but when comparing, I think I can talk about their style. I prefer Sister Mona’s performance on stage. She’s really hot and charismatic! I’m rooting for her…”

As she spoke, her tone suddenly changed. “Sister Su Cha, off and on the stage, she is very cold, she’s not easy to get close to…Sister Anqi also dances rather cutely…”

When she finished, she also flashed an innocent smile.

In the comments, many netizens did not notice the trap in her speech, and all spoke of her cuteness. Of course, this type of person had more people gagging at her words, many viewers left good comments, but laughed disgustedly.






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Chapter 192