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The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss Novel Chapter 369

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The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss Novel Chapter 369

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Even though the large team did not have that many experts with them, they would still win with their sheer number. Their journey had been quite smooth, except for one or two lower-level demonic beasts in the forest. The demons might have had a chance if there were only a hundred of them. However, a thousand-men team was a large one, by any design. That was why the mid-level demonic beasts did not act rashly when they discovered the group.

 The large group of mercenaries had encircled and killed any weak and ignorant lower-level magical beasts that managed to cross their paths.

The group that killed the beast also got to keep the magical core.

 All the leaders had been calm before they entered Mount Kuluo. They realized that things were not as terrifying as they thought it would be, and so they could finally relax their minds. If they were not mindful of delaying their journey, they would have gone further into the forest to kill more magical beasts for their cores.

Those mercenaries lowered their vigilance because of the smooth and unimpeded journey. When night gradually fell, they decided to stop at the waist of the mountain to reorganize themselves.

 Shen Yanxiao sat at the edge of the bonfire, and as she watched the raging flames, her mind drifted toward the dense forest.

 She thought that it was weird that their journey had been so smooth. Even though the mid-level beasts would realize that they were a tough group to swallow, the lower-level ones would not have had the same conclusion. However, except for two low-level magical beasts, they had not seen even a silhouette of another beast.

Even though Shen Yanxiao had never been to Mount Kuluo, she could already guess its risks as the previous mercenary group to go there had been entirely wiped out.

She was uneasy with the smoothness of the journey, and she felt as if the absence of those magical and demonic beasts was not a good thing.

Invisible dangers had always been more terrifying, but unfathomable dangers hidden in the dark were the lethal ones.

 The other leaders were too relaxed. Some groups took advantage of the rest time to gather a small team. When no one paid them any mind, they left the camp and set off toward the dense forest.

 When Shen Yanxiao saw them, she immediately knew that they wanted to get cores from the lower-level magical beasts.

 Those mercenaries were tricked by a false sense of security when they did not encounter any danger or demons along their journey. They felt that Mount Kuluo was not as bad as some people had made it out to be. There must have been another reason the previous mercenary group killed, and the rumor must have been exaggerated over the years.

 The two lower-level magical beasts had not even been a difficult challenge. Greed surfaced in the men’s hearts when the leaders relaxed their stance.

 Their objective for that mission was the Phoenix, and they had yet even to see its silhouette. Furthermore, most of the teams were resting, so they thought that they could earn some quick bucks since Mount Kuluo was not as terrifying as it was rumored.

 Those who were greedy had the same thought process.

 They thought that Mount Kuluo was not scary at all. They had been traveling for so long, and they had not even seen a single intermediate-level magical beast, let alone more powerful ones. If the forest had many low-level magical beasts, then it was an excellent opportunity for them to make some quick money. Even if they were no match for their opponent, they could just run away, right?

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Chapter 369