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The Genius System Without Equal Novel Chapter 199

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The Genius System Without Equal Novel Chapter 199

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As expected, Liu Tieguo was given a few kicks in the butt by Yan Wang. It hurt so much that his eyes teared. Deep down, he still wasn’t convinced. He thought to himself, “In those special forces movies, they always said that plugging the muzzle with your fingers could cause the enemy’s pistol to explode!”

 Xiao Luo was speechless when he heard Liu Tieguo say that. Of course, a finger would never prevent the bullet from discharging. To begin with, keeping a tight seal on the gun barrel itself would be a big problem. The recoil from a fired gun would be immense. Even if the finger could fit into the muzzle and plug it up completely, it could never keep the integrity of the seal intact after the trigger had been pulled. Hence, blocking a muzzle with a finger was impractical, and it was also, theoretically, not possible.



 “Many people have an inexplicable fear of firing a gun, but as auxiliary polices, you must overcome this fear.”

 Yan Wang told the crowd solemnly, “Now, each of you will come forward one at a time and fire the gun!”

 For the male auxiliary polices, although they were some trainees who were quite afraid in their first attempt to fire a gun, they just gritted their teeth and went ahead with it. Naturally, they wouldn’t be scared anymore after that.

 But things were a little different for the female auxiliary polices. They were beyond terrified. Some even had both of their hands trembling after they picked up the gun. Fortunately, under Gu Qianxue’s aid and guidance, they finally pulled the trigger for the first time.

 “Isn’t it just firing a gun? What is there to be afraid of? Watch me.”

 It was now Liu Tieguo’s turn. He strode forward, picked up the gun with one hand, aimed at a distant target in a way that he thought was very cool, and was ready to pull the trigger.

 However, Yan Wang immediately stepped forward and snatched the pistol away from his hands, then giving him a kick. He berated Jiu Tieguo, “You d*mn redneck Liu Tieguo! Who allowed you to hold a gun with one hand? Didn’t I make myself clear enough just now? The recoil force from firing a gun is too massive. You have to hold the gun firmly with both hands. You f*ckin ignored my words like passing wind?”

 “Sir, I… I…”

 “I… I… what are you trying to say, huh? Are you dumb or what, huh! Are you dumb or what?”

 Yan Wang was infuriated, castigating, and going at him even as he ran for his life. It was so exasperating. He had already told everyone to hold the gun with both hands, but what did Liu Tieguo decide to do? He picked it up with one hand right away. He was so annoyed that his soul had literally left his body, wishing that he could rip Liu Tieguo’s butt apart.

 “Bang! A loud gunshot echoed across the firing range.

 As if the rays of hope suddenly shone down upon him, Liu Tieguo, being pursued by Yan Wang, quickly pointed at Gu Qianxue and shouted, “Sir, look, she’s using one hand!”

 “The both of you are different! You wish to learn how to run without even knowing how to walk? Are you dumb or what? And what you said earlier? Plugging the muzzle with your finger? I f*ckin wish I could stuff your brain into a toilet bowl!” Yan Wang scolded.

 Bang! Yet another ear-piercing shot.

 Liu Tieguo was exhilarated. He pointed at Xiao Luo and said, “Sir, look! Xiao Luo used one hand as well…”

 To save himself from Yan Wang’s butt whacking, he betrayed Xiao Luo without much hesitation. He thought, “Yan Wang hates Xiao Luo. Now that he had violated the rules, I can seize this opportunity and get Yan Wang to unleash his fury on him instead!”

 As expected, a look of spite and glee washed over Yan Wang’s face. He spared Liu Tieguo for now and zeroed in for Xiao Luo.

 “Xiao Luo, I have already said, use both hands to hold the gun when shooting. Did you hear me or not? Firing with one hand? Who do you think you are? Stallone in ‘The Expendables’?”

 He dashed forward and hurled his leg at Xiao Luo’s butt. But how could Xiao Luo accept such a punishment? He leaned on one side and blocked Yan Wang’s foot with his thigh.

 “Sir, I didn’t see you say anything to Gu Qianxue when she fired the gun with one hand. Why must Liu Tieguo and I be punished for the same feat? Your biasness in treatment is too obvious, is it not?” Xiao Luo said.

 He hadn’t wished to be conspicuous initially, but he really couldn’t bear to see Liu Tieguo being treated so harshly, so the only thing he could do was to divert Yan Wang’s attention to himself. But at the same time, he couldn’t accept being kicked in the butt by Yan Wang, and that was why he alluded to Gu Qianxue.

 “Have I done that?”

 Yan Wang sneered while facing the crowd. He questioned, “Have I ever treat anyone of you differently?”

 Persuaded by his authority, the auxiliary police trainees nodded in support. One man even took a big step forward and said in a pretentious and overbearing tone, “Report, Sir. You are fair to all of us! No discrepancy has ever taken place!”

 “You heard him?” looking at Xiao Luo, Yan Wang said haughtily.

 Xiao Luo turned around and asked, “You guys didn’t see Gu Qianxue firing the gun with one hand?”

 “Guo Qianxue didn’t fire the gun with one hand. She used both hands while pulling the trigger,” it was still the same man that said this with his chin up and chest out.

 The other trainees shook their heads, implying that they didn’t see it.

 “What a flatterer!”

 Liu Tieguo muttered to himself. But then he remembered, his name was Ma Pinjin, which literally means flatterer. He really did live up to his name.

 “Ma Pinjin, rejoin the unit!” Yan Wang shouted to the man.

 “Yes, sir!”

 Ma Pinjin responded loudly and clearly, took a step backward, and returned to his line. Then, he put his hands behind his back and assumed a standing position.

 “Xiao Luo, do you have anything else to say?” Yan Wang said teasingly.

 Xiao Luo shook his head in resignation. He was speechless. He finally knew the man was lying through his teeth.

 Just then, Gu Qianxue stepped up, “Report! I fired the gun with one hand just now.”

 When she said that, Yan Wang froze.

 Feng Zixiao, from a short distance away, put his hand on his forehead. He thought, “Wang is so gonna get embarrassed.”

 Yan Wang took off his sunglasses and stared at her, “Gu Qianxue, are sure that you’re telling the truth?”

 Gu Qianxue nodded, “Yes, Sir. I fired the gun with one hand.”

 She didn’t know how to take a hint; for her, one was one, and two were two. She was even confused about why everybody had said she fired the gun with both hands. She was dead sure that she used only one hand.

 Xiao Luo smiled, “You heard her, sir?”

 “Fuckin’ redneck. You wanna go against me, is it? Gu Qianxue has been trained by her sister. Her proficiency with the gun is on par with mine, so I allowed her to use only one hand. But who do you think you are to fire a gun with one hand? Are you qualified to do so?”

 Yan Wang criticized him loudly. For Gu Qianxue, he was willing to overlook anything for the sake of Gu Qianlin. There was also the fact that Gu Qianxue herself, was an attractive belle. As for Xiao Luo, he couldn’t get himself to like him no matter how he tried.

 “I think I am.”

 Xiao Luo had to say that. His pride would not allow him to be knocked down by Yan Wang.

 Yang Wang was so infuriated that he began laughing sardonically, “I’ve seen imposters, but I’ve never seen a greater one than you!”

 “Yeah, Xiao Luo, stop boasting about your abilities. Hurry up and apologize to Officer Yan and beg for forgiveness,” Ma Pinjin piped in, true to form and once again performing his specialty.

 Xiao Luo ignored him. He looked at Yan Wang and asked, “I wonder what I should do for you to recognize that I’m qualified enough?”

 “Xiao Luo, very bold you are! Do you think you are invincible because you some petty skills?”

 Yan Wang said chillingly, “Fine then. You want me to recognize you? I’ll give you a chance.”

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Chapter 199