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The Genius System Without Equal Novel Chapter 198

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The Genius System Without Equal Novel Chapter 198

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Thin streaks of clouds floated across the blue sky, as the sunlight spread a welcome warmth to the ground below.

 In the training camp for the auxiliary police, Xiao Luo and the others formed a two-rank deep line and were maintaining a standing position. Yan Wang and Feng Zixiao stood at the head of the team. Wearing a pair of sunglasses, Yan Wang had on a stern expression. Feng Zixiao, on the other hand, was thoroughly inspecting the trainees in front of him with his gentle eyes.

 “It’s always this f*cking way!” Liu Tieguo muttered to himself.

 Xiao Luo nodded with a smile and answered in agreement, “Indeed.”

 “What are you whispering about over there? Repeat it out loud!” Yan Wang looked in their direction and questioned reprovingly in a harsh voice.

 Liu Tieguo was startled a little, then squared his shoulders, and threw back his head, said, “Sir! I was saying Officer Yan and Officer Feng are very handsome!”

 “Xiao Luo, what about you?”

 “Sir! I answered, ‘they really are handsome’!” Xiao Luo also went against his conscience and lied.

 “Don’t think that I won’t punish you guys just because you told the truth. Go. Run five laps before you come back.” Yan Wang ordered, looking very serious.

 Liu Tieguo regretted not being able to keep his mouth shut. He frowned and shot Xiao Luo a glance, trying to tell him that he was sorry for implicating him in this. Then he started to run around the training ground.

 Xiao Luo didn’t mind at all. Running five laps was barely an effort for him.

 The other auxiliary police trainees couldn’t help but snigger quietly. They thought Liu Tieguo and Xiao Luo deserved the punishment.

 Yan Wang barked out another order, “All of you, turn right. Five laps of physical training. Run!”

 The auxiliary police trainees turned pale with shock, surprised that they had to be punished with a five-lap run.

 “What are you standing there for? How are you going to start the training for today without limbering up and stretching at all? Run now! I will start to kick your butts otherwise!” Yan Wang shouted, meaning every word he said.

 The group had no choice but to break into their run, doing it with a degree of reluctance.

 After they ran away, Yan Wang took out his phone from pocket and looked at himself with the selfie camera. Rubbing his stubbly beard on his chin, he said to himself, “Motherf*cker, how could I become more handsome? Don’t I look like this all the time?”

 Standing by his side, Feng Zixiao took a deep breath and rolled his eyes.



 The auxiliary police trainees were all visibly excited when a row of firearms was brought up. Both men and women were curious about these high-powered weapons and eagerly anticipating learning to use them.

 Of course, Gu Qianxue and Xiao Luo were not among those.

 Because of her sister Gu Qianlin, Gu Qianxue had experience with firearms a long time ago. Xiao Luo, having the King of Mercenaries Constitution, and not only had the skills of mercenaries but also a thorough knowledge of firearms. He could say without exaggeration that he knew about weapons like the palm of his hand.

 “You probably have guessed the content of today’s lesson. You’re right. It’s firearms.”

 Yan Wang’s loud and clear voice rang out, “You will be assigned a gun when you’re on duty. You will make a laughing stock of yourself if you don’t even know how to use it.”

 He picked up a black handgun and showed it to the auxiliary police trainees, asked, “Anyone knows what kind of the gun this is?”

 Everyone looked at each other, but no one was able to answer. After all, as trainees, they had no previous knowledge about guns.

 “It’s a QSZ-92 pistol. It has a polymer grip, and the magazine holds either fifteen 9mm rounds or twenty 5.8mm rounds. The effective firing range is 50 meters.” Gu Qianxue spoke in a soft voice.

 Yan Wang looked at her in appreciation and nodded, said, “Correct. This is indeed a QSZ-92 pistol. The design started in 1987 and was officially submitted for production in 1994. The design for QSZ92-5.8mm and its ammunition was finished in 2000. Most of our police force is using this type of gun.”

 Yan Wang put down the QSZ-92 and picked up another gun that had a shorter barrel. He looked directly at Xiao Luo and asked, “Xiao Luo, do you know what this gun is?”

 Xiao Luo shook his head and answered, “Sir. I don’t know!”

 He really didn’t know. The King of Mercenaries Constitution only gave him knowledge of famous foreign firearms. The native guns of Hua Nation were nameless in his eyes. They were all the same to him anyway.

 “Heh, ignorant, and incompetent.”

 Yan Wang scolded Xiao Luo, venting out his disappointment. He then looked at Gu Qianxue, said, “Gu Qianxue, what about you?”

 Gu Qianxue’s keen eyes shot a glance at the gun, and with an indifferent tone, she said, “Type 77 pistol. It utilizes a striker-fired single action firing mechanism. The user can single-handedly chamber a cartridge by pulling the trigger guard back or use the traditional manual safety that exists above the left grip panel on the frame. It uses a single stacked nine-round magazine, and the effective firing range is 50 meters.”

 Everyone was astounded by Gu Qianxue’s answer and gasped in admiration. Not only did she know the type of each handgun, but she could also describe their functions and features. She was like a walking encyclopedia.

 “Did you hear her clearly? She’s right. This is a Type 77 pistol. Same as the QSZ-92, it’s in widespread use across the country by our police force.”

 Yan Wang put down the handgun and walked to a line of rifles, said, “We have gone through these two kinds of the pistol. Now let’s talk about this Type 79 submachine gun. It was designed in 1979 and went into production in 1983. The rate of fire is 1,000 rounds/minute. What does that mean? It means it can shoot a thousand bullets in a minute.”

 “Wouldn’t a person be smashed by the bullets?”

 “Yes. A thousand rounds per minute. How frightening.”

 “The power of destruction is unimaginable.”

 The trainees kept taking in large breathes of air every time a new weapon was introduced. It was hard to believe that this was the first time they saw these weapons up close, where before, they could only see them on TV.

 Yan Wang was satisfied that he could intimidate the trainees. He looked at Xiao Luo and asked him sternly, “Xiao Luo, you tell us the other specifications of this submachine gun.”

 “Sir, I don’t know.” Xiao Luo answered.

 “Heh, illiterate, and uneducated. Can you show at least a little bit of promise?” Yan Wang admonished him like a school teacher in ancient times.

 Xiao Luo was speechless. He was sure that Yan Wang was bearing grudges against him because he scared Yan Wang with a punch in the gym the day before. Otherwise, Yan Wang had no reason to embarrass him in front of others.

 Liu Tieguo showed some sympathy, however.

 “Gu Qianxue, you tell us!” Yan Wang’s eyes glanced at Gu Qianxue.

 “Type 79 submachine gun. The caliber is 7.62mm. The gun with an empty cartridge weighs 1.75 kg. It has a 20-round box magazine and an effective firing range of 200m.” Gu Qianxue replied clearly with everything she knew.

 “Look, Look. You’re worse than a girl. Xiao Luo, you truly disappoint me.” Yan Wang wouldn’t let Xiao Luo off so quickly.

 Xiao Luo remained silent. It was just words. Words couldn’t hurt, he kept telling himself.



 After introducing the firearms, Yan Wang threw another question, “What should you do if the enemy is pointing a gun at close-range?”

 Liu Tieguo immediately raised his hand in excitement and said, “I know, I know. If the bad guy is pointing a gun at us, we should quickly block the muzzle with our fingers. In this way, the bullets can’t get out and will explode inside the barrel and hurt the bad guy instead.”

 1Everyone laughed out loud upon hearing his answer. If that would work, maybe pigs could fly too.

 Feng Zixiao was also amused. He failed to maintain his somber look and uttered a chuckle.

 Yan Wang’s face was impassive. He bawled out, “Motherf*cker, Liu Tieguo, are you f*cking nuts? Blocking the muzzle with your fingers? Is your head full of sh*t?”

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Chapter 198