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The Boss Behind The Game Novel Chapter 288

All chapters are in The Boss Behind The Game Novel

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The Boss Behind The Game Novel Chapter 288

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

After yesterday’s looting battle, the players once again received a large portion of spiritual ore.

 The spiritual ore didn’t prove to be as useful as other spiritual materials to the players from Beiqi. After dividing them among the major guilds, they decided to put them up for sale in the auction channel.

 Due to the fact that cross-server purchases were now available between the three large servers, most of the spiritual ore was basically bought by mech players from Naraka with rather high prices after negotiation.

 Cross-server purchases was a game function that Lu Wu had considered installing to complement the resources between each zone.

 This proved to be extremely beneficial to the overall development of the players.

 However, there was a small price to pay for cross-server purchases. Players had to fork over an additional 10% handling fee for every item purchased across servers.

 This was equivalent to Lu Wu receiving two broker benefits, which consisted of the fees from the items sold by players through the auction and another batch of handling fees from the players’ cross-server purchases.

 Because of this, his number of soul coins went through the roof. Now, a lot of the proposals on the game construction could once again be inserted into their agenda.


 In Beiqi, at the Mansion of the Dead.

 Sun Qi was staring wide-eyed at the White Phantom in the form of a spiritual deer.

 “You can talk?” the little dog directed his question at the White Phantom.

 “Duh! We are of the same species… of course you can understand what I’m saying!” the White Phantom rolled its eyes at him in disdain, the look of disgust in its face didn’t falter in the slightest.

 “I was the one who saved you, why are you acting all high and mighty!?” Sun Qi instantly felt unhappy when he had to deal with such an arrogant White Phantom.

 “I am your senior, and I’m also a pure-blooded White Phantom. You’re just a little cross-bred White Phantom. How can you possibly compare with me? Plus, isn’t it supposed to be your noble job in saving me?” the White Phantom kept its haughty face on.

 Sun Qi regretted saving this unreasonable White Phantom.

 After giving it another thought, he decided to stop reasoning with the White Phantom. Instead, he questioned the doubt deep in his heart.

 “Do you have a way for me to evolve more quickly?”

 This problem had been bothering him for quite some time now. He had always wanted to get rid of that body of a little dog that made him grind his teeth and bitterly hate. The second-order evolution wouldn’t start until Level 150. Now that he had seen the real White Phantom, he didn’t want to wait any longer.

 Moreover, it would truly be a comfort to Sun Qi if he could fulfill his hopes by evolving into a noble White Phantom that took the form of a spiritual deer. Even in his dreams, he would fantasize of transforming into a snow-white spiritual deer, jumping and running about in the wilderness. Sadly, here he was still, stuck in the form of a weak white puppy.

 “It’s easy. You’ll eventually evolve when you grow up!”

 Sun Qi was left speechless.

 “By the way, doggy, haven’t you already been taken in by a tribe and domesticated into a mount?” the White Phantom looked around at the players who passed by as concern etched into its eyes.

 “You’re the mount!” he retorted by lifting his paws and stomping ferociously on the ground. He showed his fangs to the ruthless deer.

 The words of the White Phantom made him recall the unpleasant memories back on the European server. The thought of the players using stickers of him in the forum had also surfaced in his mind, making his blood boil instantly.

 “What a pity… back then the tribe that locked me up had plans of turning me into a mount as well, but I’d rather die than submit to them. It seems that being the noble pure-blood that I am, still has way higher awareness than you!” the White Phantom stated, clicking its tongue.

 At that moment, Sun Qi was filled with the urge to charge forward and tear the White Phantom into shreds.

 Just as he was about to flip out, the White Phantom suddenly piped up, “The noble part of me would never be in your debt. However, you still saved me… so, I will help you evolve!”

 Sun Qi, who was leaning forward and getting ready to pounce, suddenly slammed on his brakes and somersaulted before sending himself sprawling to the ground.

 He picked himself up, his eyes shining brightly, “You can really help me evolve?”

 “I, the noble one, will of course help you, the younger generation of mixed-bloods!”

 “Come here then, what do I have to do!?”

 He instinctively ignored the White Phantom’s last few words about him being a mixed-blood.

 All he could think about was evolving as soon as possible. After all, he was sick of being in the form of a white puppy!

 “Bow your head before me and accept my blessed heritage to you as your elder!” the White Phantom stood up and lifted its head elegantly.


 This temporary compromise is for my evolution. All this is to get rid of this body of a dog!

 After some heavy contemplation, Sun Qi came face to face with the White Phantom and lowered his head.

 The White Phantom saw this and a trace of satisfaction flashed across its eyes. Then it lifted its head up and let out a long cry, as spiritual rain composed of green light dots swiftly poured down onto the heart of the Mansion of the Dead.

 This instantly captured the attention of the players. All of them stopped in their tracks and started to watch or even film the scene.

 While standing in the middle of the spiritual rain, greenish White Phantom Inheritance Spiritual Words appeared out of the puppy’s body one after the other.

 At that moment, a game notification appeared as information on the inheritance began to digitize with the help of the artifact.

 [Game Notification: You have unlocked the hidden terms for a class development and hereby awarded with Inherited Memories from the White Spirits (White Phantom)!]

 [Game Notification: Class development commencing…]

 His eyes brimmed with tears of excitement when he saw the game notification. At that very moment in time, he knew that he was finally bidding farewell to the dog’s form.

 There was not a trace of reluctance in his heart, but instead, he was only filled with overflowing joy.

 That was because he was fed up with being a dog. Even if he turned into a spiritual deer, it was still ten thousand times better than being a little white puppy.

 During the inheritance process, he realized that his Attributes Menu began to fluctuate, gradually rising and falling. He could also feel his body expanding slightly.

 Am I going to evolve soon!?

 By referring to the White Phantom in front of him, Sun Qi started to imagine what he would be like after his evolution as excitement poured out of his heart uncontrollably.

 Many of the players learned through the forums and other channels that their comrade the dog was about to evolve. They immediately headed for the heart of the Mansion of the Dead, wanting to see for themselves what he’d look like after the evolution.

 A tinge of regret struck the surrounding players when they realized the dog was evolving. After all, they had long fallen in love with his form of a white puppy. They couldn’t get used to the sudden change.

 The inheritance process lasted about half an hour. The green misty spiritual rain that was freely pouring away had gradually dispersed. The White Phantom looked frail as it stopped chanting.

 “We owe each other nothing now!”

 Sun Qi heard it. Instead of opening his eyes, he called out the Attributes Menu and started studying.

 Player: Sun Qi (Level 121, 26%)

 Character Class: White Phantom Spiritual Beast (Form 2)

 Details on White Phantom Spiritual Beast: A unique and treasured Yin Spiritual Beast of the Land of Beiqi. The blood of a Divine Beast flows within its veins. When its life is near its end, it would seek out a secret hideout and leave its Life Inheritance behind to be inherited by destined underworld creatures.

 Class Specialty: Growth of attributes increases by 100% for every increase in level. Its blood carries healing effects. In Levels 150/180/200/220, it will grasp the corresponding Inherited Skills.

 Stage Two of Character Class: Healing effect increases by 50%. Stage two Healing Chain ability acquired.

 [Healing Chain (Talent Ability)]:

 Skill Effectiveness: Lock on a target as the healing source and unleash the healing power onto it. When the health of the player reaches 100%, the healing effect will automatically be transferred to the next target, forming a healing chain effect. (Healing chain can connect up to 30 players.)

 Seeing that he had truly evolved, Sun Qi was overwhelmed with excitement as he finally opened his eyes slowly.

 Huh? Why is my point of view still at such a low level?

 He suddenly had a bad feeling. He lifted his claws to take a look, but to his horror, they had not turned into deer hooves.

 Sun Qi instantly panicked and turned to question the White Phantom, “Have I really evolved? Has my form changed?”


The White Phantom nodded indifferently, “Uh huh, you’ve evolved and transformed!”

 Sighing a breath of relief, he trembled as he opened the Character Interface, followed by a wail that escaped from his lips.

 At that moment, the Character Menu showed that he still remained his original form of a white puppy. The only distinct difference was a tiny pair of deer antlers right on top of his head.

 “Pfff! Hahaha, congrats little doggy. You have successfully evolved, and your new look is the bomb!”

 “He’s no doubt still our beloved dog, he’s even grown antlers after evolving. He surely looks promising and will definitely make a difference in the future!”

 “Our dog has grown antlers. In the future, his charges will be more lethal than ever, not to mention he’s handsome! Perfect!”


 As he listened to the comments made by the surrounding players, Sun Qi glared at the White Phantom before him with eyes full of resentment. Then, he slowly laid down on the floor, gazing at the blue skies and began to sob.

 My dreams of getting a new life and becoming noble… they’re gone, they’re all gone!



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Chapter 288