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The Boss Behind The Game Novel Chapter 287

All chapters are in The Boss Behind The Game Novel

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The Boss Behind The Game Novel Chapter 287

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

Once again they played into the hands of the mischievous officials. All the players were gritting their teeth in anger.

 The most furious ones gathered together and made a post in the forum.

 [Your players are in a bad temper now… they can no longer play the game with satisfaction!]

 But it was quickly obvious that Lu Wu wasn’t going to bat an eyelash at the protests from the players.

 As a result, players who were left with nowhere to vent had begun planning to stir up trouble.

 This time around, they formed small groups and began heading toward the Land of the Nine Luminaries.

 After all, Beiqi was inhabited by their own men. It would be inconvenient if they were to fight for creatures there, so the Nine Luminaries naturally became their preferred objective.

 As for the Sea King, he was still in the midst of growing. It was not the best time for harvest.

 However, the slogan that the players came up with to battle projected extreme boldness and confidence, indicating that they were doing this to avenge their former king, Yue Yao.

 Such a brazen slogan had brought the players together. It could be said that this time around, they had done it with good reason.

 The successive commotion and the act of pillaging from the players had left the remaining brothers of the Nine Luminaries alarmed.


 Land of the Nine Luminaries, Dark Heaven Pavilion.

 The eight brothers seemed a little quiet. Fifth Brother Jin Yao and Ninth Brother Tu Yao were still chucking wine into their mouths.


 Out of nowhere, Jin Yao slammed the wine glass down on the table ferociously.

 “Second Brother is dead. Don’t you all have anything to say!”

 “Fifth Brother, we all had a sense of propriety when we made the shots last time. Although Second Brother was heavily injured, it doesn’t mean that he’s dead!” Third Brother Ri Yao said with a long face.

 Jin Yao felt a sudden surge of anger washing over him when he heard this. With a furious kick, he overturned the table in front of him.

 “Every force of Beiqi is currently fighting in his name to avenge him, yet you still insist that he’s not dead. We are true brothers, how can you all live with this!?”

 “Eighth Brother, we definitely had a sense of propriety when we made the shots. Second Brother’s death seems odd!” His Excellency Xing Yao piped up.

 “Propriety? I’ve questioned Messenger Yue. He told me that all the forces of Beiqi had sworn their allegiance to Yue Yao, there’s no way that they would betray him. So how about you all try explaining how Second Brother died?”

 “Perhaps when he was heavily injured and making his way back to Beiqi, he came across an enemy as strong as Lie Shan…”

 At this moment, Huo Yao’s heart sank. Although he and Yue Yao had a fight, it was an impulsive move. Now that he knew Yue Yao had passed away, he couldn’t help but be filled with remorse. After all, they were brothers that grew up together.

 “The main problem that we’re facing now is that the forces of Beiqi are constantly harassing our lands. We have to settle this matter at once!” Xing Yao’s words left everyone in silence yet again.

 That was because they had no idea how they should deal with the constant infringement and harassment of the Beiqi forces on a small group basis.

 After all, the forces of Beiqi were there to avenge Yue Yao, their brother. The eight brothers felt guilty about his death, so they simply had no thought of sending troops to grapple with the forces of Beiqi.

 However, it would be unrealistic for them to leave the assaults from the forces of Beiqi unresolved.

 “Oh right, is General Crescent Moon of Yue Yao’s Army still in Beiqi? Shall we ask him to bring the army back first?” Ri Yao asked.

 “I’ve sent Messenger Yue to Beiqi once, but all he got in return was General Crescent Moon informing him from the faraway city gate that Yue Yao’s Army vowed to never return to the Nine Luminaries. On top of that, they planned to fight us till their death!” Jin Yao spoke.

 Upon hearing this, the brothers felt another headache coming.

 “How about one of us head to Beiqi and take over the throne of His Excellency then comfort the forces of Beiqi?” Ri Yao voiced out his opinion.

 “We should sit tight for a bit. The forces of Beiqi are currently in a hostile state. After all, it’s not easy to make peace with war. In the end, Second Brother didn’t even get to hold on to the throne for long…” Xing Yao said as he sighed and shook his head.

 “What should we do now, though? The forces of Beiqi are still coming regularly!”

 “Let’s hold them off, but we won’t take the initiative to strike first! After all, they might end up being our subordinates in the future!”

 The remaining few brothers nodded in agreement with Xing Yao’s decision. It was clearly the best option for them at this stage.


 The players naturally would have no idea what Yue Yao’s brothers had in mind.

 However, they also found that each of the strongholds was being too conservative in the face of their attacks.

 The players weren’t stupid and quickly figured out the reason behind this.

 Obviously, this was related to the death of Yue Yao.

 This made the players even more unscrupulous. In any case, everything would be fine if they kept shouting, “Vengeance for His Excellency Yue Yao!”

 The players had moved their hunting grounds from Beiqi entirely to the Land of the Nine Luminaries.

 Not only that, but the players from Beiqi had also realized that the area was superabundant in spiritual ore. Some of the spiritual ore that was looted and sold in the Transaction Center topped the sales. Most of the buyers were the newer players from the Land of Naraka.

 This truly had the players coming up with more ways to make a fortune. Their strategy was to harvest a great supply of spiritual ore.

 In the face of the repeated assaults from the players, several armies under the Nine Luminaries were in distress.

 On top of that, due to the invasion from the forces of Beiqi, they had lost several small strongholds along with quite a few men and a good deal of supplies. Sadly, their superiors had made it clear that they were to only defend and not initiate any attacks.

 This decision had left them feeling suffocated. As they watched the players provoking them from the outside, they were filled with the urge to rush out and fight them.


 Land of the Nine Luminaries, Hills of Moshui.

 This time around, the players found another small-scale stronghold and had started various harassments.

 It was a joint operation of several major guilds. They intended to remove this stronghold that was situated close to Beiqi and plunder them bare.

 In the face of the violent attacks from the players, the door to the stronghold soon tumbled, as the soldiers standing guard behind it had no other way but to battle face-to-face with the players.

 At this very moment, right at the entrance of the stronghold, Sun Qi the dog, who was accompanying the members of the guild, sensed a familiar resonance that continuously came from inside of the stronghold.

 The feeling was wonderful, just like a mother welcoming a traveler home.

 “No! My mother would never play games with me!” Sun Qi spat as he suddenly snapped himself back to reality.

 However, the type of feeling that lingered in his heart made him feel extremely uncomfortable. He hesitated before turning his head back to Gu Yu.

 “Boss, I would like to go in and see my mother… no… I mean I’d like to go inside and search for whatever it is that’s tempting me so much!”

 Gu Yu was astounded by what he said, but then he glanced at the stronghold that was about to be taken down and gave him the green light.

 “Fine, go… and don’t die!”


 After getting Gu Yu’s permission, the dog skipped happily like a rabbit, keeping his movements extremely agile as he made his way to the inside of the stronghold as fast as he could.

 Under the support of twice the attributes, the soldiers stationed at the entrance of the stronghold could only watch as Sun Qi made his way into the building.

 He went sniffing all around the stronghold and came to a stop right before a wooden house. That familiar scent was no doubt coming from there.

 After giving it a thought, the dog relied on his lean body to squeeze through a crack that led to the inside of the wooden house.

 Everything around him was pitch-black. He sniffed the air subconsciously. That familiar scent was getting denser as if it was right in front of him.

 All of a sudden, a pair of dark-green eyes lit up in the darkness, causing him to jump back in shock.

 At this time, a bright green dot of light, sparkling and translucent, appeared in the wooden house, dispelling the darkness and illuminating the surroundings.

 Sun Qi was very familiar with green dots like these. They were exactly the same dots that would appear when he used his skills.

 Then he saw a snow-white spiritual deer hunching on the ground not far away, bound by several iron chains. At the moment, it looked dispirited and very feeble.


“Another White Phantom!” upon seeing the spiritual deer, he instantly recognized what it was.

 When it heard Sun Qi’s shout, the White Phantom slowly turned its head and was slightly surprised to see the little dog. Then, its eyes gradually turned to disgust as it let out a soft cry.


 Sun Qi caught the look of disgust in the White Phantom’s eyes, making his mood turn sour as he stomped his claws down on the floor, “What do you mean by giving me that look!? Do you want me to save you or not?”

 The White Phantom continued to stare at the dog for quite a while, then let out another cry, “Yee…”

 Sun Qi fumed and cursed when he saw this. Fuck! It’s fine if the players laughed at me, but you and I are the same species. What rights do you have to despise me!?

 Right then, there was a sudden movement behind the wooden door. The door was violently smashed into pieces and there stood Gu Yu.

 “Hahaha… dog, so that’s your mother!?”

 When he saw the two White Phantoms inside the house, where one was bigger than the other, Gu Yu couldn’t stop himself from bursting into laughter.

 The players that had finished off the stronghold heard the commotion and popped their heads in to see, resulting in more fits of laughter.



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Chapter 287