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The Boss Behind The Game Novel Chapter 285

All chapters are in The Boss Behind The Game Novel

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The Boss Behind The Game Novel Chapter 285

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

The Rock Ghost King was extremely perplexed by how the player could wildly mishandle the last portion of the process.

 His brewing process had been flawless the entire time, until the very last stage. It was even the easiest step, as he merely needed the mixture to condense and coagulate it into pills. Yet, how did he set his furnace on fire again?

 In order to investigate the cause of the problem, the Rock Ghost King immediately contacted Lu Wu and requested him to test the player again.

 After receiving the feedback, Lu Wu instantly looked up the player’s background information.

 [Nie Feng (Male)]:

 Character Details: Nie Feng, male, Han Clan, Dragon Nation Party member. Born on the 10th of September in 2293 in Indigo City, Tiankui Province. On the day he was born, a factory near his house had a huge explosion. According to the artifact’s calculation, the cause of the explosion was tightly intertwined with the birth of Nie Feng.

 In 2300, the sewage tank in Nie Feng’s primary school exploded…

 In 2306, Nie Feng passed his exams with flying colors and placed first in his entire school. Thus, he was accepted to the leading high school in Sangharama City. However, on the day of his enrollment, the school had a peculiar explosion incident…


 After he graduated from Capital University, his impressive results and spectacular talents helped him enter the government’s Special Research Group A.

 In 2315, while he was researching the new G-missile, he made a mistake and caused the missile to misfire, causing an explosion. Luckily, there were no casualties, so he merely received disciplinary action by receiving a warning.

 In 2316, his error in handling caused a massive explosion in Group A’s research laboratory, resulting in 23 deaths. Although he survived, his blunder cost him his job as he was subsequently kicked off from Special Research Group A.

 Due to pressing circumstances in life, he searched high and low for job opportunities. Eventually, he settled down as a shop assistant in an herbal medicine shop.


 Lu Wu was completely flustered when he perused the player’s shocking history.

 In short, this unfortunate child had led an explosive life. The countless explosions had undoubtedly colored his canvas of life with bold striking colors, adding a literal bang to his already interesting life.

 Thus, Lu Wu could understand why the player was so calm in the face of the endless explosions. No doubt, he was completely used to them!

 However, it was important to investigate why this bizarre phenomenon would occur with him.

 Lu Wu decided to tackle the issue personally. He activated his artifact to thoroughly analyze the player’s soul. To their great astonishment, a trace of the Law of Darkness could be found in his soul.

 Even though the trace was so faint that it was almost indiscernible, the artifact still managed to uncover it from its scan.

 But only Underworld gods could use the power of the Laws of Darkness.

 This swiftly piqued Lu Wu and Bei Li’s interest. The only thing that they were certain about was that the player must have been an extremely powerful deity in the Underworld if he could master the Laws of Darkness. However, the baffling question that even Bei Li had no answer to still remained – how did he escape the Underworld God List and reincarnate into the living world?

 After a few moments of contemplation, Lu Wu conveyed a portion of the person’s information to the Rock Ghost King.

 The Rock Ghost King jumped in surprise when he read Nie Feng’s details.

 Originally, he had the intention to accept the player as a disciple and properly nurture him into a talented player. However, it was clear from his background information that he was completely incompatible with potion-crafting. After all, the most taboo and unwanted thing to happen in crafting potions was explosions.

 No doubt, this was a piece of disappointing news for the Rock Ghost King.

 The person possessed immense talent in identification and manipulation. However, his soul’s nature was absolutely incompatible, hence it would be difficult for him to walk down the path of a Potion Master.

 When the trial had concluded, a game notification and the player scoreboard were displayed simultaneously, officially marking the end of the first Potion Master Trial.

 [Game Notification: The trial has officially ended. The successful players are as follows…]:

 First Place: Nie Feng, 120 points.

 Second Place: Lu Xigua, 120 points.

 Third Place: Wu Hao, 110 points.


 The players’ eyes were firmly plastered onto the scoreboard, as they restlessly scrolled down to find their names.

 Surely, this trial had disheartened many players but many of the more successful ones were overjoyed when they received their new title.

 However, one player was clearly confused by the surprising result.

 He was none other than Nie Feng.

 Logically, his potion-crafting attempts were a complete failure. How was he ranked first?

 Thus, he hurriedly gazed into his crafting furnace.

 The Rock Ghost King was equally perplexed as he saw Nie Feng throughout the entire process and witnessed him failing miserably. How is he at number one?

 Confused by the results, the rock Ghost King also stared into Nie Feng’s furnace to investigate what had actually transpired.

 When the dense asphyxiating smoke dispersed away, an onyx black pill was silently resting in the ashes.

 [Explosion Pill (Third-level Elixir)]:

 Elixir Details: Mid-stage elixir. During the crafting process, a mild Law of Darkness’ power is imbued into the mixture. It coalesced with the spiritual materials and caused a strong rejection response, but the elixir is successfully formed due to the Potion Master’s precise handling and exceptional control.

 Elixir Features: Unstable and explodes easily!

 Damage Effect: After the elixir detonates, it will cause 3000 damage points to all beings within a 50 yard radius. It has a 30% chance of causing persistent health loss. (10 health points every second for one minute.)

 Potion Master Seal: Player Nie Feng.

 When the Rock Ghost King saw the elixir pill, he was so shocked that blood almost gushed out from his mouth.

 An elixir pill was actually formed from the explosion?

 Even though he had spent tens of thousands of years crafting potions, this was the first time he ever saw such a bizarre phenomenon.

 More unbelievably…

 The player could actually craft a third-level elixir after only studying for three days. If he had not witnessed it with his very own eyes, the Rock Ghost King would never believe such a ridiculous event actually happened.

 From the elixir’s information menu, it was clear that the player’s steady manipulation was crucial in stopping the elixir from completely disintegrating and allowing it to form into an elixir pill instead.

 His execution was flawlessly concise, even under such distressing circumstances. This revelation greatly moved the Rock Ghost King. He truly felt that the sky was the limit for this player’s potential. No doubt, he would definitely become a great Potion Master in the future.

 Luckily, the player managed to successfully craft a third-level elixir to help him attain his qualification as a Potion Master. Otherwise, the Rock GHost King believed that he would, by hook or by crook, force Lu Wu to allocate another spot exclusively for him.

 However, the Rock Ghost King still had not been informed about the trace of the Law of Darkness within the player’s soul and was on cloud nine, celebrating his success.

 Lu Wu and Bei Li exchanged glances that were tinged with schadenfreude when they received streams of feedback from the Rock Ghost King, claiming that the player was a rare genius and he wanted to take him in as his disciple.

 His future as a Potion Master might still be undecided, but his explosive ability was surely second to none. They could only weakly hope that the Rock Ghost King’s heart was ready for the mind-bogglingly explosive revelation.

 Lu Wu purposely didn’t clarify it because he wanted to see if the player could create unexpected surprises in the future.

 He might be able to create a third-level elixir now, but could he concoct a fourth-level elixir? Or a fifth-level one? Or perhaps an elixir with an even higher level?

 If he could successfully stabilize the potion and condense them into pills with the aid of the trace of Law of Darkness within him and his exceptional talent in potion-crafting, Lu Wu firmly believed that he could certainly have a bright future as a Potion Master.

 1Even though he would walk down a different path as the other Potion Masters, Lu Wu was thrilled. After all, he wanted innovation and creativity, which was why he didn’t implement preset templates in potion crafting.

 Lu Wu was still fully supportive of this promising player.

 Until one day, when the Mansion of the Dead would explode with a thunderous bang…

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Chapter 285