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Sooho Novel Chapter 155

All chapters are in Sooho Novel

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Sooho Novel Chapter 155

The number of spies that were mobilized in Western Berlin during the unification of Germany was around 6000. If that was the case, how many North Koreans spies were there in South Korea? There was no reason to only count the spies that came from North Korea as secret agents. Those who were dissatisfied with Korean society and tried to cooperate with foreign countries could also be counted as spies.

Counterintelligence was a key topic for each country’s intelligence agency.

In particular, Korea worked day in and day out at obtaining information from both the military and the public. That was because there was no issue better than that of commies when trying to bury a sensitive topic, and there was no academic standard to how they approached it. They just raised the controversy of whether someone was a commie. The problem was that the victim that was being used as a shield was a real secret agent. What was worse was that the secret agents didn’t hesitate to act like the victim whatsoever.

Wolves disguised as sheep.

The reason why the wolves were shameless during such an act was because there were countless politicians who tried to judge such a serious security crisis based on factional interests. It wasn’t just that they were numb to it, but beyond relationships with various countries, they were willing to sell out their own country if it meant they would profit themselves.

The list of Korean agents who sold out their own country to benefit a foreign country such as America, China, Japan, or Russia was spread by Alexa, who was ordered to do so by Ahn Soo Ho. If he had just revealed their names and photos, people might have said it was fabricated, but what made the reveal fatal was the fact that he also revealed videos and sound recordings.

As soon as the list of more than 2899 agents were revealed, Korean citizens were shocked. It didn’t matter if the media talked about commies. Why? Because the list of names disregarded political ideas and the gap between the rich and the poor.

Congressman Oh Jin Eon got elected after receiving political funds from a Chinese company!

An executive stole a leading but small company’s technology after being ordered to do so by an American company!

Is he Japanese or Korean? This businessman earns his money in Korea and then only pays taxes in Japan!

An assassin who only targets North Korean defectors? They disguise the deaths as an accident or a person gone missing! Behind him is a North Korean assassination group!

It wasn’t specific to a certain profession or class. Politicians, businessmen, and even government workers were involved in this scandal. And in response, the Korean citizens were miserable beyond words. The rich were just the tip of the iceberg.

‘Where do the problems actually begin in this country?’

They no longer had the energy to even hold up a candle.

“It’s you, isn’t it, Soo Ho?”


Ahn Soo Ho lowered the newspaper in response to Barbara’s interrogation. On the first page of the newspaper was “Korea Scandal” in big English letters.

“Who else would be okay after bringing down a human network of just one or two, but 25 countries?”

Ahn Soo Ho shrugged and changed the topic.

“Do you think Chairman Hwang will keep his promise?”

“If he doesn’t want to die.”

“I did ask him how much his life is worth, but that doesn’t mean I’m a murdering psychopath.”

Barbara looked as if she was speechless.

“You don’t really know your own reputation, do you?”

“I don’t?”

“No. I’m sure you know it somewhat, but not exactly.”

America treated Ahn Soo Ho as if he was just strategic arms.

England knew him as the king of supernatural abilities.

Russia didn’t think much of him.

And Japan?

“Japan thinks you’re Japanese.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, the Korean peninsula colonized following the annexation, so they think many Japanese men went to Joseon and spread their seeds. They think you have Japanese blood within you.”


Ahn Soo Ho laughed out loud. It wasn’t out of joy but out of absurdity.

“You’re not kidding… are you?”

“It’s true. China and Japan are the same. China also thinks you’re Chinese.”

Korea, China, and Japan were intertwined for thousands of years. If they tracked down their roots, it was bound to get complicated. However, there would probably have been more hatred than love.

“China thinks of South Korea as their subordinate state just like North Korea. And since Japan had once taken over the Korean peninsula, it’s true that the blood of Korea, China, and Japan are all intertwined.”

“Correction. It wasn’t Joseon but the Korean empire. And annexation? That was an invasion, not a negotiation. And mixed blood, huh? If you put it that way, the French and Limeys are the same.”

In response, Barbara knitted her brows and then nodded.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come off that way, but what I just said is a universal sentiment throughout China and Japan. They can’t accept Korea to be a nation that rules the world.”

Koreans wouldn’t have liked to hear this, but Korea’s national branding was far from that of China and Japan.

“What do they get out of insisting that I’m one of them?”

“Didn’t you go into entertainment so that you would be more recognized?”

“I can’t deny it. But so what?”

“The custom of conducting strategic marriages still exists to this day. China and Japan talking about blood descent is their way of asking about your true intention.”


Ahn Soo Ho laughed again out of speechlessness.

“They must be out of their minds.”

“They might omit the option of getting married.”


“That means they just want your sperm. There are families who just want to have children without getting married.”

They really weren’t in their right minds.

‘This reminds me of something that happened a long time ago.’

He was once offered 10 billion dollars to sell his semen to a biotechnology research center in America. He just laughed it off at the time, but there were multiple agents who went through his hotel rooms looking for hair, fluids, or skin fragments. That was why he used his magic to leave no traces of himself from that point onward. What if they asked a beautiful woman to seduce him with 10 billion dollars? Would she have been able to refuse? She would have gotten paid just by bringing some of his semen back.

They looked through all of his belongings, garbage can, poop, and even the air that he breathed out. So he always cleaned everything up with his magic. The magic didn’t simply mobilize a space, but it worked with the cause and effect of all matter in the environment. He could literally kill someone with his gaze alone.

“Everyone’s curious if your abilities are genetic, Soo Ho.”

“So they want to use my child as a lab rat?”

Barbara got goosebumps in response to Ahn Soo Ho’s cold response.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m against it, too.”

“But then again… since you’re known as a witch now, too, you probably know my pain pretty well.”

Regardless of the money queen’s status, Barbara Huxley was the British government’s asset. Her freedom was limited as long as she produced benefits for the British government.

“Thomas Chenyabin.”

The name that came out of Ahn Soo Ho’s mouth made Barbara flinch.

“Did Da Sol tell you?”

“No, she told me a name that was either Michel or Michael.”

“Michael Tobal… and Thomas Chenyabin are in the same organization.”

“United Industries Alliance.”

She smiled.

“You knew.”

“They made it way too obvious. Are they a subordinate office to Aragon?”


The fact that the great Aragon company of the mercenary industry was just a puppet for someone else was a surprising secret.

“I don’t know why the other leaders of other countries who also have supernatural powers are just leaving you alone.”

“Because unlike me, they don’t have a safety mechanism. It’s a type of compromise.”

“A safety mechanism?”

Barbara lifted the lower part of her blouse. The sudden strip show made Ahn Soo Ho’s eyes jolt. On her skin was a peculiar figure and writing.


It was a shabby skill, but she made an effort to imitate magic.

“This is the great end result accomplished by the British empire.”

In contrast to what she was saying, she was speaking in a sarcastic tone.

“It’s like a carved seal.”

“Did you know? You!”

Barbara’s eyes jolted open.

“Was the person who wrote those letters black and had no left hand?”


She exclaimed in surprise. This was half a century ago so she had no idea how Ahn Soo Ho knew while only being 40 years old. But instead of asking anything, she just looked at him with eyes wide open.

“Do you want it gone?”

“If it’s possible… I’ll stay loyal to you for life.”

“No need to go that far.”

It was illogical to accept another confinement in order to be freed from something else. Ahn Soo Ho flicked his finger.


Before he even finished, the restaurant shook. It wasn’t a strong vibration but there was a ripple in the tea that was set on the table. Was it an earthquake? Not at all. However, those who were startled hid beneath the tables or ran toward the exit. It was so sudden that even the restaurant manager and employees ran away.

In the end, it was just Ahn Soo Ho, Barbara, and their entourage who were left. Once Barbara opened her eyes, she stared at Ahn Soo Ho deeply. Her eyes shook with delight. She touched the cold tea on the table as she looked at the broken glass and dirty table with a bitter laugh.

Ahn Soo Ho smirked.

“You should try to avoid being monitored for the time being.”

If not, people would have found out that the restriction had been lifted. Even though their glasses were empty, there wasn’t a single employee filling it back up. She signaled for some of her entourage to head to the kitchen.

“Are you going to get revenge?”

“Of course. Not right away though.”

England made the person they feared the most into their enemy. What was scarier was that England didn’t know that the end of Barbara’s blade was faced toward them. Once they found out, it was going to be too late.

‘It looks like England is screwed.’

To be frank, England committed many atrocious things. They heard a siren. Someone must have reported them. They heard all sorts of radio noise about building safety and terrorist threats.

“We should go before things get complicated.”

“You’re right.”

They didn’t have enough time to enjoy their last tea.

It looked like Barbara had more to say, but the reason why he lifted her restriction was because of A&E. Ahn Soo Ho had no interest in helping Barbara and the other witches with their troubles. She hesitated while knowing that, and in the end, she didn’t say a word.

Once Ahn Soo Ho parted with Barbara, he headed to the streets of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong people didn’t care about what Koreans did, so they had no idea about any scandals or a second Korean war. Could anyone curse at them for their lack of interest? People dying from war and diseases was a sad thing. However, both Koreans and Hong Kong people didn’t care about the horrible things that happened in Africa and the Middle East.

Humans had pity.

Everyone had an urge to help when they saw someone in need. However, not many turned their thoughts into action. Where there no homeless people in Hong Kong? Considering 90% of Hong Kong’s economy revolved around the service industry including finance and tourism, without proper education they fell to the lower class in an instant.

Hong Kong’s true face wasn’t that beautiful.

Despite that fact, the famous tourist destination was full of all sorts of skin and hair colors. Regardless of the terrorist attacks in New York and London, they enjoyed their vacation full of shopping and eating. As long as it didn’t happen in front of their eyes, it was none of their business. He was able to easily spot the Koreans on the streets.

However, they didn’t recognize Ahn Soo Ho.

No matter how famous Ahn Soo Ho got, he didn’t have the stunning looks that people immediately recognized. On top of that, he covered his face with big sunglasses and used some magic to conceal himself. If he used his magic 100%, he was likely to bump shoulders with people every time he took a step. Ahn Soo Ho was already troubled by the crowded streets of Hong Kong.

‘Is it a protest?’

It wasn’t. It was a broadcast.

Seeing how they were talking in Beijing Chinese, they weren’t from a Hong Kong broadcaster. Just like the booming Chinese economy, the Chinese entertainment industry was comparable to Hollywood. However, it was not guaranteed to be fun every time. Ahn Soo Ho looked at the cast and then tilted his head.

One of the guests had black hair, but her body didn’t look like that of an Asian woman. Even the Mongoloids of the 21st century were pretty and handsome. So anyone could look good as long as they took good care of themselves.

‘But that one…’

Not even Faker could win this round.

‘Where have I seen her?’

The Western girl with black hair was smiling, but her eyes looked bored. When he took a better look, there were quite a few Western people. Wasn’t it a Chinese broadcast? Once Ahn Soo Ho spotted a banner, he nodded in understanding.

‘Oh! Miss Universe.’

It was one of the 4 major world beauty pageants. He finally understood.

‘The Chinese market is pretty big, too.’

Both Chinese people and Americans were obsessed with beauty.


He then met eyes with the Western woman with black hair. Even though his sunglasses got in the way, they both recognized each other right away. The funny part was that she tilted her head after seeing Ahn Soo Ho as well.


She then remembered and pointed her finger at Ahn Soo Ho.


Once he got a look at her thick lips that let out an exclamation, he remembered as well.

‘Miss Brazil?’

< Protect – Episode 154 – Korea Shock [6] > The end.

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Chapter 155