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Sooho Novel Chapter 139

All chapters are in Sooho Novel

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Sooho Novel Chapter 139


People used the word “realistic” a lot.

If that was the case, what did reality and the real world actually mean? Was a just world ruled by studies and truth a realistic goal for society? People who thought of themselves as realistic didn’t believe in god or justice. They stressed that fantasies about belief were what led to corruption.

“Freedom? Democracy? That’s all good and all, but the solution to the problems we have can’t be found in such beliefs. If everyone was given the same amount of freedom, that means they have just as much freedom to choose injustice. Of course, breaking society’s promises is a crime, and they should be the ones to take responsibility for the consequences. However, the question is whether or not the weight of the responsibility is the same for everyone. That’s our biggest problem right there.”

“Do you want to talk about the weak points of the judicial system?”

“How about this? Let’s just think about it with the results in mind. If a rich person and a poor person stood in court for the same crime, what do you think the court results would be?”

In most cases, the rich was ruled innocent and the poor was ruled guilty.

“Doesn’t that depend on the crime?”

“No, this is 100 percent. What’s more surprising is that the percentage of the crime of having no money is the same in America as it is in Bangladesh. Why, you ask? Because while America is known for having the best legal system in the world, Bangladesh has a legal system that’s the definition of problematic and flawed.”

It was true that the two extremes had things in common. The flaw of the American legal system was that they knew too much, and the flaw of that of Bangladesh was that they made it all wrong. Their law didn’t protect the weak.

“In the end, the poor can’t get proper legal aid no matter what they do.”

“Are you saying America and Bangladesh are on the same level?”

“The two extremes have things in common.”

In capitalist societies, people couldn’t get proper services without money. And in interim governments without proper foundations in place, they didn’t know anything about the importance of human rights, and as a result, the nation was entrusted to its citizens.”

“Does a country become a better place to live the stronger they get? That’s a virtuous cycle. That’s what we want the most, and that’s the win-win scenario which was the most ideal. But in reality, in the real world, there’s always winners and losers. With success also comes failure. But in the relationship between nations and their citizens, why do the citizens always have to sacrifice for the nation?”

Many people thought this was just, but it was just what many people wanted, and not an absolute command from God.

“Power is cruel.”

“No, it’s not power that’s cruel, my friend. It’s the people with power that’s cruel. Power can’t be cold or hot or happy or sad. Power has no emotions. It’s just a matter of action. You know what the European nationalists like to say about state control.”

“The involvement of the nation and governmental authority must be minimized? But that… causes another problem.”


“That’s right. It’s embarrassing, but the power behind what supports European independence is aristocratic capital. They were heavily influenced by feudalism. In the case of the countryside, the influence of this is really strong.”

Clans were powerful enough to recover cities and receive both respect and fear from the citizens; nothing had changed in the 21st century. Regional community culture was deep-rooted in every country.

“I think the rich people of Korea is the same as the aristocrat capitalists. They have a lot of influence over regional society, and the Confucianism culture and the aristocratic culture of Korea is not too different from a feudalistic idea.”

“It’s another way of putting the elites in the center.”

“They have their own league no matter where they are.”

“Aren’t you a rich person, too, Soo Ho?”

“The rich hate me. Don’t you agree, old man?”

Ahn Soo Ho smirked and looked at Kim Dae San.

“That’s right. Most rich people hate you. How could they? You’re threatening the order that they’ve kept for a very long time.”

It was hard for the Korean rich people to understand Ahn Soo Ho, who had no interest in getting the most profit possible. A man like that was usually knocked down as soon as they appeared, but they couldn’t do that this time. And it wasn’t just because he was protected by Daesan Group. The rich viewed Ahn Soo Ho as the most powerful.

“You’re not the type to make extra work for yourself though… What made you jump into business?”

Kim Dae San asked him a question. It was a question that many had been curious about. If he had ambition, he would have been popular a long time ago. Ahn Soo Ho stroked his chin.

“Well… it’s not that I had a strong calling, and it wasn’t because I wanted to make a lot of money either.”

He didn’t have a philosophy that made him want a just society or feel responsible for it.

“Just because.”

“Just because?”

He laughed like a jokester.

“Who were you trying to screw over?”

This was the part that had the most views of the talk show.

Kya! Was it rich people he wanted to screw over?

Probably not just the rich. The government workers were screwed over, too!

It’s impressive that he’s still well and alive after making so many enemies in Hell Joseon!

I thought a 100-minute interview would be boring, but it was so entertaining! Especially when the Brown bears and the Yankees fought! Is it okay for ambassadors to be like that? They’re funnier than comedians!

Worrying about politicians is just as useless as worrying about celebrities! That’s all a show, you know! They’re probably all laughing about it in the waiting room!

I can’t believe the Japanese cabinet minister was there, too!

Who is he?

He’s a legend! A very important position!

The Chinese ambassador was interesting, too! ‘The white guys?’ ‘The Western empire?’ What century is he from?

That’s actually how the real Chinese people think! For the Chinese, white people are forever their enemies!

With the European Union going down, shouldn’t Asia think twice before banding together?

Why isn’t anyone talking about Barbara or Pamela? They’re both so sexy! They have a mesmerizing charm to them!

Look at Barbara’s gaze… It’s so addicting!

Everyone’s getting entranced by her magic!

After the 1st part of the talk show, the viewers joined debate discussion boards, looked up internet news, and expressed their thoughts on social media. Other broadcasters would have aired it one week later to get the most expensive advertisements possible, but Kim Soo Jung didn’t do that. As soon as the weather news forecast ended, she immediately aired the second part. The 2nd part started with Jang Seol Hyun’s radiant smile.

“Hello. My name is Jang Seol Hyun.”

All she did was say hello, but both the studio and viewers brightened up in response.

“This is my first time hosting, so it’s quite awkward. Please forgive me if I’m a little rough around the edges. Okay, shall we begin with the star of today’s show? Mr. Ahn Soo Ho.”

He kept silent in response. Jang Seol Hyun followed the script and acted cute to get his attention.

“Soo Ho! My beloved Soo Ho.”

The reason why her singing and dancing was stiff was because she was nervous. She had never acted cute like this before on any other broadcast. It was so extreme that it gave her goosebumps. In contrast to the producers who loved it, her face turned tomato red.

“Please come out!”

Jang Seol Hyun was embarrassed out of her mind.

“She’s a pro.”

Ahn Soo Ho walked out in awe. Jang Seol Hyun often acted cute around him, but she had never done it live on television. In contrast to Kim Woo Jung who was devastated, Kim Soo Jung smiled with her fists clenched.

“Have a seat.”

“Are you hosting this whole thing?”

“Of course. The first part was hosted by you, and the second part is hosted by me according to the script! And please keep your formalities when speaking to the host.”

Jang Seol Hyun stressed the word “script”.

‘I don’t feel good about this.’

That was why broadcasters couldn’t be trusted. The talk show started off with a strong punch.

“Mr. Ahn. How many times did you date in your lifetime?”


The vibe was more like a hearing than a talk show.

“Let’s welcome some witnesses in order to prevent any lies.”

Witnesses were called forward before Ahn Soo Ho could answer. The Do brothers then entered wearing black suits as if they were at a funeral. Except for the third eldest, the brothers had never been on TV before. They were complete amateurs. The way their hairstyle was fixed was just as extreme as their outfits which reminded him of Kim Mousse.

“Please introduce yourselves.”

In response to Jang Seol Hyun, Do Kyung Ho yelled.





The brothers’ exaggerated cheering made everyone forget about Jang Seol Hyun’s cute act. The guests waiting by the side all clapped like seals.

“The Do brothers? Like the term used in the Seoul Olympics?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

The third eldest, Do Min Ho responded to the enthusiastic response.

“There are actually five Do brothers.”

“Five? There’s only four of you.”

“Soo Ho is also one of us. We’ve gone through everything together as kids. Before we matured, we thought he was actually our big brother. I know it’s ridiculous, but I thought he was Kyung Ho’s twin.”

“Why? Is that ridiculous?”

The youngest brother unexpectedly intercepted.

“Your face is a life sentence!”


“At least I didn’t call it a death penalty! I’m going easy on you since we’re related.”

“Is this how you’re going to pay me back for supporting you during your exam?”

“Come on! Your wife was the one who supported me, not you!”


Do Kyung Ho was speechless when his wife came up.

“If you don’t believe me, let’s call her.”

As soon as Do Min Ho suggested it, the camera pointed at Jung Hye Jung who was sitting in the audience. She was surprised by the sudden attention given to her, but in contrast to her stiff husband, she naturally accepted the mic.

“Be honest, Hye Jung. Is Kyung Ho handsome?”

“My husband? He’s ugly.”


Everyone burst out laughing in response to her unhesitant response.

“But in my eyes, he’s just as lovable as Won Bin and Kang Dong Won.”


Her husband regained his confidence.

“Hey, let’s ask Seol Hyun!”

The ending of the appearance war was unfortunate. What started as “He’s not that good looking” and “What matters is his heart” climaxed at Ahn Soo Ho being mentioned as he was laughing at the Do brothers.

“Soo Ho! You don’t have the right to laugh like that!”

“That’s right! You’re on the same boat!”

“That’s not true.”

“Are you sure? You’re in charge of being the ugly one, Soo Ho!”

Ahn Soo Ho stood up with an absurd look on his face.

“How dare you? Domino, if you didn’t become a comedian, do you really think you’d be making a living right now? Kyung Ho and Dae Ho, if you didn’t talk, people would have treated you like apes. And as for the youngest, fine, I admit it. But the rest of you should apologize for your faces! You’re so ugly, you should apologize to the nation!”

“Wow, are you serious? Seol Hyun, what do you think?”

Jang Seol Hyun—who was just laughing with her script covering her mouth—was surprised when she was suddenly called out.


“Yeah! Soo Ho might be better than Kyung Ho, but he’s not handsome, right?”

Unlike her usual way of being confident, she rolled her eyes in hesitation.

“My Soo Ho is handsome. The whole world has acknowledged that.”

“Wow, what a scamming couple!”

The Do brothers went crazy, and Jang Seol Hyun smiled as she looked around the audience and producers.

“Isn’t he good-looking, everyone?”

“Yeah! So handsome!”


In contrast to the audience’s cheering, the producers chanted that the chairman was the best. After all, Ahn Soo Ho was the owner of HBS. Yoon Chul then got up from his seat.

“This is corruption!”

Ahn Soo Ho looked around at the husbands around him one by one.

“You bastards. It must have been hard living with those faces. I understand though. I should at least have a conscience.”

“Ahn Soo Ho! Your face needs to be reformed before the rich!”

“Ahn Soo Ho! You son of a bitch!”

The men all rose up, and Ahn Soo Ho accepted it calmly.

“Fine! Then let’s ask our viewers and everyone else in the whole world who the uglier one is!”

That’s how the Ugliest Man Competition began.

< Protect – Episode 138 – World Class [2] > The end.

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Chapter 139