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Sooho Novel Chapter 137

All chapters are in Sooho Novel

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Sooho Novel Chapter 137

All broadcasts had scripts.

Talk Shows in particular covered sensitive topics, so it was important to clarify the stances of both the hosts and guests. Rumors about HBS’s new talk show started to spread and drew a lot of interest from the public before it even started.

Hidden stories of CEO Ahn Soo Ho and Jang Seol Hyun!

HBS, a direct investment, and marketing? Is this the beginning of a broadcast war?

HBS, their biggest shareholders are Hosoo Investments and Daesan Media!

HBS, is Chairman Ahn Soo Ho their owner?

In the midst of many investment offers being made to Hosoo Investments, Korea’s stock market saw a boom for the first time in a long time. Wall Street was also happy to hear about a collaboration with Ahn Soo Ho from Scott Warren’s lips, and after going through a hard time with the scandal, Huxley Group decided to invest 63 billion UK pounds in Hosoo Entertainment America and Europe.

The stock markets of Europe and North America might have been happy about this, but the media wrote negative and critical articles about it. They were stressing that despite not being harmed by the terrorist attacks, the Asians and their funds were trying to win over white superiority.

Bibimbap is more popular than Sushi!

Is Hosoo Entertainment replacing Sony Entertainment?

Are the Korean monsters taking over the Japanese samurai?

Will CEO Ahn make his dream of beating Disney come true?

Regardless of what they were saying on the outside, Ahn Soo Ho was enjoying a leisurely time with Jang Seol Hyun. His subordinates would have cursed at him if they knew, but that was why he paid them the big bucks. The more the paparazzi saw Ahn Soo Ho and Jang Seol Hyun together, the more they became unyielding. In contrast to the Ahn Soo Ho syndrome taking over, he hadn’t done any broadcasts after the traveling program he was on a while back.

So the public wanted to know more about Ahn Soo Ho.

“Talk show? I just have to go on and babble away, right?”

“It’d be best to avoid sensitive topics.”


“Because anything you say will become a controversy. That’s why top stars don’t go on talk shows.”

Ahn Soo Ho tilted his head in response.

“Then what about you?”

“Well, in my case… I have you.”

It would have been a problem if she went alone, but as long as she went on with Ahn Soo Ho, she could strip and dance if she wanted to. In the morning, Jang Seol Hyun had to meet with all the staff of the movie she was preparing for. The casting was complete, but the filming was postponed for a whole month due to insurance issues, which caused quite a loss.

The producers must have tried really hard because they had their meeting at Daesan Hotel. When the two appeared, the manager came to greet them. And the movie staff followed them out.

“Hello. Hello. Oh! Long time no see. How have you been?”

As soon as Jang Seol Hyun got in, she was busy greeting everyone. She was busy trying to take care of people who were unfamiliar with this gathering while Ahn Soo Ho was shaking hands with the producers, distributors, presidents, and investor group’s CEOs. The actors and staff sat around and introduced themselves as well as their roles. Most of them knew each other already, but this was a custom.

“I’m Jang Seol Hyun, and I’m playing the role of Cha Seol. My character’s name has “seol” in it, too. This is my 25th movie, but I’m still nervous. I worked hard to get fit, so please look forward to my performance. Let’s do this!”

Jang Seol Hyun’s cheer and flexing lightened up the mood. It was hard for the staff not to like a lead actress showing such enthusiasm in even such small matters. Even knowing people needed a lot of experience.

“Our staff was a little confused today, but Ms. Jang sure is a great actress.”

The director, Jang Ik Hyun had met Ahn Soo Ho before. Jang Ik Hyun was a director acknowledged by Chungmuro. Many people attributed it to the actors, but in the end, movies were all about results. While Jang Seol Hyun talked to all the staff, Ahn Soo Ho was surrounded by middle-aged men. He didn’t like this situation, but he tried to make the best impression for his girlfriend.

“We’re forever indebted to you, CEO Ahn.”

Jang Seol Hyun didn’t know this, but it was thanks to Ahn Soo Ho that the filming started up again. He resolved the conflict by offering both the insurance company and bank with a carrot that they couldn’t refuse.

“I hope you keep this a secret.”

“Of course, CEO Ahn. Don’t worry about that.”

It was obvious he was going to go around telling everyone. Didn’t he have a choice? He didn’t care about negative comments, but he just didn’t want people to talk about how Jang Seol Hyun caught a great man. Up until the very last minute of the meeting and their meal, Jang Seol Hyun kept a bright smile on her face.

Ahn Soo Ho exclaimed in his head.

“She really is a pro.”

He couldn’t have done that himself. He liked what he liked and hated what he hated. Never stop smiling? It was probably easier for him to frown all the time.

“Sigh, this is why… not everyone can be a celebrity.”

“This is all I do anyway. It must have been harder for you.”

He learned once more that Korean celebrities don’t have a personal life, but American celebrities weren’t that much better. Korea had its difficulties and so did America.

“Oh yeah! Lila called and asked why she wasn’t invited to the talk show.”

“We haven’t even filmed it yet. What is she talking about?”

“She said she’ll adjust her tour schedule. She begged you to invite her. If you don’t…”

Jang Seol Hyun swiped her neck with her finger.

She was full of energy as if she wasn’t the same person who was dying from exercise. Her manager looked especially energetic while driving the car. When Jang Seol Hyun said something, Ahn Soo Ho responded. As soon as the van stopped, Ahn Soo Ho looked at the driver’s seat. The secretary who was listening to his walkie-talkie turned around.

“Director Oh Joo Kyung would like to join.”

Oh Joo Kyung got into the car before he could even finish. The car took off again.

“I thought you were busy. What is this?”

“I was looking around the broadcast station land when I heard you were passing by. I have something to report as well.”

Oh Joo Kyung greeted Jang Seol Hyun with her eyes and passed Ahn Soo Ho a file the size of a sketchbook.

“It’s the first bird’s eye view.”

After combining commercial broadcasts from here and there, their symbolism was lacking compared to their scale. So they decided to build the main branch of the broadcast station right next to the group’s head office. The reason why the land was especially pricy in Gangnam was because there were rumors about how Hosoo Entertainment Group’s head office was going to be in Apgujeong, Cheongdamdong, Nonhyeondong, and Sinsadong.

And they weren’t just rumors.

They finished off the purchases quickly before any real estate could come in. Since they paid a lot for it, everyone was satisfied. The change of ownership, as well as construction, was a little tricky but that wasn’t for Ahn Soo Ho to worry about.

“We’re going to need around 60 billion won to get the right prospects.”

“We’re not even building a 100-floor building though.”

“But it’s Gangnam.”

In Gangnam, even the street vendors were rich.

Were all street vendors poor? Not at all. If they could be a street vendor in Gangnam, they at least had an apartment building as well as a luxury car. Street vendors called themselves businesses, but they didn’t pay corporate tax or any other tax for that matter. However, whenever there was a bust, they suddenly called themselves commoners.

“Hmph. No.”


“Don’t agree to it and just do it according to the law.”

“You might get a bad image of having supremacy over commoners.”

“Commoners? Are they really commoners?”

“I guess not, but… Yes, Sir.”

Oh Joo Kyung attempted to protest but ended up surrendering.

“What else?”

“The National Tax Service began its tax investigation.”

“So they’re really doing it.”

“The Blue House asked for our cooperation.”

The smallest affiliate of Hosoo Entertainment Group was Hosoo Guard Team followed by Hosoo Entertainment. Why was Hosoo Entertainment the second smallest when it was the face of the group? Hosoo Investments, which worked with stocks of 500 companies, and Hosoo Airlines, which had its own private jets and helicopters were not at the scale of hundreds of millions of won but trillions. Then what about the new broadcast station, HBS? Fixed assets such as broadcasting facilities worth the most.

“When will it be finished?”

“Probably around four days. That’s quick for a tax investigation.”

“Then pass. What else?”

“Barbara Huxley wants to come to Korea and meet you.”


Ahn Soo Ho was surprised. There was no way the British government would allow that unless they got shot in the head. He showed the palm of his hand to Oh Joo Kyung and took out his phone. As soon as he pressed the speed dial, the line started ringing.

“Soo Ho?”

“You’re going to visit Korea?”

It was Barbara Huxley’s number.

“You’ve heard? Yes, that’s right.”

“What about the British government?”

“The government hates the idea, of course. So I used your name. You’re not mad, are you?”

“I don’t care. But why are you trying to come now?”

“So that I can see you and meet Angelica.”


“Oh, I think you know her by a different name. I think it was Kumiko?”

He knitted his brows as soon as Ahn Da Sol’s old name came up.

“Is she… just like you?”

“No. But since a long time ago, any woman with ability was called a witch. This world forgives beautiful women, but not women who are more capable than men. Things might have changed quite a bit, but that part is still true today. Overly smart women are always excluded.”

For a very long time, the world despised women with insight. That was because the world was always ruled by men. Being a hero was an honor that only men were capable of receiving, and beautiful women were nothing but decoration that made heroes stand out.

“How do you two know each other?”

“That’s… a long story. But the point is…

People who believed in common sense thought the witch scandal was nonsense, but those who were suspicious of how much money Huxley Group had—asked questions about it. They requested for Barbara Huxley explain it herself. An investment company would be crazy to reveal the algorithm to their own investment program, but Huxley Group couldn’t do it even if they wanted.

“She was the one who created Huxley Group’s investment program.”

Ahn Soo Ho was at a loss for words. The continued silence put her in a fret.

“Soo Ho?”

“I’m listening. The three of us need to talk. Let’s meet soon.”

As soon as he hung up, he felt a strong gaze upon him.


Oh Joo Kyung was looking at him as if she was wondering how he knew such an admirable CEO while Jang Seol Hyun looked at him as if she was wondering how he knew such a sexy CEO. Come to think of it, he had never told them who he met up with in England. It appeared that instead of the real nuclear bomb, another one exploded instead.

‘Did I just dug my own grave?’


The secretive filming of the talk show approached closer. Ahn Soo Ho didn’t look at the script beforehand. He was the type who had to say what was on his mind. However, he regretted not looking at the script when he arrived at the studio.


Ahn Soo Ho was taken aback by the hip-hop style greeting that came from an old man who was almost eighty. His eyes looked for Kim Soo Jung. He then saw his friend laughing with a cue card over her mouth.


“We’re going to start filming soon! Final checks, everyone!”

She made an excuse to get out of there.

“Stop throwing a tantrum and get back over here.”

Was this what they called a rich man swag? It was strange that Chairman Kim Dae San of Daesan Group was there, but it was even stranger that he was going to appear on television.

“Old man. Are you really going to be on the show with me?”

“Why? Are you scared?”

“Why would I be scared? I’m just worried you’ll get cursed at such an old age.”

“Hm, do you think so?”


Kim Dae San smiled in a peculiar way, and the reason was revealed soon afterward.

“Soo Ho.”

Russian Ambassador, Vitali Andropov.

“Hello, Soo Ho.”

American Ambassador, Pamela Woods.

“Hi, Soo Ho.”

Japanese Cabinet Minister, Shiba Yaso.

“It’s nice to meet you, Soo Ho.”

And a Chinese ambassador he had never met before. Was this a “not so nice to meet you” special? However, that was just the beginning.

“Right on time! Phew!”

Lila ran over in the middle of her American tour.

“Is this how South Koreans film their broadcasts?”

The sudden appearance of Money Queen, Barbara Huxley made even the broadcasters surprised. The climax was the group that Jang Seol Hyun brought along.

“One, two! Hello, we’re Fantastic Four… Hey! Why aren’t you guys chanting with me?”

“Ugh, this is embarrassing!”

“This is so embarrassing!”

Cheongdamdong’s F4, Ahn Da Sol, Lee So Hye, Emily, and Rachel, as well as all of their friends hoarded in. Ahn Soo Ho dropped his jaw. Even the Do brothers except for the third eldest, Do Min Ho showed up in black suits as if they were at a funeral.

‘Is this a comedy show, not a talk show?’

‘What’s going on here? I’m scared!’

< Protect – Episode 136 – Talk Show [4] > The end.

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Chapter 137