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Sooho Novel Chapter 133

All chapters are in Sooho Novel

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Sooho Novel Chapter 133

The problem with Korean media was that they weren’t critical of the arguments taking place outside of the country. But at Ahn Soo Ho’s return press conference, it was 180 degrees different. If it was back in the day, they would have taken the side of the media, but this time, they pointed out CNN’s wrongdoing and criticized the external sources.

A press conference without class? CNN tried to find the enemy of the States outside their own country!

China, Japan, and the Asian media are all criticizing CNN and BBC! It’s time for the West to suffer!

And the broadcasting company let it air just like that!

Ahn Soo Ho, the international conflict troubleshooter! The giant that this generation needs!

In contrast to America, Europe, and Africa that we’re dealing with the chaos of terror, Asia was pretty quiet besides the bombing in Japan. Japan was used to getting earthquakes, so a few bombs didn’t faze them too much. China was weird, but Japan was weird, too. In contrast to the advertisement and news in the States that always stressed national unity, Korea always talked about how the country was Hell Joseon.

Kya! Fuck you! So refreshing! This is why we’re addicted to Ahn Soo Ho! #AhnSooHoReturns #FuckYouYankees #CNNHumiliation


You shouldn’t look down on US like that.

Why not? It’s not like we’re dependent on them. The memorial and their mistakes are two different things!

It’s not like the CNN represent the US. It’s just that that white bastard tried to get at Ahnfeller and got taught a lesson!

White bastards are trouble no matter which country they’re from!

Huh? Are we looking down on the States now?

Korean independence for the win!

But is Barbara Huxley really a witch? #LondonTerror # WitchScandal #SexyCEO

The sexiest female CEO in the world! Barbara Huxley!

Isn’t Huxley Group that huge conglomerate that works with fashion, hotels, airlines, cars, and everything in between? Compared to that, Daesan Group is nothing!

I think you’re mistaken. She’s just someone who possesses stocks! Her nickname is money queen!

Money queen? What a nickname!

Gasp! She’s so sexy!

Doesn’t she look like Eva Green? But Eva is French while Barbara is British.

Eva? Barbara? Ebarbara?

Hahaha! You bastard!

The first year-end meeting of Hosoo Entertainment is taking place at Daesan Hotel! I’m taking questions!

Are you a hotelier?

I’m a college student for now. I’m just working here to earn money for college before I go to the military.

Year-end meeting? Is it like a stockholder’s meeting?

No, it’s a drinking party. They’re dancing and going crazy. It’s pretty much like a Christmas party.

They’re partying when the rest of the world is doing memorials? Can they do that?

It’s unfortunate, but what does the London terrorist attack or the New York terrorist attack have to do with us? Even on their day off, all the young men and women were at clubs in Gangnam. Isn’t it weird to act like you care now when you were partying all along?

Is it fun?

All the celebrities of Hosoo Entertainment are here. Daesan Hotel doesn’t usually rent this place out for anyone else but Daesan Group, but they turned it into a club. They’re partying like there’s no tomorrow.

Whatever Ahn Soo Ho did turn into a controversy.

Hosoo Entertainment’s first year-end meeting wasn’t Ahn Soo Ho’s idea. What started as a social gathering for the members turned out to be a lot more fun. Hosoo Entertainment Group was a young company. They grew a lot since they were first established, but the members were at an average age of 35.6 and the employees had an average age of 29.1.

“Are you the only one left, Logan?”

“Someone needs to take responsibility.”


All his underlings went to the States. Why? For Michael. It didn’t matter what they could or couldn’t do. What was important was for them to at least try. No one knew how long it would take, but they had to see it to the end.

“What about the funeral?”

“They’re bringing Michael’s parents over to New York. It’ll take place as soon as the corpse is identified.”

“Will the New York police investigate properly?”

“If we put pressure, they’ll at least try to look like they are. But… it’ll take some time.”

New York was in the process of a quick recovery. But even before the terrorist attack, there were many criminal investigations. It didn’t seem like the American government was willing to give way that much for Ahn Soo Ho whom they had sympathy for. He’d just be thankful if they didn’t interfere.

“Let me make this clear, Logan. I don’t want to meddle anymore.”

“You’ve done enough, Soo Ho. We couldn’t expect any more.”

“Aren’t you going to go?”

“As I said, someone needs to take responsibility.”

Disobeying direct orders was enough to be fired.

“Responsibility… How are you going to do that?”

“I’ll volunteer for free for a year.”

A mercenary not getting compensated was a big deal. That was just how much he valued Michael. However, Ahn Soo Ho shook his head.

“There’s no need to do that. Just… tell them not to get into trouble.”

“I’m sure they won’t in such a sensitive situation.”

“Do you want to bet on it, Logan?”

“Um, no, thank you.”

Logan immediately withdrew his opinion. There wasn’t a single police officer who liked a civilian chasing after a criminal. Not just ordinary civilians but veteran mercenaries at that. It was obvious that a problem was going to arise during the investigation.

“I’d better get a lawyer ready.”

“Should I call Smith & Heard?”


Smith & Heard was a large American law firm that also had a branch in New York. Logan looked back on his way out.

“Did you hire Black Fortune?”

“James? Not completely. It’s just a temporary contract. Why? Do you feel like he’s a competition?”

“He’s a legend.”

Every soldier of the American special forces had heard of James Black’s legend at least once. Logan was also from the American special forces.

“I might as well just leave the wrap up to him…”

“No, I’ll do it.”

As soon as he gave off the vibe that he was going to let James Black look after the underlings in the States, Logan immediately protested. While looking at him disappear in fear of hearing anything else from him, Ahn Soo Ho simply smirked.

‘That’s what I thought.’

Who was he to act like he didn’t care? Men with balls had to get into a fight in order to come to a conclusion. Reputation was important, but in the mercenary world, it was all about skill.

“What are you doing in the corner, Soo Ho?”

“I guess I’m getting old. It’s tiring to have fun.”

Was love really that strong? Jang Seol Hyun somehow got through the tent that the Magician put up. With the tent up, no one could listen or see Ahn Soo Ho, but it didn’t work on Jang Seol Hyun. And of course, Jang Seol Hyun didn’t come alone.

“Long time no see Soo Ho, or Should I call you CEO Ahn now?”

“Just call me Soo Ho in personal settings. But has it been that long? I don’t think it has been.”

It was Jung Ah Young who hit it big thanks to the travel vlog that was filmed not long ago. On top of that, she transferred to Hosoo Entertainment so her situation got much better overnight as if she was Cinderella.

“Really? Maybe you’re right. I guess I’ve been too busy.”

“It’s good for an actress to be busy.”

“Thank you for that time.”

Jung Ah Young nearly whispered her last words. She whispered it so that Jang Seol Hyun wouldn’t hear. She was probably referring to the incident that took place with Esther Group’s Chairman Oh’s third son. She had a chance to see an heir’s shenanigans that one could only see in movies and dramas. With that considered, Chairman Kim Dae San did a pretty good job with his children.

‘I forgot to call him’

He clearly heard the old man’s voice in his head. He believed he would live until 100 at the very least.

‘He must’ve gotten cursed at a lot when he was younger seeing how long he’s living.’

Kim Dae San wasn’t evil, but he wasn’t good-hearted either. No businessman was 100% kind.

“Chairman Ahn.”

Kim Woo Jung looked for Ahn Soo Ho everywhere, but it took him a while because of the magic he used to hide himself.

“What’s the matter?”

“The government is asking you to keep it under control.”

“Keep it under control? What do you mean?”

Kim Woo Jung pointed at the board members with his eyes. Ahn Soo Ho laughed. Someone who cared about what the States thought probably worried that this was disrespectful to the memorial vibe that was taking place all over the world.

“Government workers have nothing to do, do they?”

“Should we wrap it up?”

“Why should we? We’ve just begun.”

Ahn Soo Ho walked to the middle of the banquet hall.

‘These bastards… still, haven’t learned their lesson.’

Did he have to stuff it down their throats himself? As the time approached midnight, the party started to die down. So Ahn Soo Ho’s appearance livened up the mood again. As soon as he appeared on what looked like a club stage, the members paused and focused their attention on him.

What was a mercenary without an operation?

Some became drunkards, frequented the red-light district, or got addicted to drugs. The mercenaries that Ahn Soo Ho employed received mental treatment even before their skill training. Alcoholics were better than drug addicts, and he didn’t care if they liked women, but they couldn’t prey on little children.

The reason why he possessed many entertainment facilities all over the world was simple. He had to manage the war crazies who knew about nothing but shooting guns. However, he despised pimps, so he didn’t possess any red-light districts, but he did have many bars and clubs. This was also half of the reason why he was interested in Hollywood. Because partying hard was also a skill.

Ahn Soo Ho held the mic and kept it short.


He then threw the mic.

He was not so good at dancing, and it made everyone’s eyes go wide. As soon as a 190 centimeter-tall Ahn Soo Ho went from doing shoulder dances to hip dances, he almost looked crazy. The most important part of dancing was confidence, and Ahn Soo Ho was full of confidence. What was even more amazing than his expressionless face was his belief that he could show off the best dancing in the world.

‘Wh… what is this? He looks crazy, yet he still looks good doing it.’

He was really at a whole different level. ‘Where am I and who are we?’ As soon as the people started to lose their minds a little bit, the DJ turned on some good music. What he turned on was “Uptown Funk” which was trending at number 1 for quite some time.

‘Good job, DJ.’

The exciting music made people crawl in one by one, and the stage filled up before he knew it.

‘Girls hit your hallelujah, woo!’

‘Let’s go! Let’s go!’

‘Cause uptown funk gon’ give it to you!’

‘Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!’

‘Don’t believe me just watch, come on!’


The party didn’t end there.

The only reporters present at Hosoo Entertainment Group’s year-end party were from the Korean media. Ahn Soo Ho shunned everyone from the outside. When the Korean reporters asked him if that was okay, he gave a very easygoing answer.

‘Collaboration with Scott Warren? I don’t care if it falls through!’

American investors? Who cares? There were tons of Americans who would resent CNN if a 70 billion dollar deal fell through. It was possible that angry analysts and fund managers would rip CNN stocks to shreds.

The idols were busy taking selfies and uploading them to social media, and as soon as Ahn Soo Ho started dancing, they made sure to broadcast it live. In particular, the other members dancing to “Uptown Funk” on stage was especially entertaining.

This is the work culture we all want! Work is work and play is play!

I love the way they sing ‘Girls hit your hallelujah’ and ‘Don’t believe me just watch’! Now that’s a real party! The other companies in our country don’t know how to party properly! They’re too stiff!

It’s not easy being like this during a worldwide memorial period… That’s our Ahnchild!

Why do we have to have memorials for white people anyway?

It’s okay to do it, but it’s not right for society to push it on us!

To be honest, what happened in New York and London happen all the time in Africa and the Middle East! It doesn’t make sense for us to have memorials for them! This is a problem!

That’s because those countries are weak! Let’s send Ahn Soo Ho to the Blue House!

Please cheer on Ahn Soo Ho’s official fan club, “Guardian Angel”!

< Protect – Episode 132 – Hosoo Entertainment Group Year-End Meeting [4] > The end.

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Chapter 133