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Sooho Novel Chapter 132

All chapters are in Sooho Novel

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Sooho Novel Chapter 132

Once it was established, Korea developed significantly.

After crawling out of the Korean War, the country accomplished the miracle on Han River as well as a successful opening of the Olympics. Well, there was the IMF, but it was resolved relatively well in the end. Following the World Cup, it appeared that the country was really taking off again, but Korea in the 21st century had the same problem as Japan.

Absence of leadership from the young.

Both politicians and businessmen were most often sixty and older, and even ones in their thirties and forties were hard to come by. So leaders who were in their 20s were almost non-existent. What was clear was that what people could do when they were old was different from what they could do when they were young. What was in between stability and challenge were being completely ignored. Politics and society couldn’t help but remain unchanged.

How many young businessmen from a few decades back would still be alive today? Kang Joon, who was a part of Ahn Soo Ho’s 8-member group clapped while looking at the TV.


What kind of Korean businessman in their right mind would say “fuck you” in front of the camera and reporters? On live television at that.

“That’s the Soo Ho I love! I’m so proud of my friend!”

“Isn’t that a KCC violation?”

“It’s not like Soo Ho’s a professional broadcaster. And even the president’s scared of him, so who’s going to get in the way of Soo Ho?”

“Anyway, he still has a bad temper after all these years.”

Aside from Ahn Soo Ho, the 8-member group got together during Ahn Soo Ho’s press conference. They might have felt uncomfortable about their awkward fall-out, but that didn’t matter today. They were actually happy to see each other. That was why the friends one goes through hardships with were one’s true friends.

“When are you getting married?”

“Next year?”

Yoon Chul and Kim Soo Jung had finished their formal greetings between families a few days ago.

“You’re finally making your tiresome relationship official.”

“What do you mean? Our relationship’s more like noble and pure.”


Since they started dating at the Naval Academy, it had been a long time. If Yoon Chul had been more enthusiastic or if Soo Jung was more easygoing, they would have either gotten married or had broken up a long time ago.

“It’s over.”

Ahn Soo Ho’s controversial press conference came to an end. Ahn Soo Ho’s friends only needed another minute to see his face again. The group was at Daesan Hotel as well.

“That interview was a killer, bro!”

Kang Joon bumped shoulders with him with exaggerated movements.

“What about Seol Hyun?”

“She went to the banquet first.”

“She’s doing a good job as your future wife.”

“We have no intention of dating for over a decade like you guys.”

“Hey! I told you this is a noble and pure relationship.”

Yoon Chul’s last remark got completely ignored. Even his girlfriend Kim Soo Jung turned her head. Ahn Soo Ho looked over at Jung Sol Ji.

“You’re here.”

“If you become a politician, you can’t pull stuff like that.”

“Good thing I don’t want to become one. What are you up to these days? I heard you’re unemployed now.”

Jung Sol Ji glared at Han Kyung Il, and Han Kyung Il avoided her gaze in response.

“I worked hard until now, so I’m taking a break.”

“Then now that you got some rest, you should start working again.”


Jung Sol Ji tilted her head at Ahn Soo Ho’s peculiar nuance and then burst into laughter.

“Run for the National Assembly.”

“It’s hard without an agency.”

“I’ll help you.”

“I said that wrong. Even if I get elected, there isn’t much I can do alone.”

“Then form a party.”


She didn’t think Ahn Soo Ho was joking about this. So she was even more surprised because entering politics in Korea was no easy matter.

“You’re… not joking, are you?”

“I don’t joke about a friend’s future.”

“I’m thankful and all, but I have no interest in entering politics right now.”

Jung Sol Ji recently suffered from something that left her with a scar that got in the way of her entering politics.

“Then what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to write a book.”

“A book?”

“Yeah. I’m going to write about the truth of you and us.”

“That would stir up a controversy.”

“Of course.”

Ahn Soo Ho showed a strange expression on his face. Jung Sol Ji didn’t have any interest in returning to the political world just yet, but that didn’t mean she was going to leave completely. It seemed as though her experience was going to lead to her writing a controversial work from the point of view of a victim. And Kim Soo Jung joined in.

“Once the book comes out, I’m going to make a drama or a movie out of it.”

“You don’t have the rights to do that.”

“What are friends for? Huh?”

“Agh! My eyes!”


In response to Kim Soo Jung’s sneak attack, he gestured the cutting of his throat and said, “You’ll die.” Ahn Soo Ho watched over his chatty friends and then clapped to clear the air.

“We all have our own plans. This could actually be something we might not finish even until we die. But…”

He stressed the last word.

“If we do it together, we can do it. There will be times when we get into conflicts. But I don’t think differences in opinions is a bad thing. Besides, people grow closer once they fight. Who here hasn’t been hit by me before?”

Ahn Soo Ho’s joke that wasn’t so much of a joke made everyone smirk. It was true. Kim Soo Jung, Jung Sol Ji, and Choi Jung Yeon had all been hit by Ahn Soo Ho before.

“Friends… We’re only standing at the starting line. There’s a long way to go.”

He dreamt of being the national hero. He did have a compromising past, but he wasn’t ashamed of it. He actually missed those old days when he was full of courage.

“Okay! Let’s change this damn Korea.”

He wanted to make a better future with his own hands.

‘But I have no interest in standing at the front.’

If the 8-member group could look into Ahn Soo Ho’s head, they would have called him a traitor. Why go into politics when it was so frustrating? There was always someone else who could do it. ‘As long as it’s not me!’ He had to abandon that way of thinking.

‘It’s foolish to think that I’m the only special one.’

In modern society, anyone could be replaced.

The first Hosoo Entertainment year-end meeting was held at the annex of Daesan Hotel. The name sounded grand, but it was just a year-end party where they ate and partied. There were departments that were awkward because members and employees were all mixed together, there were departments who were drinking and chatting away, and there were those who were busy taking selfies for social media.

In contrast to the outside, Ahn Soo Ho’s status in Korea only became more stabilized. Korea felt like they finally had someone who was known worldwide. There were also puberty-like responses, and the official fan club name was finalized as ‘Guardian Angel’. When Jang Seol Hyun heard that, she laughed like crazy.

At this point, there was an Ahn Soo Ho syndrome going on.

“CEO Ahn.”

Oh Joo Kyung called for Ahn Soo Ho, who was surrounded by family, employees, and friends. They stepped to another side of the banquet hall and caught their breath.


“Don’t mention it.”

He emptied an entire bottle of water.

“You should have paced yourself.”

“Who knew things would turn out like this? But where’s Director Seo?”

“She’s busy with year-end events.”

“Year-end events?”

“This is the season for year-end public TV awards ceremonies.”

Public TV awards ceremonies were like a pride battle between broadcast stations, but it was also a way of measuring each agency’s power. The celebrities under Hosoo Entertainment were regular visitors of award ceremonies. However, since they only had one body, each broadcast station fought for the celebrities. Oh Joo Kyung handed Ahn Soo Ho a schedule for the awards ceremonies.

“Why are there so many award ceremonies? Can’t they just make it into one?”

“Well, awards go to both actors and singers.”

The awards given by broadcasters were like a performance-based bay. For viewers who only cared about their favorite celebrities, the producers didn’t matter, but the year-end award ceremonies were like a legal party where they could issue bonuses.

Ahn Soo Ho got straight to the point.

“Scott Warren will set up a Hosoo Entertainment America soon.”

“Like an American branch?”

“On the outside, yes… But it’ll be an independent corporation. I’m thinking of sending Director Seo. What do you think?”

“Hm. She’ll be happy about that.”

Oh Joo Kyung was on board. Since Seo Joo Kyung was all about expanding the business abroad, she was going to volunteer even before he asked.

“Chairman Ahn. It’s ready.”

Ahn Soo Ho nodded in response to Kim Woo Jung. People in the group didn’t know if they should call him CEO or Chairman. Kim Woo Jung called him chairman. As the status of the group increased, he thought it was only right, and many employees agreed. On the other hand, Oh Joo Kyung didn’t see a particular reason on why people should change how they called Ahn Soo Ho.

As soon as Oh Joo Kyung got up on the podium, everyone went quiet. Ahn Soo Ho was always a popular CEO. What kind of employee wouldn’t like a boss who paid a lot of money? He was a rich man who said what was on his mind. Some thought of him as immature, but the public generally saw him as a refreshing young man.

And after the London terrorist attack, even the ones in their 40s and 50s showed passionate responses. He even had the support of many men. Men tended to be quite competitive, but once the ranks were decided, they stayed loyal. It wasn’t just women who were drawn to strong men. Men respected strong leadership as well.

In Korea, even those who talked the talk in the Korean peninsula became useless once they stepped out

of the country. But Ahn Soo Ho said ‘f*ck you’ to all the strong countries, and he was still fine. And that had nothing to do with the fact that he had a lot of money. Only real leaders could make international order happen.

He laughed at the sparkling eyes of his employees.

“You can give me that look all you want… But if you want a raise, you’ll have to talk to human resources.”


They laughed quietly.

“Many things happened this year, but it looks like it has finally reached its end. Let’s have a moment of silence for those who are working today.”

They stayed silent for 5 seconds.

“Are you having fun, everyone?”


“That’s good. On that note, let’s not do a closing ceremony or anything like that.”


In contrast to the members, the employees cheered.

“We can’t really avoid the company dinner, but let’s just forget the rest of the formalities. What do you think, Director Oh?”

Oh Joo Kyung picked up the mic as if she was waiting to speak.

“Aren’t you just saying that because you’re lazy?”

“You caught me!”


Everyone laughed at Ahn Soo Ho’s playful expression and surprise.

“It looks like I raised a baby tiger! Damn it… I guess women have to date to become softer. Can someone date Director Oh, please? Or marry her if you can.”


People jeered. Ahn Soo Ho shrugged his shoulders and waited for them to quiet down.

“When I was on the plane back to Korea, I read a very shocking report. There was a survey claiming that our employees were either avoiding dating or postponing marriage. Why, you ask? Because there are disadvantages that come with dating within the company or taking maternity leave.”

The members finally understood why Ahn Soo Ho teased Oh Joo Kyung like that.

“Does that make sense? Does it, Director Oh?”

This time, Oh Joo Kyung shrugged her shoulders.

“I believe our company won’t have to suffer such ridiculous beliefs. I believe Hosoo Entertainment Group will work towards building young and fresh ideas. However, you all betrayed my belief.”

Ahn Soo Ho put on a serious expression this time, but due to his silly face not long before, this just looked funny to most.

“I’m not saying you should date, marry, and have children right away. That’s probably not even possible. You need to make a lot of money from now on.”


He pointed at an employee and teased him, making everyone else burst into laughter.

“I’ll give you a week, everyone. If the members can’t come up with a good solution by then, none of you will get a raise next year. I guarantee that that will lead to a very uncomfortable situation. I should know.”

As soon as Ahn Soo Ho stuck up his middle finger, people could neither laugh nor cry.

“But not today. Please have fun today and leave the worrying for tomorrow.”

Kim Woo Jung brought the champagne and opened it.

“Pour it!”

The employees chanted along with him.

“Let’s die!”

< Protect – Episode 131 – Hosoo Entertainment Group Year-End Meeting [3] > The end.

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Chapter 132