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Sooho Novel Chapter 117

All chapters are in Sooho Novel

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Sooho Novel Chapter 117

Han Chae Kyung made Kim Ne Hee’s house into a shelter.

They didn’t receive official permission to do so, but as soon as word went around through communication networks, Korean tourists who had nowhere else to go gathered at the house. And when Korea Town in New York turned into a dangerous area, sisters So Jung and So Mi came to the house as well. Central Park—which was the official refuge—was already bustling with people, and so was the Korean embassy located in New York.

The two sisters made the right choice in going to Kim Na Hee’s house. By doing so, they were able to put their parents and friends at ease, and since they left all of their belongings at their hotel, the house was like a treasure chest for them. Han Chae Kyung not only provided beds and food, but she provided clothes as well.

So Jung looked around as people moved in camp beds into the house and suddenly thought of something.

“How much would it cost to buy such a big house in New York?”


“This house. It’s probably not cheap, right?”

“This is the Upper East Side. The one from Gossip Girl.”


Gossip Girl was a drama series that was a little bit old, but it was also a favorite among Americans. They didn’t like Sex and the City because it was a little too old, and they didn’t like how exaggerated the high-teen dramas on Disney channel were. Gossip Girl was a little exaggerated too, but it was better than the rest.

The reason why the sisters weren’t very satisfied with their New York trip was because of those dramas they watched. They thought they could live like the actors in those dramas if they came to New York, but that didn’t happen. The two sisters were nothing but two tourists among countless of people bustling around the Big Apple.

“This is amazing.”

The place was filled with refugees, but it was good enough to help the two sisters imagine a posh life in New York. Seeing a bunch of maids walking around the house made them feel like they were a part of the upper class for a minute.

“Huh? I got a signal.”


So Mi, who was playing around with her unconnected phone, became serious as soon as she found a signal.


The refugees weren’t in the most comfortable situation to call as of the moment, but they started to become busy making phone calls as soon as the signal was up. It was rude for a person to call someone in front of many people, but it was okay to do so if everyone else was doing it. So Mi called her parents first to tell them not to worry. She was probably bound to get a beating from her mom as soon as she returned to Korea, but this was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Terrorist attacks weren’t anything happy to talk about, but the charm of traveling was the things that were unexpected. What happened today was something incredibly uncommon and rare. Once she reassured her parents, she went into a group chat.

Are you alive?


Look at this website! Hurry!


Just do it!

When she clicked on the link that was sent to her, a screen popped up. It was a live channel site that even allowed real-time chatting. The chat room was filled with people from all over the world, but the most used language was English. So Jung and So Mi were Koreans who could read and write English perfectly but couldn’t speak it at all.


The two sisters screamed as soon as they looked at the screen. But they weren’t the only ones who screamed. The refugees looked all over the place for information as soon as the signal came back, and what they all discovered was the department store’s incident and the live broadcast that was put on by the terrorists.

The New York deputy mayor’s head went flying off and a famous art director died too. They then called an underwear model a prostitute and harassed a female teenager. The camera then turned to the teenage girl’s mother who couldn’t stop it from happening.

The chatroom exploded.

What are those bastards doing?

Those damn sons of bitches!

Allahu Akbar!

Those crazy bastards! What’s the States doing?

America sucks!

Let’s pray for the New York citizens!

The American dream is over! It’s time for China to take over the world!

If the States and China fought, who’d win?

So Jung and So Mi didn’t pay attention to the comments. They were just focused on the screen itself. When one of the terrorists grabbed a girl’s head and pulled out a knife, they turned away. However, what they were worried about didn’t happen. Surprisingly, the one holding the knife went down. Then the camera fell over and stopped.

US special report! The American military has finally arrived!

Don’t look down on this country, you Arabs!

Captain America is here!

Delta? Seal?

There’s no way Delta and Seal would put on a Captain America mask. I bet it’s Ghost Recon!

That’s a game, you idiot!

The live channel was cut off, but the last scene was clear. The hostages were getting saved. It was probably settled immediately. There weren’t that many anonymous netizens who left mean comments. People all over the world hoped that the hostages would be okay, and the media of various countries held memorials in New York.

The world was awake tonight.



The E-8 JSTARS had two methods of action.

The first method was to emit strong pulses to destroy the machine entirely, and the second method was to use radio frequency interference. The EH-60 that was dispatched to New York had a different tactical system from combat planes operated by the US Marines. The marine’s attack planes didn’t disturb an entire area, but it was just specialized for aerial dogfights, and the one that was dispatched to New York covered an entire block.


The bullet of a gun with a silencer went through the forehead of a man holding a knife.

Whoosh! whoosh!

‘One shot, one kill!’

Ahn Soo Ho entered the main hall without hesitation and shot a bullet through the terrorist’s head. Each bullet killed a man. In the end, there was only one terrorist left alive.


Dakoma immediately grabbed the closest underwear model and put her in front of him. He then rolled his eyes.


Their defenses were perfect. There were CCTVs watching every corner, they checked the patrol guards every 5 minutes. They even set up a system to make the department store blow up just in case anything happened.

‘It’s not too late!’

Dakoma remembered the hand gear inside his jacket.

“There won’t be any signal for the next 10 minutes.”

Dakoma came to his senses when he heard a low ringing sound.

It was way too quiet for this to be an ambush by the American special forces. He looked at Captain America, who showed up all on his own. Just one person? Did this mean that a dozen of his underlings got killed in the main hall just because of this one person? And how did he get past their defenses?

All Dakoma could do was laugh.

“Delta? Seal?”

“No. But I’m sure that you know me.”

“I do? Then what about the mask?”

“There are too many eyes watching here.”

Ahn Soo Ho tapped his mask with the gun he was holding.

“Long time no see, Jacob.”


Dacoma gasped.

“Jacob Smith.”


As soon as the true name of the vicious terrorist who killed people as if they were insects was found out, he was shocked to the core. Ahn Soo Ho showed a strange facial expression behind his mask.

He first met Michael in Sudan.

He also met Jacob Smith for the first time during the Sudan war. The only difference was that his enemy wasn’t child soldiers. If this was a joke by God, then God wasn’t making anyone laugh this time. The reason why he kept him alive was for one reason only.

‘He’s not a brainwashed soldier.’

That meant he was either the one in charge of this terrorist attack or probably one of the leaders of a terrorist group.

“Malakal, Sudan.”


Jacob’s body froze up. After being requested to enter the war by North Sudan, he took the child soldiers that were kidnapped in South Sudan and made them into an army. The child soldier training camp in Malakal, Sudan was like a nightmare for Jacob.


He swallowed what he was bout to shout.

“D-didn’t you retire already?”

“Yeah, I did.”


“Why am I here? I don’t know if I’m obligated to tell you that, but since we’ve met before, I’ll tell you. Michael died in New York today. And that’s my responsibility.”

He swallowed his saliva. He knew Michael’s name. Ahn Soo Ho’s team was quite famous in the world they were in.

“Is this for him?”

“Yeah. You never know where life will take you. Who knew he would die in vain like that? Take my word for it, Jacob. This isn’t for America. I have to get compensated for what happened.”

“Barbara Huxley.”


“Ransel Straussmow.”

Two names came out of Jacob’s mouth.

‘Barbara Huxley, Ransel Straussmow.’

The queen of finance in London and the French African ambassador? It was a strange mix, but he wasn’t that surprised. It was actually funny. He thought all white people were in it together but did he get help from an English woman and a French man? It didn’t make sense.

“Do you want to do it alone? Or do you want my help?”

“This is it for me, Soo Ho.”

“I agree.”

Jacob smirked at Ahn Soo Ho’s proposal and pushed one of the models in front of him. He then pointed his gun at his temple and pulled the trigger. Jacob had already begged for one more chance back in Sudan.

He knew what kind of man Ahn Soo Ho was.

Hypocritical liberals just fought amongst themselves and fell into pieces, but this man had never gone back on his word before. He was sad that he couldn’t blow up the department store, but the States suffered another terrorist attack like the 911. Jacob wasn’t afraid of death, but he was afraid of Ahn Soo Ho.

The American military and the CIA couldn’t find the relatives that he had hidden in African, but Ahn Soo Ho was different. If Mr. Guardian would put his mind to it, he could make his whole family disappear. As soon as the remaining terrorists committed suicide the special forces came in.

That was when the hostages finally felt relieved and sighed as a result. One of the underwear models who were on the move while receiving help from the paramedics ran over to Ahn Soo Ho and hugged him. She then lifted his Captain America mask and kissed him passionately.

He couldn’t coldly turn it down. The kiss continued until one of the special forces officers handed him a satellite phone.


“Captain America? Haha.”

“That was the first thing that was within reach.”

“Well, good job. The White House is happy, too.”

“Let me make this clear. I didn’t do this for you, James.”

Ahn Soo Ho didn’t take down Dacoma’s team for the good of America. He was just cleaning some dirty garbage that happened to be in front of him. This was how his memorial for Michael began.

“And I’m not finished yet. I need authority so I could have access to all records in New York.”

“You’re already permitted to access them, so feel free…”

“No, I’m talking about both public and private records.”

He cut off James in the middle of his sentence. When it came to records of organizations such as the FBI and NSA, authority was needed.

“Oh! Okay. I’ll work on it.”

James couldn’t bring himself to say no. At that very moment, photos that were taken by CCTVs around Kim Na Hee’s house were sent over. There were a total of 5 suspects that were gathered by Ricky and Samuel. They were all wearing masks, so that made things difficult, but what they knew was that they were all black.

There was a lot of white trash and black trash that took advantage of the terrorist attack and wreaked havoc in New York. There were lots of criminal organizations trying to take over the night of New York as well. They messed with the senior members of Italy, Russian mafias, the Latin cartels, and even took on the triad of China Town as one of the top criminal organizations of Harlem called 125 Core Street.

‘If you’re looking for a black person, it’s best to use a black person to do that.’

Harlem improved a lot as a result of efforts made by the city of New York, but it was still a crime-ridden district at night.

‘I haven’t been in Harlem in a while.’

The exciting night in New York hadn’t ended yet.

< Protect – Episode 116 – Code Name Wizard [4] > The end.

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Chapter 117