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Sooho Novel Chapter 116

All chapters are in Sooho Novel

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Sooho Novel Chapter 116


Dakona despised the States.

He, who was originally from South Africa thought all white people were in it together. Apartheid was gone a long time ago, but the pain caused by racism wasn’t something that could be healed so easily. The world was still ruled by the whites. Thanks to China’s rising and Japan’s recovery, East Asia was evaluated highly, but the world was still dominated and controlled by white people.

‘African problems should be solved by African hands!’

The slogan that was put forward by Dakoma and the others in the front line of the revolution was quite controversial, but it also received a lot of support. They kidnapped white employees from foreign companies and demanded ransom money for their lives or totally destroyed their facilities.

In Africa, they were the kings, but Dakoma wanted an even bigger victory. It wasn’t just the States that couldn’t forget the 911 attack. Paris? London? Berlin? They could always attack, but they didn’t think they could make enough impact. In order to shock the world, they needed a bigger objective, and the Big Apple also known as New York where the UN office was situated was the first love of all of America’s enemies.

“Wall Street took a big hit, but a lot of them survived, and as for the UN… they couldn’t get out, Captain.”


The main hall, which was getting ready for broadcast, was full of crying and shrieking of hostages. Dakoma thought it was a good idea that he targeted the department store. The famous people who gathered for the New York Fashion Week still hadn’t left the city. Since it was the weekend, security wasn’t very high in New York either, and even though a few Yankees caught on in the last minute, it didn’t pose many difficulties for Dakoma.

‘Arrogant Yankees.’

The most powerful nation in the world? The liberal democracy that white people talked about was built on the tears of Africans. And modern history was used however the white people wanted it to be used. However, the media of today and tomorrow would be full of America’s downfall and death.

“Tell them to start the second plan.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Since the sneak attack was over, they had to start guerilla warfare and split up their enemies’ attention. Their plan was to dispatch small troops of 3 to 4 people and snipe them or perform suicide attacks if need be. They had no intention of coming out alive in the first place.

Dakoma looked around at his faithful soldiers.

There was a substantial amount of items stolen from an American pharmaceutical company that was active in Africa 3 years back. He no longer had any reason to doubt the child soldiers’ loyalty. White people were vicious indeed. On the outside, they pretended to provide AIDS treatments, but the truth was they were using poor Africans as their testing subjects.


Dakoma paused his thoughts in response to his subordinate’s calling.

He relocated and laughed. He couldn’t understand the logic behind Americans who sold a piece of cloth for hundreds and thousands of dollars. How did wearing expensive clothes change anything anyway? The base of human civilization should have only been farming. Other industries besides farming were solely for exploitation.

There were all types of famous people who were invited to Victoria Secret’s fashion show. There were those from Hollywood as well as those who were fashion designers. There were even businessmen, anchors, reporters, famous athletes, as well as politicians there.

No matter how open-minded the States was, an old politician watching a lingerie fashion show was bound to cause misunderstandings. If a bad photo got out, it could have posed negative influence on their career. It wasn’t uncommon for competing politicians to use such tactics to bring their opponents down.

As soon as someone who appeared to be a terrorist approached the main hall, the New York deputy mayor as well as the rest of the hostages gathered their courage and tried to negotiate. They were fully equipped with weapons and protective gears, but seeing the dark skin of their hands, they were definitely black people.

“My name is Tyrone Forgue. As the New York deputy mayor…”

The brave New York deputy mayor couldn’t finish his sentence. That was because he was shot right through his head.


The deafening noise of the gun was followed by the thud of his body hitting the ground.

“Who else is stupid enough to step up?”

Dakoma spoke in English that was inarticulate but good enough to understand. Once he entered the States, he was forced to remember the little English he had to learn to survive in America when he was just a kid. The hostages quieted down once more at the sight of the New York deputy mayor’s body getting dragged away as if it was an object.

Dakoma stood in front of the camera.

“To our fellow Americans. We’re now witnessing a new history within this country. The 911 is nothing but an honor that happened in the past. Today, you’ll all be liberated from that freedom of yours.”

He then turned away from the camera and looked at his trembling hostages. He then pulled out one of them from the group.


The man causing a fuss had a face that was smeared with makeup, so it took a while to recognize who he was.

Jay Ileus.

He was famous for his face in Boston’s gay community, and he was also the creative director of the advertising company—JB Corporation. What Dakoma despised the most was homosexuality. Most Muslims thought of homosexuals as the biggest sinners who needed to have their roots pulled out completely.

“You gay?”

‘Are you gay?’

That was a question Jay Ileus got a lot, but he wasn’t able to answer it so easily this time. Considering how confidently he always revealed himself, his hesitation to answer that question was embarrassing to him.

“You gay?”

Dakoma asked one more time.

“Ye… yes!”

That was it. He got a bullet to his forehead just like the New York deputy mayor did. And that was just the beginning. The terrorists brought models wearing nothing but underwear in front of the camera. There were some who were trying to protect the women. However, Dakoma shot them in their heads without any mercy.

The gorgeous women all lined up on their knees was quite the sight. The men who liked these kinds of women would have liked it, but they would have thought twice once they saw the fear in these women’s eyes. Dakoma spun his knife around.

“Bunch of prostitutes.”

Women had to find themselves a nice husband. The white women with tears in their eyes all looked like nothing but prostitutes in Dakoma’s eyes. He was looking at the models when he saw a woman who wasn’t wearing an underwear but a dress instead. The color of Dakoma’s eyes changed by what he saw.

“No! No!”

There was a desperate woman among the crowd who appeared to be one of the models’ mother. Dakoma suddenly got an interesting idea.

“Drag her out.”

They dragged out the middle-aged woman who was begging to be killed.

“Is that your daughter?”

“Yes, she is! So please!”

“Then that’s even better.”

Dakoma approached the younger looking girl and swept her hair aside. She was definitely young. The girl froze up when Dakoma started sniffing her.

“American smell.”

The nuance of his incorrect English was full of ridicule.

“I smell a rotting smell on that freedom of yours. How horrible is it that a little girl like this isn’t a virgin either? Don’t you agree, Mother?”


Dakoma looked back at the young girl’s mother as he ripped the poor girl’s dress. Her pale skin was then exposed while wearing nothing but underwear.

“Prostitutes should strip no matter what.”

Whether they looked young or old, they were all prostitutes to Dakoma. He handed her to a big black man. The girl who was held down struggled as hard as she could, but there was no use.

Dakoma looked into the camera.

“Only Allah is superior!”

The knife was raised high in the air.

The young girl’s mother was crying like crazy.

The girl was on the verge of a horrible death.

“The death of America…”

The knife then fell to the ground. The knife was meant for the girl’s neck, but it simply fell to the ground. The people there were wondering what had happened. It was because the big black man’s head was shot right through his head.



“Let’s begin.”

Ahn Soo Ho snuck into the department store without anyone realizing it.

All he had was one gun with a silencer.

To those who didn’t know what a secret pocket was, this was definitely not enough equipment for the job. But he slowly moved and spied on his enemies. They seemed to be active, but he saw an unnatural movement from somewhere.

‘They’re brainwashed soldiers.’

But how did they enter the States? After the 911, America’s customs became a lot more strict making it hard for any terrorist to come through.

“Wait! Isn’t that… an explosive?”

Ahn Soo Ho took a look at the things attached to the poles in response to what James had said through his earphone.

“Yeah, it is. This is enough to blow the whole place down.”

It was fortunate for them because there was no timer on it.


Ahn Soo Ho broadened his sensor in response to the gunshot. It came from the main hall.

“Shit! The New York deputy mayor just died! Those damned terrorists are doing a live broadcast!”

Ahn Soo Ho took out the phone that James gave him. They were doing a live broadcast of everything that was happening inside the Macy’s department store. The American government tried to cut off the transmission, but since the server was in a 3rd world country, there was nothing they could immediately do.

“What about our side?”

“Delta is ready, but we still need time! Ah!”

Another gunshot went off while Ahn Soo Ho was talking to James.

“Another person was executed! What do we do, Soo Ho?”

“Calm down, James. Calm down.”

Ahn Soo Ho calmed James down while he was going down the stairs and killing each terrorist one by one. The highlight was using the wireless channel to report the situation between terrorists. He used their voice and nuance and gave the signal. Those who were watching through Ahn Soo Ho’s body cam probably got chills.

He only had the main hall left.


The high-pitched scream got Ahn Soo Ho’s attention.

He saw a terrorist ripping someone’s clothes off. He scanned the area. There were around 200 hostages. Among those, the famous ones in front of the camera were around 50, and the rest were just normal people and employees who failed to escape in time. Seeing how they pulled out the underwear models to stand up front, they must have been men after all. Ahn Soo Ho contacted James again.

“Where’s the attack drone?”

“It’s on stand by!”

“Get it ready.”

“But Delta still needs time!”

“If you don’t want an American girl’s head to be chopped off live on TV, we have to do something.”

“Shit! When should I shoot?”

Ahn Soo Ho put on a Captain America mask that was hanging nearby. He lifted his gun and pointed it towards the terrorist.


< Protect – Episode 115 – Code Name Wizard [3] > The end.

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Chapter 116