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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 329

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 329

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Yan Molun stroked the white horse’s mane before stepping on the stirrups and swinging his other leg over easily. His movements were confident and so at ease that Jiang Duoyao couldn’t help but glance at his long legs. That was the benefit of being tall. Getting on a horse was like getting on a bike. In his black pants and leather jacket, Yan Molun looked really dashing and mighty on this white horse.

Jiang Duoyao thought: If he were to shoot a drama serial, Yan Molun would definitely be suitable for the role of a tall and mighty commander on the battlefield. He would definitely be very suave. His dark hair was blown around messily by the wind through the grass plain. His lips were slightly pressed together and every movement he made exuded an unrestrained charm.

 A shy young lady walked over and passed him the reins. He held it in his hands for a while and frowned. He took off his leather jacket and threw it at Jiang Duoyao, saying in a low tone, “Hold it for me.”

 “Oh.” Jiang Duoyao lifted her head and watched him. She was a little stunned. He was very tall to begin with and after mounting the horse, it was even more strenuous to look up at him. The sun above his head cast a golden glow on him. He was only wearing a thin, black shirt under his leather jacket. Three to four buttons around his collar bone were unbuttoned, revealing his bronze skin and robust chest muscles.

 Jiang Duoyao blinked. She lost her senses for a while as she stared at the chest muscles glistening under the sun.

 Yan Molun squeezed the horse with his calves and waved the horsewhip as he rode off confidently towards the riding Tibetans.

 It seemed like another Han Chinese had joined them. The Tibetans cheered even more passionately. At the side, the women and young ladies were also shouting a few times louder than before.

 The competition started. Tens of horses dashed forward towards the open grass plain like arrows shot out from a bow. Amongst them, Yan Molun’s figure was the most eye-catching. Of course, it wasn’t just because he was wearing a black shirt but also because of his tall build and physique which bested the other men hands down.

 Jiang Duoyao couldn’t help but run ahead to watch. They were too far away and she couldn’t tell who was in the lead but she felt that Yan Molun was so fast that it actually didn’t seem like he was losing to these Tibetans who lived in the grass plains. Besides, the way he rode was simply too dashing.

 When the horse finally returned from the distance, Jiang Duoyao finally got a clear view of Yan Molun’s face. His black pupils were occasionally covered by his messy hair as though he was full of arrogance, neither nervous nor agitated, looking as though victory was in his hands.

 In the last 20 meters, he suddenly raised the reins and the horse dashed to the front. The wind through the grass plains made his shirt and hair dance in the wind, looking like a ray of light. Jiang Duoyao felt as though her heart was tightly gripped and she even forgot to breathe. When that ray of light dashed past the line on the ground, she couldn’t help but cheer and clap agitatedly.

 Her clapping seemed exceptionally out of place. The crowd turned over to look at her. After realizing what she had done, she froze and her face flushed red.

 However, after a few moments of silence, the grass plain erupted with applause.

 The middle-aged Tibetan who made them compete laughed heartily. “Young lady, your man is really impressive. In Tibetan terms, he really is a Khampa man.”

 Jiang Duoyao waved her hands as she blushed. “He isn’t yet…”

 “Aye, what’s wrong with you? If you don’t make a move on such a strong man soon, other women might just snatch him away.” The middle-aged Tibetan pointed at a group of young girls who were looking at Yan Molun with loving eyes.

 Jiang Duoyao was dumbfounded and she pouted.

 The clopping sound of hooves came over suddenly. Yan Molun waved his whip in the air and appeared in front of her within a moment. He said to the middle-aged Tibetan with a smile, “You gave your word—if I joined the competition, you said I could borrow the horse for a ride.”

 “Haha, I meant what I said. This horse is yours to ride this afternoon.” The middle-aged Tibetan chuckled. “But you’re so good at horse-riding—do you want to take part in the Nagchu’s grand horse-racing competition? With your abilities and a good horse from me, you’ll definitely be able to win first place.”

 “I’m not interested in horse-racing right now. I’m more interested in women.” Yan Molun turned his head to look at Jiang Duoyao. He bent down and reached his hand out towards her. His lips curled into a sexy smile. “Come, I’ll take you to ride around.”

 Jiang Duoyao watched his smile and her mind went blank. For some reason, she reached her hand out to hold his subconsciously.

 He bent down and put his arm around her waist, picking her up easily to put her on the horse.

 When she mounted the horse, she suddenly remembered that the man didn’t say that he would only lend them one horse. Why was she sitting on the same horse as Yan Molun like a fool?

 But Yan Molun had already waved the whip and the horse had already started galloping towards the azure blue river in the distance.

 There were very few people there. The warm breeze caressed Jiang Duoyao’s face and she could suddenly feel the burning hot body behind her sticking to her back. His arms went around her waist to grip the reins in front of her, encircling her in his embrace. The two sat closely together on horseback in this intimate position. He only had a thin layer of clothes, so she could feel the heat from his body very clearly. She tensed up as she felt the heat burning its way to her chest cavity, lighting a fire there.

 The horse galloped quickly and her heart felt as though it was also beating irregularly along with the bumpy ride.

 It was the first time she felt this vigorous thumping in her heart. She tightened her grip on the leather jacket in her arms subconsciously. She turned back and happened to see the man much taller than her lowering his head to look at the woman in his embrace as her fringe fluttered in the wind to reveal her forehead. The skin revealed was very dry and also very red, looking very charming and shy.

 The wind whistled by their ears and after a while, she stuttered, “… You should’ve borrowed another horse. That way, we wouldn’t have to squeeze together…”

 He raised his brows and moved closer to her ear, saying as the wind blew, “Squeezing together… is pretty good, isn’t it? This way, I can hug you like this…”

 Jiang Duoyao’s heart thumped frantically once again after she finally returned to her senses. She looked up slightly and could finally see his expression clearly. He had a handsome face that looked like it was carved out perfectly. His eyes that were gazing at her were exceptionally bright, as bright as the charming stars in the night sky.

 She was stunned. Suddenly, he lowered his head. One hand reached for the back of her head and he kissed her on the lips.

 Without any warning, without letting one get mentally prepared…

 Heart racing.

 She opened her eyes wide. This kiss was completely different from the light peck from before. If the one before was a light touch between two burning lips, this was like a meteorite crashing into dried wood. It was fiery and stifling.

 Besides, it wasn’t one that was content with just kissing her lips but hinted at wanting a deep exploration beyond her lips and teeth.

 His breath was filled with the smell of tobacco. That smell along with his imposing manner consumed her breaths and mental state.

 Her heart almost couldn’t take it. She paused and pushed him but he didn’t let go. Instead, he kissed her harder, making her limbs go so weak that she was completely unaware that at some point in time, the jacket in her hands had dropped.

 His hand slowly shifted to her waist, pinching her softly, and all of a sudden, she felt weak all over. The kiss made her lose all senses and made her become like water as she melted softly in his embrace.

 Jiang Duoyao had never kissed like this in her life before. It felt like she was being conquered by a force. It wasn’t just the force of his kiss but the force of his body and also a force that she couldn’t put her finger on.

 When he stopped, it felt as though she had gone through eternity with him.

 He kept his head low as he watched her with his dark eyes. When he saw that she had slowly regained her senses, he asked softly, “Has anyone kissed you like this before?”

 Her face flushed as red as a pomegranate.

 She was about to go crazy. How could anyone have kissed her like that before? She hadn’t even thought that in this life, there was a kind of kiss that could happen while riding on a horse on a beautiful grass plain. Just thinking about that made her tremble from head to toe, but it was also enough to make one’s blood flow backward.

 Gosh, if this was another man, would she have fallen off the horse accidentally and become paralyzed?

 Of course, that wasn’t the point. The point is that when he kissed her, she actually forgot about being afraid and shy.

 However, thinking back, she really wanted to cover her face and avoid everyone.

 AHAHAH. How embarrassing.

 “That must be a no.” She didn’t speak so he answered on her behalf. “That’s good. That way, you might remember this kiss for the rest of your life.”

 Duoyao blushed again. She was about to become an ostrich.

 Could this man get any more mushy? Isn’t he going for the cool and aloof type?


“Cut it out.” She covered her ears. She was about to die of embarrassment.

 “Alright, I won’t talk about this. Then let me ask you—where’s my jacket?” he asked.

 Duoyao was dumbfounded. She looked down and realized she was empty-handed. The horse had already stopped by the river unknowingly. Clear blue water flowed down the river.

 This scenery was as beautiful as a carefully photoshopped image and it was here where she had a passionate kiss with Yan Molun.


“What are you thinking about now? Where’s my jacket?” He laughed softly and asked her again.

 “Jacket… er…” She turned her head around to look back with embarrassment and saw something black lying in the grass in the distance. Even she was in disbelief about how long they had traveled while kissing. Besides, she had no idea when she dropped the jacket.

 Yan Molun saw it too and turned the horse around to retrieve the jacket. When he saw it, he leaped off the horse to pick it up. When he stood back up, he realized that Jiang Duoyao had also dismounted from the horse. “What are you doing?”

 “I… I think it’d be good to take a walk. I want to take a stroll on the grass plains,” Jiang Duoyao said with a dry laugh.

 “You’re afraid I’ll kiss you again, right?” Yan Molun looked straight at her with his black pupils. “No one’s kissed you like that before?”

 Jiang Duoyao: “…”

 “I think we have a lot of practicing to do in the future.” Yan Molun nodded thoughtfully. “You’ll get used to it with more practice and you won’t be so nervous anymore.”

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Chapter 329