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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 328

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 328

“It’s no use.” Song Chuyi flung her hand away and didn’t accept her cute display of affection.

Changqing watched his back as he walked out and she quickly sent a text to Duoyao to tell her what Song Chuyi said just now, adding one last line: Owning Brother Molun is akin to having two-thirds of the world in your hands.

Duoyao pouted in the car. That impressive? Then could she be the president’s wife if she wanted to?

After her text exchange with Changqing, she called her parents. Mummy Jiang was at the market. It was noisy and she was shopping for vegetables as they were conversing. Duoyao was a little angry. “Mom, I rarely call you. Can you show me a little respect? Aren’t you concerned about whether I’ve been living well or whether I’m tired? I haven’t called you for more than 10 days.”

“I was worried. I was talking to your dad a few days ago about this but didn’t you say that it’s pretty alright there… Aye. Can you give me two bitter gourds… It’s too expensive, make it cheaper… but aren’t you a very resilient person? It’s okay, even if it’s tough, it’s nothing. You should go through tough times as a young person. You haven’t really had it hard since you were young… Aye, that’s enough. I said I only wanted two. I won’t be able to finish so many…”

Jiang Duoyao’s brows twitched. She simply couldn’t carry on this conversation. What an irresponsible mom.

After hanging up on her om, she called her dad. The crisp sound of mahjong tiles hitting each other made her completely speechless. “Dad, it’s so early in the morning yet you’ve already started playing mahjong?”

“Can’t be helped. I’ve nothing to do at home after sending Hanhan to school, so I’m playing mahjong at the entrance of the kindergarten while waiting for Hanhan to finish school in the afternoon. Aiya, I win. HAHA. My girl, what a good call you gave me. I won the moment you called.”

Jiang Duoyao rubbed her glabella. Why did she have such parents?

Yan Molun listened to her making call after call while driving in front. When she finally finished calling and had nothing to do, he asked, “Your parents aren’t in Northern City?”

“They’re living in Xiamen with my brother.” Jiang Duoyao spun her phone round and round in her hands and sighed. Ever since Jiang Zhan had a child, her parents were having the time of their lives taking care of the child and forced Jiang Duoyao to survive on her own in the entertainment industry.

Yan Molun nodded and didn’t say anything else.

Jiang Duoyao lay in the backseat and read her text messages. Among them was a message from Kang Anhe. It was some rubbish again. She read a few messages and lost interest. She threw her phone aside and tilted her head to the side to sleep. The journey was rocky and in no time, she was rocked to sleep.

Yan Molun glanced at the woman in the back with no regard to her image at all. He sighed.

When they arrived at Yongge Town at 11 am, he woke her up. Jiang Duoyao woke up groggily. “What’s the time now? We’re here already?”

“It’s almost noon already.” Yan Molun pulled her out.

When they entered the clinic, there were quite a few patients. Jiang Duoyao sat and waited while Yan Molun went out to take a smoke break because he found the air inside too stuffy.

The doctor came over to help Jiang Duoyao remove her stitches. When he was almost done, Duoyao recalled something and asked, “Did a robbery case happen around Yongge Town recently? I heard the police came by?”

The doctor was stunned. “Where did you hear that from? There was no such thing.”

“No way.” Duoyao frowned and was in disbelief.

“It’s so busy in here with a bunch of patients sitting around and chatting when they have nothing to do. If such a big thing happened, I’d definitely know,” the doctor said.

Duoyao was stunned. Could it be that Yan Molun lied to her?

When the stitches were removed, Yan Molun came in.

She glared at him and he was bewildered. He pulled out a fifty-dollar note and passed it to the doctor. “Get me a better cream for treating frostbite.”

Jiang Duoyao lowered her head to look at her swollen little hand subconsciously. Even she had forgotten about it.

After the doctor passed Yan Molun the cream and change, Jiang Duoyao walked out while pulling a face.

Outside, a motorbike dashed past, causing dust and dirt to fly up as it passed by. Yan Molun pulled her forcefully to his side and frowned. “Don’t walk so carelessly. Although there are few vehicles here, there aren’t many traffic rules.”

Duoyao pulled her arm out from his grip and said angrily, “You’re a liar. You even said there was a robbery and murder case in the vicinity. You lied to me on purpose—I asked the doctor and he said it’s been peaceful lately.”

“Oh, I was wondering what was wrong.” Yan Molun’s brows didn’t even move. He was very calm. “Yeah. I was scaring you on purpose. That way, you would want me to come along with you even more. I just did it so I could spend more time with you.”

He said it so straightforwardly that Jiang Duoyao couldn’t help but blush. Her eyes which were glaring at him previously suddenly didn’t know where to look. However, she still didn’t want to lose and said, “You’re too sly.”

Yan Molun smiled silently. He opened the box of frostbite cream. “Give me your hand; I’ll help you apply some.”

“I can do it myself.” She reached her hand out towards him. “Pass it to me.”

Yan Molun ignored her and grabbed onto her outreached hand. He squeezed out some cream and applied it to the frostbitten areas.

She retracted her hand a little and he chided her coldly, “Don’t keep moving. This cream must be rubbed onto the skin.”

His fingers were long and thin, and his palms and fingertips were slightly rough. When his fingers brushed past her skin, she could feel the roughness but she didn’t think that such a big man could actually be so… gentle.

He was so strong, so shouldn’t he use a lot of strength? This force was neither too light nor too heavy. It was really… very difficult to get used to.

She squirmed but he applied the cream on her frostbitten fingers very patiently until it was all absorbed. When he told her to reach out her other hand, Jiang Duoyao couldn’t help but say, “I’ll do it on my own.”

Yan Molun watched her for a while and passed her the frostbite cream. He reminded her, “You have to massage it more. Look at how swollen your hands are. How thick must the ring be for it to fit when you return after three months?”


Jiang Duoyao’s heart skipped a beat. In the past, she had also received rings from her suitors, but hearing him put it this way made her feel somewhat different.

She lifted her head and glanced at him. His expression didn’t change much, as though he was saying something very normal.

“Who wants your ring?” She pouted.

Yan Molun finally squinted and after a while, he said, “Fine by me too.”

“What do you mean?” She looked at him.

“Nothing.” Yan Molun smiled. He looked at the watch on his wrist. “I know a restaurant that’s considered slightly good. Let me take you there. Get on.”

Jiang Duoyao climbed into the backseat silently. The place he mentioned wasn’t far away. They arrived after a six-to-seven-minute journey. It was a Tibetan restaurant. There weren’t many choices and the signature dishes were Tibetan pork and Tibetan chicken which weren’t bad. She ordered another bowl of yogurt and had her fill. She asked the man beside her curiously, “How did you know this place wasn’t bad?”

“I asked around when you were getting your stitches removed.” Yan Molun picked up a piece of chicken and ate very slowly.

Jiang Duoyao looked at her empty bowl and suddenly realized that the way she ate didn’t look very… elegant.

“I heard there’s a pretty grass plain nearby and there happens to be a horse-racing competition there in the afternoon. Do you want to go over and take a look?” Yan Molun suddenly asked.

“Horse-racing?” Jiang Duoyao asked.

“Mm. There’s always a horse-racing festival in Nagchu every August,” Yan Molun said lightly. “So there’s always people organizing horse-racing competitions.”

Duoyao hesitated for a while before nodding. Actually, she sometimes found it a little boring to be in the mountains all day. “But I must return to the village today.”

“We made it when we left at 7 pm last time. It’s okay.” Yan Molun beckoned the shop owner over to foot the bill.

After a 10-minute drive out of Yongge Town, Jiang Duoyao saw a large grass plain. Actually, she saw it too when she first arrived. However, she had been in the car for days and was in a very bad mood then so she didn’t appreciate the scenery. Upon a closer look today, she realized that the scenery here was really beautiful. The sky looked even closer and the clouds were pure white. In addition, this spring day brought a lush green to the mountains.

Yan Molun suddenly drove the car onto the grass plain. Not long later, she could see Tibetans racing their horses by the side. There weren’t many people—only around a dozen—but there were many women and young ladies crowding around.

When the Tibetans saw a car driving over, they all looked over curiously.

Yan Molun leaped out of the car and lit up a stick. He ignored their gazes and smoked leisurely. The wind through the grass plains messed his hair up a little and he exuded some kind of wildness that couldn’t be tamed.

Jiang Duoyao couldn’t help but take a second glance at him. She recalled his gentleness when he was helping her apply the frostbite cream. Her face heated up and she quickly turned away to look at the Tibetans riding horses from afar. They looked very dashing when they rode on the horses but they weren’t good-looking enough. Some were too old, some were too ugly and some were too tan.

“Do you want to ride a horse?” Yan Molun pointed his chin in the direction of a few horses grazing not far away.

“Can we?” Jiang Duoyao was stunned.

Yan Molun walked over to a group of Tibetans over there and Jiang Duoyao followed carefully. He went straight up to a Tibetan dressed a little differently from the rest and asked about renting the horse. The Tibetan let out a laugh. “There’s no need to rent. All you need to do is join in the competition. It’s more lively when there are more competitors.”

“Sure.” Yan Molun smiled lightly.

Jiang Duoyao pulled his arm quickly. “You’re going to race? They’re very fast. One look and you can tell that they ride every day. You want to compete with them?”

“The result doesn’t matter. Didn’t he already say it helps to just make the competition livelier?” Yan Molun said calmly.

“Right, right. What matters is your participation.” The middle-aged Tibetan nodded. “Choose your horse.”

When the Tibetans who were in the race finished a round, Yan Molun also came over with a white horse he picked.




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Chapter 328