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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 327

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 327

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

After coming back from class in the afternoon, the vat was already filled to the brim. Xiling was already working hard to boil the water. They had a comfortable shower and washed their hair clean. Xiling lamented once again, “I wonder how long Yan Molun will be staying?”

 After saying that, she glanced at Jiang Duoyao and the latter was dumbfounded. She shook her head, her hair still dripping with water and said, “I don’t know.”

 “I hope he’ll stay for a longer period of time.” Xiling sighed. “I won’t be going with you tomorrow to remove your stitches.”

 “Why?” Duoyao bolted straight up. “Doesn’t that mean I’ll be spending the entire day alone with Yan Molun?”

 “You’re right.” Xiling chuckled. “I won’t be tagging along as a lightbulb.”

 “Xiling.” Duoyao tried to persuade her: “Come along. If I go with him alone, it’ll be very dangerous. He might even take the opportunity to…”

 She crossed her arms in front of her chest nervously. She would be in so much danger especially in the car since car sex was the current trend.

 “Jiang Duoyao, you’re so obscene and you even have the cheek to say that about others.” Xiling poked her head. “That wouldn’t happen. I don’t think he’s that kind of person.”

 “You sound as though you know him very well.” Duoyao shook her arm. “Come along, won’t you? Wouldn’t you like to go out for a spin too?”

 “No.” Xiling had already decided. Once these two got together, she could go out anytime she wanted in the future, but if she didn’t give them this chance and tagged along tomorrow, Yan Molun might leave and she wouldn’t be able to go out again. One should always plan ahead. “Duoyao, don’t you think he’s someone who’s cold on the outside but warm on the inside? Look, he looks like he should be cold-blooded and callous, but he actually brought stationery back for the children when he went out this time. Did you tell him to do that? No. That means he isn’t a bad person and he’s very observant and meticulous. How would such a man take advantage of you when you go out with him? In my opinion, he’s just being lewd with his words but if really wanted to do something to you, why would he take you to Yongge Town? He could just kill me off along the way before doing whatever he wants to you.”

 Jiang Duoyao pressed her lips together tightly. Actually, she was also a little touched when she saw the stationery this afternoon. However, she was nervous. What if Yan Molun kissed her again tomorrow? She was really very nervous—so nervous she couldn’t stay still. She wasn’t even like this in the past when she had to film a kissing scene.

 “Alright, don’t think so much. I’m going to cook.” Xiling patted her shoulder and hummed a little tune as she started to rinse the rice. There was rice again tonight and even beef. Fantastic.


 The next morning, Yan Molun knocked on the door at eight. Jiang Duoyao was still fast asleep; it was a rare rest day for her. She could finally sleep in and besides, it was warm under the covers.

 “Could you please wake her up?” Yan Molun asked Xiling.

 Xiling dragged Duoyao up and when they finally left after she took her time to change and wash up, it was already 8:40 am.

 “Pass me your bag.” Yan Molun tugged at it slightly and carried her backpack over his shoulder. He had very broad shoulders and her bag suddenly looked like an elementary school student’s bag.

 “No need; I can carry it myself.” Duoyao reached her hand out to take it back while blushing.

 He suddenly lowered his head and grabbed her hand. “Why do your hands have frostbite?”

 “Yeah. The weather’s suddenly hot and suddenly cold.” Duoyao wanted to pull her hand back. In the end, it was a struggle in vain—his hand was long and warm. When he touched her fingers, she could feel the heat from him traveling all the way to her ears. “Don’t grab my hand. People will see it and… laugh.”

 “You’ve quite a bit.” Not only did Yan Molun not let go, but he even held onto her tighter. “Your hand seems a little cold. I’ll hold you.”

 Jiang Duoyao’s face was completely red. “I’m not cold. Let go. What would it look like with you holding me? People will misunderstand.”

 The moment she said that, Xiren’s Ma from the village passed by and saw them holding hands. She said in a crisp voice, “Yo, Teacher Jiang, you’re going to town hand in hand with your boyfriend? How sweet.”

 “He’s not…” Jiang Duoyao pulled her hand out with all her might. Yan Molun explained lightly, “Her hand has frostbite. I was taking a look.”

 Xiren’s Ma said with a chuckle, “It’s indeed easy to get frostbite here. However, you’ll be fine after holding hands with your boyfriend and warming up.”

 After saying that, she walked into her house with her things.

 Jiang Duoyao felt slightly embarrassed. She quickened her pace, not even wanting her bag anymore. “Let’s leave quickly; otherwise it’ll be really late by the time we return.”

 Yan Molun’s thin lips curled up. Now she had a sense of urgency. “Walk slower. Your stitches haven’t been removed yet.”

 He pulled her back but didn’t hold her hand anymore, only walking leisurely and giving her a helping hand when they were on difficult terrain.

 The two walked for 20 minutes before getting into his car.

 She opened the car door and crawled into the back seat. Yan Molun frowned. “Sit in front.”

 “No.” Jiang Duoyao climbed into the backseat nimbly. She didn’t want to sit in front. It would be very awkward if they didn’t talk for the three-hour ride.

 Yan Molun stood there silently for a few seconds before getting into the driver’s seat expressionlessly. Jiang Duoyao quickly buckled her seatbelt when he reversed the car on the narrow and steep mountain road. She was silently praising Yan Molun’s driving skills. She wouldn’t be able to reverse the car in such a place even if she took years trying to do it.

 After the SUV traveled for half an hour, she got reception on her phone and Jiang Duoyao quickly sent Changqing a message: Oh gosh, oh gosh. Yan Molun came over here.

 Within five minutes, Changqing called.

 Jiang Duoyao got such a fright that she shook and quickly hung up the call. It wasn’t convenient to pick up the phone with Yan Molun around.

 When Yan Molun heard her phone ringing, he turned his head to the side slightly and asked, “Why didn’t you pick it up?”

 “… It’s not that. I was about to pick it up when… the line got cut.” Jiang Duoyao lied with a pout and continued texting Changqing: Don’t call me. Yan Molun’s with me.

 Changqing replied quickly: Oh my god. I didn’t know that Brother Molun was so romantic. How touching.

 Duoyao: Romantic your head. He had something to deal with here and came over while he was at it. Besides, that isn’t the point. The point is, he definitely is thinking of sleeping with me. Hmph.

 Changqing: But aren’t the conditions in your area very tough? He could’ve not come. It looks like he really wants to sleep with you. Why don’t you just sleep with him for one night? HAHA.

 Thinking about it made Jiang Duoyao blush. She replied: Scram. Do you want me to die?

 Changqing: … Actually, I guess… it isn’t that bad. When I did it with Chuchu, it hurt very badly too and we didn’t even succeed even after I cried a few times. I totally didn’t dare to believe that I could tolerate it, but… all it took was some getting used to… Besides, I kind of like it. Shhh, the last line is only between you and me. Don’t tell anyone, especially Chuchu.

 Tolerate it…

 Jiang Duoyao blushed again.

 Changqing replied again very quickly: Haha, I’m so excited just thinking about Brother Molun being able to sleep with you.

 Duoyao: …

 This woman indeed became more and more obscene after she got married.

 In less than a minute, a message came in again: But size and all doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the man is true to you.

 Jiang Duoyao tilted her head. That seemed to be the case. Was she a little too obscene in the past?


 Northern City. Changqing put her phone down. Just then, Song Chuchu came in holding a bowl of porridge. She quickly beckoned him. “Chuchu, Duoyao contacted me just now. She said that Brother Molun went to look for her.”

 “Oh.” Song Chuyi placed the bowl of porridge down on the bedside table calmly. “Didn’t you want me to bring the porridge up to you? Eat it quickly. Have you brushed your teeth?”

 Changqing didn’t look at the porridge. She frowned as she observed his expression. “Did you already know this?”

 “I didn’t,” Song Chuyi said lightly. “I only know he went out recently but I didn’t know where.”

 Changqing hooked her arms around his neck. “Then do you know what Brother Molun is thinking? Does he really like Duoyao or is he purely fooling around?”

 “How would I know?” Song Chuyi replied without changing his expression.

 “He’s your friend. Don’t you ask him about his private matters at all?” Changqing was frustrated.

 “Do you think men are as gossipy as you women? Between men, if someone wanted to talk about something, naturally he would talk about it.” Song Chuyi pulled her arms away. “Alright, stop asking. Have your porridge first. Don’t starve the baby.”

 “Feed me. I don’t feel like moving my hands.” Changqing pouted and acted coquettishly.

 Song Chuyi sighed. He picked up the bowl of porridge and sat by the edge of the bed, feeding her spoon by spoon. Changqing said, “If Brother Molun treats Duoyao as well as you treat me, Duoyao would consider him.”

 Song Chuyi glanced at her with a smile. “Molun is way better than me. If you were with Molun, you really wouldn’t have to worry about anything. You probably wouldn’t be able to finish spending the amount he earned as a mercenary. I think he’s also been investing in a few casinos with booming business with Shaobin recently. Besides, he has too many friends—not just in China but also in the States, Brazil, the Middle East, and Europe. He also knows people from both the underworld and the government. To be honest, any woman who could subdue him would probably not have to worry for the rest of her life.”


Changqing took in a few deep breaths. “Are you serious?”

 “Of course.”

 Changqing’s shoulders drooped as she said, “I should’ve hooked up with Brother Molun if I’d have known earlier.”

 Song Chuyi put the bowl of porridge down aside. “Feed yourself.”

 After saying that, he stood up to walk away and Changqing quickly hugged him and acted cutely. “I was just kidding; I still love Chuchu the most.”

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Chapter 327