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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 326

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 326

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Neither did she want to lead a life of not showering or washing her hair for a very long time nor pass days without tasting rice or meat. Forgive her for not standing firm with her principles and for being so spineless.

 Soon after, anger rose from within. The reason being that this jerk kissed her and if he really didn’t come back, she would definitely splash water at him when she saw him in Northern City. What a hypocritical, two-faced, fake, and irresponsible smelly gangster, scum, jerk.


 During class the next day, Gramu asked, “Teacher, it seems like your stitches should be removed. My dad asked if your boyfriend is coming back. If he isn’t, my dad can take you to town to then take a motorbike over.”

 Gramu’s Pa was Uncle Ah Si. Jiang Duoyao felt a little disheartened upon thinking of Uncle Ah Si’s mule cart. It was his kind intention to offer her help after all, and it seemed like she was left with no choice but to nod. However, she was still a little scared upon recalling the robbery that happened.

 During the afternoon break, Xiling grumbled, “Why were you so cold and fierce when Yan Molun was around? I told you to see him off on the last day but you even ignored me. Great. Now we have to take a mule cart and motorbike to Yongge Town. I don’t even know if we will encounter a robbery again. Aye, it’d be fine if it was just robbery. What I’m afraid of is both a robbery and rape.”

 Jiang Duoyao was in a bad mood to begin with and her mood became worse after being chided. “If he isn’t coming back just because of that, then I have nothing much to say. It just means that he was treating me like his prey, playing around with me. So what if there isn’t a man around? Didn’t we survive more than 10 days before that? He was only here for three days. Worse comes to worst, I’ll carry a knife with me. If it’s money they’re after, I’ll fight it out with them. If it’s rape, I’ll kill myself.”

 Xiling gave her a thumbs up. “Brave. Then the entertainment headlines would definitely be ‘Forgotten New Idol Dies In The Wilderness’. What a pity.”

 Jiang Duoyao rolled her eyes at her and couldn’t be bothered to talk to her. She pulled the covers up to take a nap. She asked Xiling, “Are you sleeping?”

 “Can’t be bothered to sleep. I’ll take a walk outside. The smell of our hair put together is simply too foul; I feel like even our blanket smells.” Xiling sighed and walked out with disgust.

 Jiang Duoyao sniffed the blanket then her hair. She wrinkled her nose. That did seem to be the case.

 Forget it. I’ll get used to the smell. In any case, no one will see me looking so disheveled in this place.

 She napped for a while and seemed to hear someone knocking on the door while she was semi-conscious. She thought it must be Xiling who had forgotten to take her keys.

 She got out of bed as she swayed her way to the door with her eyes half-opened. When she opened the door, it was pitch black right in front of her, as though there was a wall standing there. Her eyes followed the wall up and saw an angular face watching her.

 She blinked her eyes and thought she hadn’t woken up completely. She rubbed her eyes and looked carefully again. The man at the door suddenly said, “I only left for a few days. Have you gone dumb from sleeping?”

 She shuddered without feeling cold and was finally completely awake. Isn’t that Yan Molun who’s standing at the door? This time, he was wearing a black leather jacket and was carrying a huge backpack. He looked down at her with disdain.

 “Er… I thought you weren’t coming back.” Jiang Duoyao scratched her head and spouted without thinking, “It’s already been eight days.”

 Yan Molun raised his brows. “Afraid I wouldn’t come back? Missed me?”

 “I…” Jiang Duoyao covered her mouth quickly and stuttered slowly, “That’s not the case. Why would I miss you?”

 “I see.” Yan Molun nodded thoughtfully. “Your hair is beginning to smell again. I thought you might be thinking of having me help you get water and it’s about time you get your stitches removed. I thought you would be afraid to take a motorbike over. Speaking of which, when I drove over in the morning, I saw some police driving towards Yongge Town. I heard someone got robbed and killed.”

 Jiang Duoyao’s legs trembled and she shuddered.

 Yan Molun’s unfathomable face had a slight smile. “If you find me annoying, don’t worry—I won’t go with you.”

 Jiang Duoyao moved her mouth and felt like crying.

 Yan Molun put his bag down. “I brought quite a lot of food over again this time but it looks like there was no need. I thought you girls would be looking forward to the things I brought back.”

 After saying that, he turned around without even entering.

 Jiang Duoyao watched the stuffed backpack in his hands and felt a little flustered. She followed him quickly. “Where are you going?”

 “I’m taking the food back to eat on my own,” Yan Molun said lazily.

 “There’s so much… you won’t be able to finish it all.” Jiang Duoyao lifted her head and glanced at him pitifully.

 “If I can’t finish it then I’ll save it for later.” Yan Molun continued walking.

 Jiang Duoyao stomped her feet and caught up with him again.

 Yan Molun turned back to look at his woman, trying to suppress his laughter. She was probably taking a nap earlier and was only wearing a white cashmere sweater that was very body-fitting, showing off her curves. Her greasy hair was messy from sleeping, her large eyes were watery and her skin was dry, making her look really pitiful.

 He said, “What do you want?”

 Jiang Duoyao bit her lower lip with frustration and after a tough mental battle between her pride and tomorrow’s comfort, she ended up reaching her little hand out unknowingly to tug at the corner of his shirt. “You have to take me to get my stitches removed, get me water and give me all the food.”

 “Why?” Yan Molun turned over, crossing his arms and raising his brows.


 Jiang Duoyao’s face heated up. She looked aside and pouted as she said, “Because you kissed me. You have to make up for it. All this is compensation for me. Otherwise, I’ll sue you. I’ll tell Changqing, tell Song Chuyi, tell Li Shaobin and the rest that you forced a kiss on me.”

 Yan Molun nodded. This woman was really very shameless when she was shameless. “You kind of make sense.”

 “Of course.” The moment she heard him say that she made sense, Jiang Duoyao lifted her chin a little higher.

 Yan Molun watched her and laughed. After thinking for a while, he said, “But I think that’s the right price to pay for a kiss. Alright, since that’s the case, I’ll agree against my will to take you over tomorrow.”

 Jiang Duoyao pouted her little mouth.

 Against his will?

 Can’t stand this man.

 “Can you let go now?” Yan Molun suddenly bent down and stared at the corner of his shirt…

 She lowered her head to take a look and suddenly retracted her hands as though they had caught fire. She blushed. Alright, she really didn’t think that there would be a day when she would actually bow down to a man because of her basic necessities.

“Go back and change out first. Although the sun is out, it’s still cold.” Yan Molun reached out to stroke her head. However, he froze after two strokes and retracted his palm. He pulled out a piece of tissue and wiped his hand. “It’s too oily.”

 Jiang Duoyao’s mind buzzed and blood rushed to her head. She kicked him and ran back. This hateful Yan Molun. He’s too much. He touched my head and even despised me for being dirty.

 This is the first time I’ve been treated this way. Hateful. Hateful. She wanted to shower and wash her head and the next time he wanted to touch her head, she wouldn’t let him do so to piss him off.


 After changing in her room, she took out a mirror to comb her hair. In the end, she got such a fright from seeing her reflection that she almost dropped the mirror on the floor.

 Alright, she was really too disheveled just now. It must’ve been hard on Yan Molun to not run away from fright. She suddenly felt that she had been too hard on him and he was very noble to ignore her outer appearance and only look at her inner beauty.

 If she was a man, she would’ve definitely run away after seeing her like that.

 When she came out with her textbook at 2 pm and walked past the field, she suddenly saw Xiling standing outside Yan Molun’s room door. Just then, a bad premonition hit her. She rushed over quickly and happened to hear Xiling say, “… Duoyao hasn’t been able to sleep well because she’s missed you so much these past few days. She’s also scolded you for not coming back in her dreams. She doesn’t mean what she says. Even though she didn’t tell me that, I could still see that she’s been listless.”

 Jiang Duoyao’s ears reddened and she couldn’t listen on. She rushed in to pull Xiling out as she said through gritted teeth: “What nonsense are you spouting again? When have I not slept well?”

 “But you really scolded him at night.” Xiling blinked. “You said he was a smelly gangster, scum and jerk.”

 Jiang Duoyao quickly covered her mouth. Alright, she admitted she might’ve scolded him. She seemed to have scolded him internally these past two days.

 “So your impression of me is that bad.” Yan Molun stroked his chin and leaned against the door frame.”But I can understand that. I would really be a scum if I didn’t return. After all…”

 “AHAHAH. I need to go to class.” Jiang Duoyao was afraid he would mention the kiss, so she screamed as she walked towards the classroom.

 “Hey, wait up, I have something for you.” Yan Molun called her back.

 She paused in her steps. Yan Molun passed her a huge plastic bag.

 “Is it noodles?” She accepted it and opened it up to take a look. She was stunned. Inside, there were pencils, paper, notebooks, erasers and stationery of all kinds.

 Yan Molun said as he lit a cigarette: “I watched your art class before and the stationery was all in bad condition.”

 Jiang Duoyao looked at the clean paper and pens then at him lighting up his cigarette. His sideburns exuded charm.

 It was the first time she saw a man looking so dashing and charming while lighting up a cigarette. Although his eyebrows looked fierce, sun rays from afar enveloped him to make it seem like there was a soft glow around his body. All of a sudden, she forgot to even shift her gaze away from him.


Xiling coughed into her fist and patted her with a reminder: “Aren’t you going to class?”

 “Oh, right, right, right, I have to go to class. I’ll thank you on behalf of the students.” Jiang Duoyao ran towards the classroom with a pile of stationery in her arms. She could already predict the happiness the children would feel later.

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Chapter 326