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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 325

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 325

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

She was kissed. Yan Molun had kissed her. This was a very sudden kiss.

 What will happen after this? Will he push me onto the bed? And after that… after that…

 AHAHAH, but I’m still on the drip.

 She felt as though there was a stampede going on in her heart. However, this kiss was just a peck of a few seconds before his lips left hers. His lips shifted close to her ears silently and she could feel the heat from his breath. His voice sounded even deeper than usual. “If I didn’t know you were a pure lady right from the start, I would’ve thought you were a female gangster upon hearing you say those things, but I wouldn’t mind even if you were one…”

 His tone sounded like he was whispering sweet nothings to his lover but the things he said…

 Jiang Duoyao couldn’t accept it inside. She was about to break down. She felt like crying. As a woman who hadn’t had a taste of men before, she was almost labeled a female gangster. Was there anything worse than that?

 “Alright, I’ll stop teasing you.” Yan Molun moved away from her a little when he saw her looking as though she wanted to disappear from the face of the earth.

 It suddenly became bright once again and she could see light. Her breathing didn’t feel so suppressed anymore. Jiang Duoyao took a few deep breaths and suddenly seemed to recall that… she was kissed just now.

 She covered her mouth angrily as her little face blushed. “Yan Molun, you’re too much. You kissed me without my permission.”

 Yan Molun pulled out a cigarette skilfully. The smoke dispersed from around his face. He smiled. “I’m not a gentleman. Don’t tell me I still have to ask politely ‘My lady, may I kiss you?’?”

 “Of course you have to ask.” Jiang Duoyao was frustrated over his matter-of-fact attitude. “Have you ever thought about how unfair it would be for me if this was my first kiss and you just went ahead to kiss me without saying anything or giving me a heads up?”

 “Although I don’t know if you’ve had a boyfriend before, I do know that you’ve kissed male actors when shooting dramas, right?” Yan Molun said lightly. “Besides, if I were to ask you for your permission, you definitely wouldn’t have agreed to it. Even if agreed internally, you wouldn’t have said so.”

 “Who’s agreeable to it?” Jiang Duoyao felt that she would’ve definitely pounced on him and bit him if she didn’t have this needle in her.

 Yan Molun puffed out some smoke and smiled. “Who knows? Anyway, you’re a woman who doesn’t mean what you say.”

 Jiang Duoyao: “…”

 Alright, she has to admit that she was someone who didn’t mean what she said.

 “Hmph, I don’t want to talk to you. I’ll just take it that I got bitten by a dog.” She couldn’t outtalk him so she lay down angrily.

 Yan Molun stood up and pulled out the tube from under her hand and placed it down properly.

 Jiang Duoyao glanced at his thin lips with a stick in between them. They looked a little lewd and a little sexy.


 She turned over to her side and didn’t look at him.


 When it was almost noon, Xiling came back from outside. Yan Molun was already setting up the fire and cooking. She felt a little embarrassed watching him do all the work, so she went up quickly to help.

 During lunch, Xiling also found out that Yan Molun would be leaving tomorrow for a few days. Her little face fell. With Yan Molun around the past few days, she felt like a fish in the water. She was so anxious that she couldn’t even be bothered with doing the dishes as she said, “Mr. Yan, we welcome you back as early as possible. I’m fine; I’m mainly worried that Duoyao won’t be used to your absence…”

 Jiang Duoyao screamed from the side, “Who’s not used to it? I’m very used to it.”

 Xiling ignored her completely and continued, “She just doesn’t mean what she says and cares a lot about her pride. Actually, she complimented you in front of me quite a few times lately. She said you’re very manly and mature. You must remember to bring more food like beef, mutton, ham, rice, vegetables or even instant noodles, biscuits, apples, and oranges when you come back next time. Of course, these aren’t the things that I want to eat—they’re all things that Duoyao loves.”

 Jiang Duoyao almost vomited blood. This Xiling had no morals. Could Xiling be even more shameless than this? Also, when had she said all those things?

 “Alright, no problem.” Yan Molun smiled.

 “Thank you so much. Also, please bring a few more buckets of water back in the afternoon,” Xiling said pitifully. “You wouldn’t want our Duoyao to be foul-smelling when you return too, right?”

 “I will.” Yan Molun smiled as he glanced at a certain someone.

 Jiang Duoyao had lost all hope after being defamed.

 After she was done with her drip, Yan Molun left to get water. Jiang Duoyao strangled Xiling angrily. “Why do I have such a useless assistant like you? You’ve thrown away all my face. Let me tell you this—you’re using him.”

 “Calm down, calm down.” Xiling raised her arms to surrender as she said pitifully, “Duoyao, to be honest, although he’s only been here for three days, don’t you feel that his existence easily makes one depend on him?”

 Jiang Duoyao was stunned.

 Xiling sighed. “I know you’ll definitely deny it, but I believe you definitely feel dependent on me. Just look at me—I just got a little lucky because of you, but I already wish he could keep living here. Not just because he’d get us food and water and knows how to administer an IV drip for you, but most importantly, because the two of us women staying in such a remote village would still feel somewhat scared especially since there aren’t that many people around too. Particularly when it’s completely dark at night, it feels a little safer to know that there’s a familiar man surrounding us.”

 Jiang Duoyao fell silent all of a sudden. Although she hadn’t considered all this, she still had to admit that it made sense now that Xiling had voiced it out.

 “You might not feel it now, but you’ll definitely feel it once he leaves.” Xiling patted her on her shoulder.

 Jiang Duoyao pouted. “I’m not talking to you anymore. I have to go to class.”


 After returning from class, the vat outside the dormitory was already filled to the brim with water and there were another four buckets of water by the side. The amount of water here was the amount they typically usually used in six to seven days.

 Yan Molun came back carrying a bunch of things at 5 pm. He had various items like canned food, instant noodles, noodles, cakes, chocolates, and more than 10 other types of food enough to last them for a week.

 Jiang Duoyao was completely stunned. She didn’t expect someone who came out alone to bring so many things with him in his car.

 Xiling especially made dinner a little more sumptuous that night. During the meal, she asked, “Mr. Yan, what time are you leaving tomorrow?”

 “Early morning,” Yan Molun replied lightly. He didn’t specify the time. “In any case, I’ll be back in six to seven days.”

 Jiang Duoyao bit her chopsticks.

 After the meal, they played cards for a while. Yan Molun was about to leave when Xiling quickly said, “Duoyao, why don’t you see Mr. Yan out?”

 “It’s okay, she’s injured.” Yan Molun stood up and left before she could say anything.

 Jiang Duoyao watched his retreating back as he left. Xiling also let out a reluctant sigh.


 The next morning, Jiang Duoyao came out after washing up. She watched the tightly-shut wooden door opposite and hesitated for a while before walking through the field to go over and knock on it. She knocked for a while but nothing happened.

 “He left at six in the morning. Didn’t you know that?” Alongso said from behind her.

 Jiang Duoyao was stunned. She didn’t expect him to leave so early. He left just like that last night, so she thought they would still be able to see each other in the morning. “I… I knew he would leave this morning but I didn’t think he would leave so early.”

 “He said he wanted to reach Xigazê before tomorrow night, so he had to leave earlier since he would be quite rushed,” Alongso said. “I even reminded him to drive slower.”

 “Oh.” Jiang Duoyao touched the back of her head. It seemed like he really came to Tibet because he had something to do. So did he come here because it was on the way or because it was a coincidence?

In any case, Jiang Duoyao was still a little unhappy because he left without a sound.

 Yan Molun had prepared everything for them before he left so she wasn’t completely helpless. She only had to think about what to teach for class the next day and how they could vary the menus for meals. However, when the water at home was all used up and they had finished all the food Yan Molun left for them, she became a little frustrated when Yan Molun was still nowhere to be seen.

“Didn’t he say he would be back in five to six days? It’s already the seventh day.” Xiling was in a bad mood the moment she remembered they only had highland barley noodles left.

 “I don’t know.” Jiang Duoyao lay on the bed. She could already smell the foul smell coming from her hair.

 “Is he not coming back anymore?” Xiling suddenly said. “Actually, he could totally end up not coming back at all. Who would be able to stand such a place?”

 Jiang Duoyao was stunned. When she came back to her senses, she realized she was frowning.

 If Yan Molun wasn’t coming back, she would have to go back to washing her hair once every eight to nine days and eating highland barley noodles every day. If there were no more noodles left, they’d have to take the mule cart to town to buy more. The worst part was that she would have to take a three to four-hour motorbike ride to Yongge Town to get her stitches removed.

 She suddenly sat straight up, making Xiling jump. “What’s wrong with you?”

 “Nothing.” She lay back down as she spaced out. Yan Molun had prepared everything for them for the first few days, so she still thought it didn’t matter whether he was around or not and that Xiling was just exaggerating. However, right now, thinking about the probability that Yan Molun might not return, she suddenly felt that Xiling was right, The reason they were able to live so freely without worries the past few days was that they were thinking Yan Molun would be back soon anyway…

Now, if he wasn’t coming back, it would mean they would have to readjust to the life they were leading right from the start.

 This was just torture.

 “Now do you realize how important he is?” Xiling rolled her eyes at her. “Weren’t you pretty cocky a few days ago?”

 Jiang Duoyao covered her face with the blanket. She didn’t want to take a motorbike to remove her stitches.

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Chapter 325