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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 324

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 324

Jiang Duoyao: “…”

“…” Xiling said weakly, “Er… do you need me to leave for a while?”

“Leave your head.” Jiang Duoyao’s face was as red as pig liver. “Yan Molun, stop spouting nonsense.”

Yan Molun smiled slightly and didn’t say a word. After dinner, Xiling said, “Shall we play cards again? I didn’t have enough fun last night.”

“I’m not playing. I’m tired,” Jiang Duoyao whined as she turned around. She didn’t want to play in case Yan Molun would say something shameless again.

Although she was also privately a shameless person, only Changqing, Ruan Yang, and Guanying knew about it. It was already utterly embarrassing that Yan Molun had found out about it.

“Then turn in early.” Yan Molun stood up. He was so tall that he towered over them all of a sudden and blocked out half of the dim light overhead.

He put his hand in his pockets and searched for a while, pulling out some chocolate and placing it on the table. “You’ll feel warmer when you sleep if you eat chocolate at night.”

After saying that, he turned to leave and even shut the door tightly.

Xiling went over and picked up the chocolate. “Wow, it’s Godiva chocolate. He definitely came prepared.”

Jiang Duoyao also turned around to take a look. It was a gold box. She had tried it once when she went to Belgium and it was very expensive. This time, she was really wondering if he came because of her.

After all, a normal man wouldn’t bring so many chocolates with him while traveling. Even if it was to replenish one’s energy, Dove would suffice; there was no need to bring such expensive chocolate…

The thought that he might’ve come because of her made her heart thump very quickly.

However, the moment she thought of his height and the size of a certain area, she felt slightly defeated again. She definitely wouldn’t be able to take it.

“Why isn’t he here to pursue me?” Xiling glared at her with a face full of envy, jealousy, and hate.

“Hmph, you’re not charismatic enough.” Jiang Duoyao raised her brows with delight.

Xiling rolled her eyes at her. “I wonder who was the one who kept denying it. Now that he’s finally made it so clear, what are your plans?”

“What plans? I’m here to teach, not to date. I’m someone meant for bigger things.” Jiang Duoyao lifted up her head and chest, looking like a strong independent woman before snatching the chocolates from Xiling’s hands. “Let’s share this.”

The two had half the chocolate each and felt energized and warm inside. Xiling lay down and fell asleep in no time, but Jiang Duoyao didn’t sleep very well. The moment she closed her eyes, the strong image of Yan Molun with the four buckets of water jumped out at her and she remembered how he said: “I only get bath water for the woman I am interested in…”

AHAHAH, what to do? I’m so shy.

Jiang Duoyao buried her head under the covers. The moment she thought of this, she felt too embarrassed to face anyone.

Sleeping too late caused her to oversleep in the morning. Xiling even had to wake her up and she rushed to the classroom after wiping her face casually. The students greeted her when she came in and Gramu raised his hand excitedly as he said, “Teacher Jiang, my dad said he saw your boyfriend carry four buckets of water. He’s so impressive! No one in our village has ever been able to do it.”

Jiang Duoyao waved her hand in embarrassment. “He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Teacher, I want to become a man as strong as your boyfriend,” Gramu said passionately.

“Us too.” A few male students stood up fervently. The few girls all started chattering about wanting to marry a man like Yan Molun.

Jiang Duoyao was utterly speechless and she gave all the little girls a good lecture, saying, “How old are you girls now? You’re already thinking about marrying someone? I teach you geography because I want you all to know how big the world is so that when you walk out of this village one day, you will realize that there are too many strong, capable, handsome, and brave men out there. Of course, your job right now is to study. You can only change your life if you study hard. We must all have dreams. What are dreams? Let me tell you what dreams are today…”

When Jiang Duoyao came out after class at 10 am, she saw Yan Molun sitting on a pile of rocks in the field, smoking. His movements while smoking looked very natural and when he puffed out the smoke, he exuded a strong sense of matured masculinity.

Jiang Duoyao couldn’t help but admit that although it was pretty detestable when certain men smoked, it looked very mesmerizing when he did it.

She didn’t look at him on purpose and limped slowly towards the dormitory.

Yan Molun didn’t move either. He only followed her with his gaze with interest, as though he was admiring the way she walked. Perhaps it was because it was too ugly.

Jiang Duoyao tried her best to walk gracefully but was unable to do so. She swept a hateful glare at the man.

He smiled and flicked the cigarette butt and stood up, walking towards her with large strides.

Whenever he walked to her, he would block out more than half of her field of view. Before she could even realize what was happening, he picked her up like a child.

Here we go again…

Jiang Duoyao glanced at the students who were still playing in the hallway and said softly in an angry tone, “Put me down quickly; the students are all watching.”

“Didn’t you glare at me so that I would carry you?” He raised his brows.

“That’s not true.” Jiang Duoyao was about to go crazy. This man thinks too much.

“Apologies. I thought it was.” Yan Molun ignored her and carried her towards the dormitory.

No one was in the room. It seemed that Xiling always went out to take pictures at this time on purpose. It was really awkward when it was just her and Yan Molun.

Whenever he put her down on the bed, Jiang Duoyao got the feeling that he would lie on top of her in the next moment.

He came over after preparing the medicine like before and when he came close, he raised his brows. “Are there really men who are stronger, more capable, more handsome, and braver than me out there?”

Jiang Duoyao stared wide-eyed at him with embarrassment. “You… you eavesdropped on me?”

“I just happened to hear it.” Yan Molun sat by the bed and watched her intently. He had an apparent smile on his lips.

“I think there wouldn’t be a man who could surpass me in all aspects combined.”

“You’re shameless.” Jiang Duoyao didn’t dare to meet his gaze. However, she didn’t stop retorting. “Do you think you’re really impressive just because you gathered a few buckets of water?”

“It’s not just that; there are other aspects.” Yan Molun smiled menacingly. “Duoyao, you just haven’t got to know me properly. When you really understand me, you will find out that there are no men who can compare to me.”

While saying that, he pricked the needle into her vein. This time, Jiang Duoyao didn’t even realize it. She was distracted by his words. If other men were to say that, she would definitely mock them. However, when Yan Molun said that using such a deep voice, she was actually mesmerized by the way he spoke unknowingly.

“You’re just proud…” She still retorted.”Are you trying to say that your friends are beneath you?”

“There’s nothing to compare between brothers. I’m talking about other men.” Yan Molun stuck a piece of tape on the back of her hand. “Alright, today is the last day. I have to go out to settle some stuff tomorrow and will only be back after five to six days. Tell me what you want; I’ll bring it over for you.”

Jiang Duoyao was stunned. She really started to believe that he came for her last night so she couldn’t believe he would be leaving so soon. “Actually… there isn’t a need for you to come back again.”

She lowered her head and spoke very softly.

“Really?” His voice, which was intentionally lowered, came from above her head. “But don’t you need to go back to town to remove your stitches? Don’t tell me you intend to take that motorbike over. Aren’t you afraid of being robbed again? Besides, the road is long and it would be very uncomfortable on the motorbike.”

Jiang Duoyao was stunned once again. So he chose to come back at that time so that he could take her to remove her stitches?

“I’ll make a trip down to my car to bring the remaining food over and also get you a few buckets of water. That should tide you over until I return.” Yan Molun asked, “Is there anything you need my help with? Tell me sooner when you think of anything.”

Jiang Duoyao bit her lower lip and thought for a while before saying, “You don’t have to be so nice to us.”

Yan Molun pondered for a while and replied even more straightforwardly, “I’m chasing you. Who am I supposed to be nice to if not you?”

Jiang Duoyao’s eyelashes trembled a little and she finally lifted her head to look at him with her bright eyes. “Do you think I don’t know that the reason you’re treating me well is so you can sleep with me?”

The little lady finally spoke her mind.

The corners of Yan Molun’s lips curled up. “You’re right, but isn’t that every man’s ultimate goal when they chase a woman? The only difference is whether it’s for a while or for a lifetime.”

“You’re… you’re such a gangster.” Jiang Duoyao’s pupils enlarged. The skin on her cheeks felt as though she was set on fire as she blushed.

Yan Molun sighed softly. “I thought you liked someone of your style. Aren’t you quite a gangster too?”

“Who’s the gangster?” Jiang Duoyao’s chest bobbed up and down heavily. “I’m a very pure lady.”

He laughed softly and looked at those large eyes with very clear blacks and whites. Suddenly, his pupils constricted.

For some reason, Jiang Duoyao suddenly felt as though the air had become thinner. At this moment, the man beside her suddenly inched over and those thin lips which smelled like tobacco suddenly pressed onto her lips.

Jiang Duoyao suddenly stopped breathing.

She froze and didn’t know how to move at all.

But the situation right now was… she was kissed. Yan Molun had kissed her.




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Chapter 324