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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 323

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 323

“Mm.” Yan Molun nodded once again and he said honestly, “You do need a shower. You smell quite bad.”

Jiang Duoyao was just feeling a little touched when his words made her gnash her teeth in anger immediately. “It seems like I smell so bad that you can’t stand it and even want to help me get some water. I’ll really have to thank you then.”

“You’re welcome.” When the corners of Yan Molun’s lips curled up, he looked somewhat satisfied.

Jiang Duoyao went back to class after finishing her drip in the afternoon. Yan Molun took some buckets and asked the villagers to find out where to get water. He managed to find his way there and it was really a very long and difficult journey. He took around 40 minutes round trip, which was considered fast.

Jiang Duoyao ended class at around 4 pm and ran into Luma’s mother, who came to pick up her child. Luma’s mother said to her with a smile, “Teacher Jiang, your boyfriend is really good. He asked me where to get water today and I saw him going again after bringing water back just now. He’s too impressive. The one back at my house can’t even make two round trips.”

“He isn’t my boyfriend,” Jiang Duoyao explained.

Luma’s mother smiled and waved her hand. “Even if he isn’t your boyfriend, you should really consider him. Us Tibetans have a saying that if you were to look for a man, he has to be strong. He really is very strong. Sang Hua from our village already set her eyes on him the first time she saw him yesterday. She really likes him a lot. However, she also knows he wouldn’t set his eyes on her. The difference between you and her is like comparing heaven and earth.”

Jiang Duoyao’s jaw dropped. Sang Hua had her eyes set on Yan Molun?

This would probably be big news in the village. Although she hadn’t been here for long, she had seen that Sang Hua before. Although she was tan, she was considered one of the better-looking ladies in the village. It was said she was 18 this year but she looked more like 28.

“Teacher Jiang, in any case, remember my words. If you look for a man, he must be strong,” Luma’s mother reminded her one more time before taking her child home.

Jiang Duoyao was speechless. However, she also found Yan Molun pretty hardworking. After all, it was tough work to carry water for 40 minutes round trip. At least she and Xiling couldn’t even finish one round. The villagers would also only help them get water once every two days at most, but he actually went on two trips in one afternoon. That really wasn’t easy.

Back at the dormitory, Xiling was boiling water. The vat in front of the door was half-filled. When she saw her walking in, Xiling quickly said, “Duoyao, my gosh, Yan Molun really went to get water.”

“I know. He said I smelled too bad so he got me water to take a shower,” Jiang Duoyao said with a sigh and pout.

“How nice.” Xiling was about to die of envy. “I’m smelly too. I wonder if he’ll get me some water too.”

Jiang Duoyao scratched her head. “Why didn’t you tell him that?”

At that moment, footsteps could be heard from outside the house. Soon after, someone kicked open the door lightly. Jiang Duoyao turned back and was stunned. She almost fell onto the chair behind her in shock.

She was in disbelief. This time, Yan Molun was actually carrying 4 buckets of water on his shoulders. There were two carrying poles, one on each shoulder, and on each end of the pole hung a bucket filled to the brim with water. She was about to kneel in admiration.

“Oh my god.” Xiling was stunned too. “Don’t tell me you carried four buckets of water in one go?”

It wasn’t a short distance and took 40 minutes round trip. Besides, the road was rocky and steep.

“Mm.” Yan Molun finally came in, placed the buckets down and carried three buckets in. “I’ll leave one for myself. You can use the rest to shower and wash your hair. I think it should be enough.”

“… Oh.” Jiang Duoyao was still out of her senses. “You… you really carried four buckets of water in one go? How did you do that?”

“I made a trip previously and I thought the road was still wide enough for two shoulder poles, so I took two more buckets along since it would make things faster,” Yan Molun replied casually, not looking tired at all.

“You’re… really impressive.” He had refreshed Jiang Duoyao’s world view once again. She had really never seen such an impressive man. Even if one had the strength, it would be very difficult to maintain balance all the way.

“It’s alright.” The corners of Yan Molun’s mouth curled up slightly as he saw the woman so much shorter than him looking at him with such admiration.

Xiling moved over, trying to curry his favor: “Mr. Yan, I’m smelly too. Can you help me get a few buckets of water tomorrow too so I can take a shower and wash my hair?”

Yan Molun turned his dark gaze towards her and paused for a few seconds before saying lightly, “Apologies, I’m not into you.”

“What?” Xiling was confused. Did he misunderstand something?

After a while, Yan Molun swept Jiang Duoyao a glance. “It means I’ll only get bathing water for the woman I’m interested in. If I did this for other women as well, it would create a misunderstanding.”

After saying that, he turned around, carried the bucket by the door and went back to his room.

In the room, Xiling was in a daze. After that, she suddenly pounced onto Jiang Duoyao, who was blushing and also stunned. “You liar. You even said it was because he thinks you’re smelly.”

“I really thought it was because he finds me smelly. That’s what he told me in the morning,” Jiang Duoyao explained while stuttering as her face flushed red.

Alright, now her brain really couldn’t function normally. Perhaps it was because her heart was beating too quickly. It was all Yan Molun’s fault for saying those things.

So… so… he is still interested in me?

And he only helped me get bathwater.

Why did this kind of treatment make one’s heart feel like it was floating?

She felt her face burning. He actually said something like that in front of Xiling.

However, it felt pretty good to be the only one receiving some sort of special treatment.

“You even said he’s not interested in you.” Xiling strangled her angrily. “I want to take a shower too. Even if I have to use the water you’ve used.”

“Alright, alright, don’t make it sound so pitiful. You’re my assistant after all; I’ll share half of this vat with you. Since my leg’s injured and I can’t get the wound wet, I’ll just wipe it with a towel but you have to help me wash my hair,” Jiang Duoyao said with a grin.

“No problem.” Xiling gave her a tight hug and a forceful kiss before going off to boil some water eagerly.

In the evening, the two women were busy showering, washing their hair, boiling water, and evening out the temperature with cool water again all the way until 7 pm.

Jiang Duoyao applied a layer of moisturizer on her body and after changing into a clean set of clothes, she felt refreshed as though she had molted a layer of skin. However, the down jacket she was wearing was nowhere as clean. Since they had very little water, it wasn’t easy to wash the down jacket because even if they tried, it wouldn’t be clean.

After Xiling came out from the shower, she smelled her arms happily. “I feel like I’ve never smelled so good before. Aye, let me tell you. From today onwards, you have to do your very best and give your all to make this Mr. Yan stay. It’s only with him around that we can eat well and shower well.”

“You’re so shameless,” Jiang Duoyao said despisingly. “You’re just using him.”

“No, I’m creating an opportunity for the two of you,” Xiling said as she grinned with a face full of admiration. “He’s simply my idol right now. Compared to the men I met before, those men in the past are all scrubs.”

Jiang Duoyao blinked. She recalled the image of Yan Molun standing before her with the four buckets of water. She also had a strong feeling that the men she knew in the past were really useless.

“Knock knock.” Just then, someone knocked on the door from outside. Yan Molun’s voice drifted in. “Are you girls done showering?”

Xiling rushed over to open the door. It seemed that Yan Molun had also taken a shower. His hair was slightly damp and he was also clean-shaven. He had changed into a black sweater and looked a little less boorish than before, making his handsome features and deep-set eyes stand out even more and look even more masculine.

Xiling was stunned. Jiang Duoyao poked her head out and was also stunned.

Whether or not a man shaved really made a big difference. When he was clean-shaven, Yan Molun’s features looked pretty good, especially his pair of eyes which were deep-set and mysterious, looking a little like a Westerner’s eyes.

“Mm. You look much cleaner than before.” Yan Molun gazed at Jiang Duoyao, who was sitting by the bed.

For some reason, Jiang Duoyao crossed her arms subconsciously, hiding her sleeves in her arms. Perhaps she was afraid to let Yan Molun see her dirty sleeves.

“Have you eaten?” Yan Molun took out four packs of instant noodles from behind. “Let’s have this for dinner.”

“Instant noodles?” Jiang Duoyao stared wide-eyed. Instant noodles were something that would always make one drool when one smelled it and was hungry.

“Sure, sure.” Xiling blinked and kept her gaze locked on the instant noodle packets, just like Jiang Duoyao.

Yan Molun walked in, took a clean pot and added some hot water before putting the instant noodles in. In less than five minutes, the three of them could start eating.

Jiang Duoyao was already starving. She held the bowl in her hand and wolfed down the food as she complimented, “Smells so good.”

“Yeah, smells really good.” Yan Molun walked slightly closer to her and his good-looking lips moved, saying with a suppressed and low voice: “You smell good too…”

“Cough, cough.” Jiang Duoyao shuddered and suddenly choked. Her face was flushed red as she coughed.

Yan Molun passed her a cup of water from the side and she took a few big gulps.

Xiling cleared her throat and when she finished the water, she reminded Jiang Duoyao softly, “Duoyao, I think the water you drank… is Mr. Yan’s.”

Jiang Duoyao lowered her head and looked at the cup. It wasn’t hers indeed.

Yan Molun drank from that cup too before. Could this be… a so-called indirect kiss?

She was shocked and her flushed face seemed to be covered by another blush.

“It’s okay,” Yan Molun suddenly said with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth. “You’ll have to get used to it sooner or later too.”




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Chapter 323