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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 321

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 321

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

She simply couldn’t converse with him normally. AHAHAH. This man was too lecherous. She said through gritted teeth, “Then I’m really sorry. I can’t understand the needs of you men.”

 “It’s okay.” Yan Molun grinned. “You just need to understand the needs of you women.”

 “I don’t have needs.” Jiang Duoyao was about to go crazy.

 “Then that’s terrible,” Yan Molun said lazily. “A woman who’s never had a man wouldn’t know what needs are.”

 “Who… who says I’ve never had a man?” Jiang Duoyao wished she could just cover his mouth up. This was broad daylight. She didn’t even need to see her own face to know how embarrassed it must look.

 “I’m not talking to you anymore. You’re such a gangster.” Jiang Duoyao rolled her eyes at him angrily and limped away.

 Yan Molun suddenly got down from the table tennis table and picked her up horizontally.

 “What are you doing?” Jiang Duoyao was stunned. Could it be that he was going to take her to settle his needs right now? “Let… let me tell you. I won’t repay you with my body even though you saved me yesterday.”

 “Miss Jiang, you’re thinking too much. I just thought it should be time for you to get your IV drip.” Yan Molun smiled broadly and carried her to where she was staying.

 IV drip…

 Is he going to put a needle through me?

 Jiang Duoyao felt terrible once again. She really couldn’t trust his skills.

 Xiling wasn’t in the room and Jiang Duoyao didn’t know where she went. Yan Molun put her down on the bed and took out the medicine the doctor prescribed yesterday. He looked at the prescription and extracted the medicine from a small bottle with a needle skillfully before injecting it into a larger bottle.

 Jiang Duoyao’s heart thumped quickly as she watched. “Hey, you’ve got to look carefully. Don’t make a mistake because you’ve overlooked things. It’s my life at stake.”

 Yan Molun ignored her and after administering the medicine quickly, he walked over with a needle and a tube. The drip could be hung at the window and after he was done with that, he grabbed her hand, causing Jiang Duoyao to shrink towards the corner in fear.

 His face fell. “Why don’t you do it yourself? I don’t mind.”

 Do it myself…

 Jiang Duoyao felt even worse. “I’ve never done it before.”

 “Then come over.” Yan Molun warned, “Do you want me to climb onto the bed to catch you?”

 Climb onto the bed…

 Jiang Duoyao felt embarrassed and climbed out obediently in the end. She stretched her arm out towards him and made a fist.

 Yan Molun gripped her wrist tightly with one hand and tapped the back of her hand with the other to make the veins on her hand pop out a little. He lowered his head and was about to prick the needle when Jiang Duoyao screamed out once again. “Hold on, hold on. Err…. don’t you need this thing to wrap tightly around my arm?”

 “I don’t have that,” Yan Molun said lightly. “Just gotta make do.”

 “Can’t you be professional with such things?” Jiang Duoyao retorted, “It’ll be hard for you to poke into my veins precisely.”

 “I’m not a professional to begin with.” Yan Molun seemed a little annoyed.

 Jiang Duoyao was speechless. She felt increasingly uneasy. “I think I shouldn’t let you do it.”

 Yan Molun’s brows were tightly knitted all of a sudden. He opened his mouth and said suddenly, “You said you were still a virgin during supper with Yan Changqing in Hong Kong, right?”

 1“Huh?” Jiang Duoyao was dumbfounded. All of a sudden, she looked as though she was hit by a bolt of lightning.

 Could he have heard her that time too?

 Oh. My. God.

 Just then, she felt a sudden prick on the back of her hand. She lowered her head and saw that the needle had already been precisely inserted.

 He used a piece of tape to hold it in place quickly and lifted his head. The corners of his lips curled up.

 Jiang Duoyao turned around and covered her face with a blanket silently. She felt like she couldn’t face this person ever again.

 Yan Molun cleared his throat and said with his deep and sexy voice once again, “Actually, what they show in dramas is correct. You’ll feel good after the pain.”

 1“AHAHAHAHAHAHAH, stop it. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t understand anything you’re saying.” Jiang Duoyao shrieked sharply. She was about to go crazy. That was what she asked Changqing back then because of a sudden curiosity.

 Yan Molun’s smile at the corner of his mouth deepened. Xiling pushed the door open and entered. When she saw Jiang Duoyao hiding under the covers and screaming, she was shocked. “What are you doing? What happened?”

 “Xiling?” Jiang Duoyao clambered out from under the covers quickly and looked at her pitifully.

 Luckily Xiling was back. Otherwise, she would’ve gone berserk.

 “I was giving her the drip and she cried from being too scared,” Yan Molun said lightly.

 Xiling took a look at the back of Duoyao’s hand. “It was done pretty well. What were you afraid of?”

 Jiang Duoyao turned her blushing face aside, refusing to look at Yan Molun. Of course she was scared. He had heard all the embarrassing things she said. Did this person have supersonic hearing?

 “I didn’t expect Mr. Yan to be so skillful with needles,” Xiling complimented him. “Right, we’re cooking rice today. We haven’t had rice for a very long time. Rice with chili sauce. Thinking about it makes me drool.”

 “White rice with chili sauce?” The corners of Yan Molun’s mouth twitched. That was enough to make her drool?

 How bad must things be?

 “We haven’t had rice for 20 days already. You don’t understand,” Xiling said. “We wanted to buy some vegetables yesterday in town but there was really nothing to buy.”

 Yan Molun moved his thin lips. “You don’t have to have chili sauce. I packed some canned roasted beef, tuna, and salmon in my bag yesterday.”

 Jiang Duoyao suddenly turned her face back around to watch him, looking just like a cat who suddenly saw a rat after starving for three days.

 He was that delicious rat.

 Roasted beef, tuna, and salmon.

 What were all those? Those were things that would make one drool upon sight.

 “Really?” Xiling didn’t dare to believe this surprise.

 “Mm. I have more in my car,” Yan Molun said lightly. “I prepared enough food for a month just in case.”

 “Mr. Yan, we’re so fortunate we were able to run into you midway.” Xiling almost wanted to kneel in front of him. “You’re our benefactor, our savior, our angel.”

 Yan Molun found it funny. “I’ll bring the food over. Go ahead and start cooking the rice.”

 Xiling started cooking the rice after he left.

 Soon after, Yan Molun came back with three cans, three hams, and two pig trotters.

 Jiang Duoyao’s eyes shone brightly as she stared at the braised pig trotters. She tried her very best to stop herself from drooling.

 Xiling was right. Yan Molun was her savior.

 All awkwardness and embarrassment were forgotten in the face of food.

 After the rice was done, the canned food, ham, and braised pig trotters were warmed up. There were three cans and ham so it was easy to split. However, it was awkward with the pig trotters.

 Yan Molun said, “You two can have it. I’ve been having that every day lately and I’m sick of it.”

 “Then… thank you.” Jiang Duoyao took a deep breath delightedly.

 She was holding a pair of chopsticks in one hand while the other hand still had the IV drip. At the start, she and Xiling were still quite mindful of their image. However, after a while, they started to eat the rice with huge mouthfuls, forgetting about their image probably because they hadn’t eaten such a sumptuous meal in a long time.

 Yan Molun looked at the two of them and was a little speechless. They looked like they were just released from jail. Where was their image? “You’re still an artiste under a company? How can they not take care of you?”

 “Take care my foot,” Jiang Duoyao said while muffled as she ate. “I’m just an artiste past my prime. Xiling was sent over against her will. Who would come all the way here to send us things? The company wouldn’t waste such human and material resources. My parents are quite old and I don’t want them to worry.”

 Yan Molun looked at them with a frown and said helplessly, “You don’t have to be in such a rush. I still have a lot in my car—they’re enough to last you two for a while.”

 After eating their fill, Xiling suddenly said, “Right, Mr. Yan, why did you bring so much food with you in your car? And also, all those snacks? Tell me honestly—did you come because of our Duoyao?”

 1Jiang Duoyao was stunned and quickly kicked Xiling under the table to hint at her to not spout nonsense. It was so embarrassing.

 “Why did you kick me?” Yan Molun asked as he raised his eyebrows.

 “…” Jiang Duoyao: “My leg twitched just now.”

 “You’re done with your medicine.” Yan Molun stood up and changed the last bottle for her.

 Jiang Duoyao looked at his height and asked, “When are you leaving? Did you come to Tibet to travel?”

 “I’m here for business and to travel around,” Yan Molun answered. “I haven’t thought of when to leave for the time being. I find this place rather interesting.”

 “How’s it interesting?” Jiang Duoyao stared at him with her round eyes.

 “The people are interesting,” he said while staring at her.

 Jiang Duoyao’s face blushed. Was he saying that she was interesting?

 The atmosphere in the room suddenly became weird. Xiling had a strong feeling that she had become extra.

 “I feel a little sleepy. “Jiang Duoyao climbed silently into bed.

 Yan Molun sat on the side for almost half an hour, only leaving after helping her pull out the needle.

 The moment he left, Xiling climbed up immediately. “I dare say he must be here for you. Think about it—Tibet is huge. How could he just so happen to be on the road to our school? Why would he have so much food in his car? Obviously to win your stomach over. He came prepared. Let me tell you—men would never bring so many snacks on trips. At most, they’ll bring air-tight biscuits, which are less troublesome, but the things he brought were nutritionally balanced and he even had snacks that women like.”


Jiang Duoyao’s heart skipped a beat. “I don’t believe you. Don’t spout nonsense.”

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Chapter 321