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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 319

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 319

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Yan Molun Drove back to Yongge Town and it was another 40-minute car ride.

 However, it was simply worlds apart compared to the motorbike. It was so comfortable that Jiang Duoyao and Xiling fell asleep.

 Yan Molun even had to wake them up when they arrived at the clinic in town.

 Jiang Duoyao opened her eyes groggily and when she saw the clinic signboard, she shuddered, recalling that she had to get her wound stitched up. She also knew there was no point in being afraid since she had to get the stitches because her wound was too big.

 Yan Molun jumped out of the car from the front and opened the door on her side. He carried her once again and suddenly said, “You’ve become skinnier.”

 Jiang Duoyao’s face suddenly flushed red. Xiling, who was at the side, looked at her then at Yan Molun. She covered her mouth. Could there be some illicit relationship between the two of them? This was interesting.

 “And uglier…” Yan Molun added after a while.

 Jiang Duoyao: “…”

 When he said she had become skinnier, she almost cried and even thought he was concerned about her. Once again, she read too much into it.

 “Yeah, put me down. I don’t need you to carry me.” After being called ugly, Jiang Duoyao’s self-esteem was badly hurt.

 Yan Molun ignored her and carried her straight into the clinic.

 He was too tall and had to bend down to walk in. Being so huge and dressed in black, Yan Molun made everyone cower in fear when he walked in.

 “She fell and hurt herself,” Yan Molun said to the doctor in the clinic.

 The doctor came over fearfully. To be honest, there were dangerous people all around in such a remote place and he was a little afraid when he saw Yan Molun. However, he still walked over upon seeing the weak and delicate lady in his arms. The doctor took a look and said she needed stitches and a saline IV drip for three days straight before coming back to remove her stitches in 10 days.

 “Three days?” Jiang Duoyao was dumbfounded. “I can’t. The place I’m staying at is a four to five-hour car journey from here. I can’t come over. Besides, I have to teach classes.”

 “If you don’t get the drip, you won’t recover,” the doctor said, “Even your wound needs seven to eight stitches.”

 Jiang Duoyao’s face fell as she became silent. There were no doctors in the little town by the school and this was already the closest clinic to the school. She wouldn’t be able to take the journey to and fro every day.

 “Prescribe me the saline drip. I’ll do it for her,” Yan Molun, who was at the side, suddenly spoke up.

 Jiang Duoyao was stunned. She blinked and looked at him with suspicion. “You know how to do it?”

 “Mm.” Yan Molun nodded slightly. “I can still do normal injections and intravenous infusions.

 “Don’t tell me you learned it from Song Chuyi?” Jiang Duoyao was still a little afraid upon thinking that he would be doing it for her.

 “No.” Yan Molun’s reply was very succinct.

 The doctor gave Jiang Duoyao an anesthetic shot first but she could still feel some prickling pain during the stitching process. After that, she had to finish three bottles of the saline IV drip. Each bottle was huge and it would probably be night time when she would finish the three bottles.

 Although it was warm in the clinic, the place wasn’t well-ventilated and there were many patients inside, so the smells of medicine and people who hadn’t bathed for a long time were a deadly mix.

 Yan Molun went out for a while and came back with a huge plastic bag which he threw at Jiang Duoyao and Xiling.

 Xiling opened the plastic bag to take a look. It was filled with cheese biscuits, various types of nuts, dried durian, chocolate, apples, and other food.

 Jiang Duoyao curled up on the old and torn couch and her pitiful face looked as though she had seen hope. Although she and Xiling had brought many snacks along with them, they finished all of them within three days due to the scarce resources there. Seeing all this made her feel as though she had seen the light at the end of the tunnel. “Why did you bring so much food?”

 “Of course I had to bring more food with me on a road trip.” Yan Molun went out again after saying that, plainly showing that he didn’t like the smell inside either.

Jiang Duoyao tore open a packet of cheese biscuits immediately. She had never thought these biscuits could be so delicious. She felt like crying upon taking her first bite.

 However, as she ate, the two of them slowly realized that many people in the clinic were gazing at them enviously, perhaps because they had never seen such rare food before.

 Jiang Duoyao suddenly felt guilty for eating and so she got Xiling to give everyone a little.


 When Yan Molun came back after smoking, he realized that the large bag of snacks was almost empty. He glanced around. There was a child lying on the hospital bed and a senior eating the biscuits he brought. There were even some nuts lying around on the hospital bed.

 He glanced at Jiang Duoyao. She was drinking a bottle of milk. Upon noticing his gaze, she said carefully, “They looked like they wanted to eat some so I shared some with them.”

 “It seems like you’ve eaten enough,” Yan Molun said coldly.

 Jiang Duoyao hung her head low. Enough my foot. But everyone was looking at her, especially the old and the young. She was embarrassed to eat alone. Especially when the senior told her that she had never eaten such delicious food in her life before.

 Yan Molun didn’t speak further, only sitting down on an old and torn couch to rest.

 When it was past seven at night, the sky outside was already dark and it was even snowing slightly.

 Jiang Duoyao’s head hurt upon seeing that. The doctor helped her pull out the needle and passed the IV drip and tubes to Yan Molun before he paid.

 Jiang Duoyao said gratefully, “Thank you. I’ll pay you back later.”

 “No need,” Yan Molun said.

 “That won’t do. I don’t like to owe people money.” Jiang Duoyao was insistent.

 Yan Molun frowned slightly. “It’s just a small amount. If you want to pay me back, pay me the larger amounts.”

 Jiang Duoyao: “…”

 This man was really very good at ripping off such a weak woman like her.

 “Let’s go look for a place to eat.” Yan Molun opened the door and the moment they stepped out, they could only see a few lights lit on the street.

 Jiang Duoyao licked her dry lips. “I think we’d better go back sooner. It’s getting late and I still have to teach tomorrow.”

 Something set off a ripple in Yan Molun’s eyes. He set his gaze on her for a while in shock and suddenly realized that there was resilience in this weak and skinny woman that he had never seen before.

 “It’s not convenient to go back so late at night,” Xiling said. “It’s snowing too; it isn’t safe.”

 “But if we don’t go back, the students and villagers will be worried,” Jiang Duoyao said. “I already told Uncle Ah Si that we would meet him at the entrance of the town at six.”

 “Then let’s go.” Yan Molun opened the car door.

 Jiang Duoyao glanced at this resolute face that didn’t seem to carry any warmth but the depths of his eyes seemed to hide a sort of strength that many wouldn’t be able to see.

 She got in the car with his help. Yan Molun switched on the heater and after driving for a while, he stopped in front of a restaurant. “Stay here for a while. I’ll buy some food.”

 After he got out, he didn’t switch the engine off so the heater was still running. Xiling said with a grin, “This man is cold on the outside but warm on the inside. Does he like you?”

“Stop spouting nonsense.” Jiang Duoyao glared at her as she blushed a little.

 She didn’t think Yan Molun liked her. He was probably a little interested in her because she mentioned his arrow.

 “I think he’s pretty good. This SUV must’ve cost at least a million. I don’t think he’s lacking money.” Xiling propped her chin on her hand. “His height gives one a sense of security no matter where he goes.”

 “Why don’t… I introduce him to you?” Jiang Duoyao said with a grin.

 “I’m definitely not his cup of tea.” Xiling shook her head. “All his attention has been on you even when we’re together.”

 Jiang Duoyao was stunned. Is that true? She only remembered that he said she was ugly.


 Approximately eight minutes later, Yan Molun came back with two bowls of Tibetan noodles and Tsamba (1. Tibetan barley bread). The engine was already switched off. Jiang Duoyao explained, “I was afraid it would be a waste of gas so I turned it off. This car must consume a lot of gas.”

 Yan Molun replied with a soft “Mm” and passed her the food. “There’s nothing here. Just make do with this.”

 “Thank you.” Jiang Duoyao was surprised. “Why did you only get two bowls? Where’s yours?”

 “I ate inside just now,” he said.

 “So fast?” Jiang Duoyao blinked. How fast must he have eaten?

 After starting the car engine, Yan Molun drove back to where they came with an amazing memory. Jiang Duoyao and Xiling were eating in the backseat. Xiling passed him a Tsamba and he finished it in three bites.

 The SUV drove past the wilderness. There was nothing around other than the grass plains, mountains, and the moon. Sometimes, they could even hear some animals howling from the mountains.

 However, for some reason, the two women weren’t afraid at all. Perhaps it was because the man in front really gave them a very strong sense of security.

 Besides, he had a gun with him. Thinking about the gun with him made Jiang Duoyao a little uneasy. She stuttered as she voiced out her question, “Why did you… even bring a gun with you? Will you get caught if you’re discovered by the police?”

 “I reckon the police wouldn’t want to even come to such a place,” Yan Molun said lightly. “I was out alone on a road trip and felt it wouldn’t be safe, so it was better to keep a gun with me.”

 The corners of Jiang Duoyao’s mouth twitched. She was speechless. His appearance alone would make others afraid to run into him.

 “There are too few people in this area and this place is too poor, so it’s a constant hot spot for crime,” Yan Molun said again. “You guys shouldn’t have brought your purses out today. Those motorists must’ve robbed you because they saw you were carrying so many things and had such expensive purses. They would have enough to survive on for years if they got your things.”


Jiang Duoyao thought for a while. She and Xiling carried their purses outside today. No wonder those motorists made a detour to chase them.

 Luckily, they encountered Yan Molun today. Otherwise, the consequences would’ve been unimaginable. “We really have to thank you for today.”

 “No problem. I didn’t know it was you,” Yan Molun said as he turned his face to the side slightly.

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Chapter 319