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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 318

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 318

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Jiang Duoyao was squatting on the floor while cooking some noodles at night. Xiling took a picture of her. She looked pitiful. Great.

 Suddenly, it was whirring with the sound of snow outside.

 Xiling sighed. “This place is so hot in the afternoon yet it’s snowing at night now?”

 “Haven’t you gotten used to it already? Alright, come and have some noodles.” Jiang Duoyao scooped the noodles out of the pot.

 The two sat in front of the table. Xiling played with the noodles in front of her as she sighed. “I really want to eat rice. We eat this every day.”

 “Why don’t… we go to Yongge Town to buy some rice? There are no classes anyway.” Jiang Duoyao lifted her head and said, “We can have our fill outside before coming back while we’re at it?”

 “Sure. Sure.” Xiling was all for it.


 They woke up early the next day and got on Uncle Ah Si’s cart to travel to the nearby town. They were going to another larger town which was the only place in the vicinity with rice. It would take at least a day to return.

 When they reached the small town, Uncle Ah Si asked the only person in the town who had a motorbike, Uncle Sang Bo, to take them to the larger town.

 The route to Yongge Town was very rocky so he couldn’t drive very quickly. After more than three hours of bumping up and down, Jiang Duoyao felt her legs and butt were almost numb.

 She counted her money and gave some to Uncle Sang Bo. After that, Jiang Duoyao and Xiling wiped the entire town out and had some fast food. They didn’t dare to stay there for too long and quickly got back on Uncle Sang Bo’s motorbike while carrying bags of various sizes.

Xiling, who was sitting in the back, felt like her intestines were about to fall out. She said softly, “F*ck, I’m never coming to this kind of place again.”

 The road was so bumpy that Jiang Duoyao no longer wanted to speak. She was afraid she would puke the moment she opened her mouth.

 The area was completely desolate and after more than an hour of this bumpy ride, the three saw three motorbikes coming in front of them.

 The motorbikes passed by them. The riders were all Tibetan men with tan skin. As the motorbikes passed by them, the three of them glanced at the solo motorbike. Uncle Sang Bo suddenly said, “Hold on tight, I’m speeding up.”

 Jiang Duoyao didn’t understand why he wanted to speed up and just as she was feeling bewildered, the three motorbikes suddenly turned back and chased behind them.

 Xiling could sense something was amiss and rushed Uncle Sang Bo to drive faster. However, the three motorbikes soon caught up, took over and blocked them.

 Uncle Sang Bo turned around and dashed towards a grass plain beside the rocky path.

 However, because it snowed heavily yesterday, and on top of that, the weather today wasn’t very good, they skidded and fell on the ground when the motorbike drove into the grass plain.

 The huge bag of rice, snacks, and fruits fell on Jiang Duoyao’s stomach as they fell. Her leg was also pressed between the motorbike and the ground. Jiang Duoyao let out a shriek in pain. “Xiling, quick, help me. I’m in a lot of pain.”

 Xiling’s state wasn’t any better. Her face was slashed from the fall and she clambered up to help push the motorbike in her sorry state.

 The three Tibetan men suddenly rushed over to snatch the purses on their waists.

 “What are you doing? This is a robbery. This is illegal.” Jiang Duoyao grabbed onto her pouch tightly. She and Xiling brought almost all their cash out for this trip. The consequences would be unthinkable if they were to lose their money, cards, and even identity cards. Besides, her phone was in the pouch. She could never lose it. “Let me tell you—I’m not an ordinary person. You guys better let go right now.”

 The Tibetan men pulled out pocket knives from their waists and their gazes were menacing. “Give me the purse or I’ll kill you.”

 “Give them your things quickly.” Uncle Sang Bo was so frightened he didn’t dare to move. “They will really kill you. The security in this vicinity is terrible.”

 Jiang Duoyao was so frightened her hand trembled and within her moment of hesitation, one of the Tibetan men suddenly cut the strap of her pouch and even slit her arm.

 Luckily, she was wearing very thick, good quality clothes. However, her down jacket was still torn. She was so frightened she didn’t dare to move anymore.

 The three men left after snatching their things. Just then, a black Toyota SUV drove over suddenly. Jiang Duoyao shuddered and ran over, shouting, “Help, robbery!”

 Hearing her shouting, the Tibetan men dashed quickly towards their motorbikes.

 The SUV suddenly sped up and banged straight into the three bikes.

 The three of them sensed that the situation wasn’t going to go well and they abandoned their motorbikes and fled in different directions.

 The SUV suddenly stopped and with the sounds of three gunshots, the three men all fell to the ground.

 Jiang Duoyao, Xiling and Uncle Sang Bo were so frightened they dropped to their knees. What day was it today exactly? Did they forget to check their horoscopes before they left? Forget that they experienced a robbery. Now they even ran into someone with a gun? Could it be a policeman in plain clothes?

 At this time, a man in a black windbreaker and black leather boots suddenly walked out of the car. He was very tall—at least two meters in height—and he turned to walk towards them as he kept his gun in his windbreaker. His angular face which looked like it was carved by a knife was revealed. That face had a light scar and some stubble, looking wild and dangerous.

 1Jiang Duoyao froze. She rubbed her eyes gently in disbelief.

 F*ck, she actually ran into Yan Molun in this kind of place.

 Xiling tugged at her arm in fright and said softly, “We’re done for, done for. This person looks even less like a good person.”

 He did look sort of like a bad person.

 Jiang Duoyao mumbled inside. To think Yan Molun would actually bring a gun with him wherever he goes. She was suddenly glad. That night when she offended him, it was so fortunate… so fortunate that he didn’t shoot her. How horrifying.

 “Hel… hello.” She squeezed out a smile that looked worse than a frown as she tried to wave as naturally as she could at Yan Molun.

 Yan Molun set his gaze on her and looked her up and down. “You’re… Jiang Duoyao?”

 Jiang Duoyao was stupefied and almost broke out into tears. Although she knew her current image was completely different from before, it wasn’t to the point of being unrecognizable.

 To think she was even secretly wondering if he came all the way here for her and was even questioning her personal charisma when he actually blurted out such a question. Alright, she might’ve thought too much.

 “Yes, it’s me. It’s been a long time.” She nodded awkwardly and combed her hair with her fingers with all her might.

 Alright, she had to at least maintain a positive image in front of the person she once rejected. Otherwise, Yan Molun would definitely be glad that nothing happened between the two of them then.

 However, it had already been five days since she last washed her hair, and on top of that, her hair was blown like crazy from the wind when she was on the motorbike. She felt a deep sense of helplessness and gave up in the end.

 1“I really didn’t recognize you,” Yan Molun said truthfully. He really didn’t dare to believe that this was the soft-skinned Jiang Duoyao he saw in Northern City previously. He wondered what she had been through for her skin to be so dry that it was peeling and for her hair to be so oily and frizzy. Forget that her hair wasn’t styled, forget that it was as messy as a bird’s nest, but it was even greasy. Her red down jacket was also soiled with mud and dirt and her snow boots were even dirtier.

 Jiang Duoyao: “…”

 She felt like dying already.

 “Duoyao, do you know each other?” Xiling couldn’t believe that she could even run into someone she knew in such a place.

 Jiang Duoyao nodded with difficultly.

 Yan Molun turned around and walked towards the Tibetan men. They seemed to have been shot in the leg and were crawling with difficulty on the ground in a futile attempt to escape.

 When they saw Yan Molun, this man covered with a dangerous aura, walking closer, the three of them felt just as insignificant as the grass on the ground at this very moment.

 Yan Molun picked up the things they snatched and walked towards Jiang Duoyao once again to return their pouches. “See if you’ve lost anything.”

 Jiang Duoyao and Xiling quickly checked through and everything was there.

 Uncle Sang Bo seemed to be afraid of Yan Molun. He walked over, shaking in fear, and said, “Since you know each other, then… then I’ll get going first. You can take this gentleman’s car.”

 “Aye, Uncle Sang Bo…” Jiang Duoyao wanted to go over to stop him but the moment she moved her leg, the part which was crushed by the motorbike started to hurt.

 Uncle Sang Bo got onto his motorbike very quickly and escaped in a hurry.

 Jiang Duoyao was stupefied. How was she supposed to go back like this? She could only turn her gaze to Yan Molun but she was also afraid of his gun.

 “What’s wrong with your leg?” Yan Molun asked.

 Jiang Duoyao also wanted to know what was wrong with her leg. She bent down and rolled her pants up carefully to take a look and saw a huge open wound under her knee. It looked pretty terrifying.

 She was shocked and Xiling shrieked, “You’re so badly injured?”

 “I didn’t know. I thought it was just a graze,” Jiang Duoyao said dazedly.

 Yan Molun frowned. “Get in my car. I’ll take you to town. You need to have your wound stitched up and need to get an anti-inflammatory drip.”

 “What about those people?” Jiang Duoyao pointed at the few Tibetan men. “You shot them.”

 “I know; just let them be. I only shot their legs. They’re not in mortal danger. I doubt they’re good citizens either so they won’t dare to call the police.” After saying that, Yan Molun walked over, bent down and picked her up.


Jiang Duoyao was so embarrassed her face was flushed red. “No need. I can walk on my own.”

 Yan Molun ignored her and carried her straight into the Toyota SUV.

 Jiang Duoyao felt as though she hadn’t been in a car in decades. It felt so comfortable and there was even air-conditioning and a nice fragrance. Xiling couldn’t help but lament, “It’s simply like heaven.”

 Jiang Duoyao nodded hard. Xiling spoke her heartfelt words.

 Yan Molun was a little speechless. However, judging from their sorry state, he could really believe that his car might be heaven to them.

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Chapter 318