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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 316

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 316

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Changqing, what are you looking at?” Shen Lu moved over curiously.

 “At the puppies born to a Labrador and Husky,” Changqing said dejectedly. “They look weird.”

 Yan Lei rolled his eyes at her. “I doubt you’re so concerned about the one in your womb.”

 Changqing raised her brows and said proudly, “I’m pretty and Chuchu is handsome. No matter what, the child will look good.”

 “Changqing, I wonder who was the one who kept quarreling with Chuchu.” Yan Lei found her funny. He switched channels on the TV.

 About an hour later, Song Chuyi sent her a text: The vet said Lolita is pregnant.

 Changqing was so happy she couldn’t stop smiling.

 When Song Chuyi brought the listless Lolita back, she stroked Lolita’s little head. “Great fellow, it looks like you’re going to give birth before me.”

 Yan Lei felt his head hurt. “I hope Lolita doesn’t give birth to a lot. We already have two at home. If she gives birth to another four or five…” He didn’t dare to even think about it.

 “It’s okay, we can give them to others,” Song Chuyi said. “Shaobin said he wants one.”

 “It’s okay if it’s Li Shaobin, but I won’t give them to people we’re not close with. Not even one.” Changqing snorted as she held Lolita tightly. “They’re all my children. Besides, Lolita would be so upset without her children. It’s too cruel.”

 “Cruel?” Yan Lei rubbed his glabella. “Which ordinary family has six to seven dogs at home? Do you know expensive that would be?”

 “No means no,” Changqing said obstinately.

 Song Chuyi looked at her and said pamperingly, “We won’t give them away if you say so. In any case, the courtyard at our new house is pretty big and there will be enough space for six to seven dogs. After Lolita gives birth, we’ll have to sterilize either Lolita or Robben. That way, they won’t give birth to too many puppies.”

 Yan Lei sighed. “The two of you are really…”

 “As long as Changqing is happy, anything is fine.” Song Chuyi looked at Changqing gently. “Besides, Robben and Lolita are the fruits of our love. They’re very important to us.”

 Changqing’s face felt hot from hearing him.

 She really couldn’t stand this Song Chuchu; must he say such mushy things in front of her family members?

 “I’m going upstairs to take a shower.” Changqing walked upstairs with a blushing face.

 Song Chuyi laughed softly and followed her immediately.

 Yan Lei shook her head speechlessly and said to Shen Lu, “Fruit of their love. The dogs are the fruit of their love. Then what’s the one in Changqing’s womb?”

 Shen Lu couldn’t help but laugh. She said gently, “The two of them are so sweet. What do you even know?”

 Yan Lei was speechless. He really didn’t know anything.

 Upstairs, Changqing walked towards the cloakroom to look for her clothes and heard footsteps approaching her from behind. Following that, a voice said softly and gently, “Can I come back to sleep?”

 Changqing lowered her head. She still felt uncomfortable upon thinking of that matter. However, she felt even more uncomfortable without him sleeping beside her every night.

 Song Chuyi sighed softly. “I’m really not used to sleeping in the guest room every night. I can’t fall asleep at all. Sometimes, I can’t help but pretend that the pillow beside me is you.”

 Changqing felt her throat turning hot. Isn’t that just like me?

 Song Chuyi continued, “However, I’m mainly worried about you. The weather changes so fast now. I’m afraid you’ll accidentally kick the blanket away and catch a cold. I’m afraid you might fall off the bed. I’m afraid you would feel thirsty and hungry in the middle of the night. I’m afraid you would trip on a stool when you get up in the middle of the night when you go to the toilet because you don’t like to switch on the lights. If I’m by your side, I can tuck you in when you’re cold. I can pour you some water when you’re thirsty. I can make you food when you’re hungry. I can help you switch on the lights when you go to the toilet…”

 He was very moving and Changqing’s eyes reddened from hearing that. She turned around and glared at him as she choked on her words and chided him with a pout: “Song Chuchu, you’re a scoundrel. You always lie to me. How many things are you keeping from me?”

 “There’s nothing else.” Song Chuyi’s dark eyes were tinged with gentleness. “I’m a scoundrel but I was also lucky to be able to meet you. You must be the treasure I prayed for for three lifetimes.”

 Gosh, Song Chuyi’s ability to sweet talk had gone up another level.

 Changqing broke out into a smile. “Three lifetimes. To think you could come up with that. You believe in that too?”

 “I do. This lifetime isn’t enough time to spend with you. I still want to be with you in my next life,” Song Chuyi said with a smile.

 Changqing pressed her lips tightly together but she still couldn’t stop the corners of her mouth from curling up.

 She couldn’t do anything about it. Song Chuchu had been getting better at sweet talk. “Alright, then I will let you sleep here tonight but you’ll have to serve me well at night.”

 “Mm. That’s for sure.” Song Chuyi took a step forward to hug her but he still held himself back. “I’d better take a shower. I’m scared I might have parasites on me from the vet’s.”

 After Song Chuyi came out from the shower, he hugged his delicate wife. Changqing pushed him showily, pretending to still be a little angry.

 Dr. Song hugged her even tighter and lowered his head to kiss her little mouth.

 The two hadn’t been intimate for a long time. Although Dr. Song was careful, sparks were still ignited from the kiss. Changqing felt it was somewhat unbearable. Perhaps pregnancy had made her body even more sensitive but she still endured it because she was too shy to tell him.

 Song Chuchu really wanted it but it hadn’t been three months yet, so he tried his hardest to control himself for the sake of the child. Their clothes were removed and they hugged each other, skin grazing on skin, for a very long time before they stopped but their lips refused to part, kissing deeply and kissing lightly.

 Changqing put her arms around his neck and thought this moment was perfect.

 Until her phone broke the silence.

 Song Chuchu helped her get her phone. When Changqing saw the word “Duoyao”, she got a shock and quickly picked up the call. “Duoyao, you finally called. I couldn’t get through to you when I called. If it wasn’t for the occasional messages I received, I would’ve thought you disappeared off the face of the earth.”

 “Aye. The reception in this place is too lousy. I had to look for a signal all over the place before I was able to make this call to you,” Jiang Duoyao said pitifully. “Changqing, I want to go back. This place is really too unbearable.”

 “Then come back.” Changqing felt her heart aching. “If you really want to take revenge, come back and hook up with Li Shaobin to ask him to help you.”

 “Li Shaobin… I’d rather…”

 The call suddenly got cut off from time to time. Changqing said a few “hello’s” but the reception was gone.

 “The reception is really terrible.” Changqing called again but she couldn’t get through.

 Song Chuyi put both hands behind his head lazily. “You dared to tell her to hook up with Li Shaobin?”

 “Err…” Changqing touched her nose. She had forgotten there was a man beside her. “Don’t you think this is a good idea too?”

 Song Chuyi nodded thoughtfully. “Why not hook up with Yan Molun?”

 “Don’t you think… the image looks weird?” Changqing said with a weird expression. “It reminds me of the movie This Killer Isn’t Very Cold.”

 Song Chuyi thought about the image and said, “Molun is much more handsome than the male lead.”

 Changqing said in her heart silently: But Molun is also taller than the male lead.

 The next day, Song Chuyi, Yan Molun, and Li Shaobin gathered at a clubhouse to play cards.

 Li Shaobin said, “I found out where your brother went: Detroit, in the US.”

 “Detroit?” Song Chuyi’s hand, which was taking a card from the deck, froze but he quickly became at ease.

 That was where they experienced the shooting incident. It was also where the conflict between them started. Perhaps Song Chulang went there to look for his memories or perhaps to look for something he lost in the past.

 “Aye. Do the two of you really not want the Song family inheritance?” Zhan Mingwei asked as he picked a card. “Won’t Dai Ai and her son have it too easy then?”

 “Money is just material. Why must you make yourself unhappy because of money?” Song Chuyi smiled lightly. “Whatever. I don’t lack money anyway.”

 “That’s true.” Zhan Mingwei nodded.

 Yan Molun suddenly said, “Don’t look for me for the time being. I intend to go somewhere.”

 “Go somewhere?” Zhan Mingwei raised his brow. “Where?”

 “Somewhere interesting.” Yan Molun’s mouth curled up slightly.

 Song Chuyi blinked and stared at him. Could it be

 1He hoped he was just thinking too much.

 “Don’t be gone for too long. Otherwise, I’ll be bored to death,” Li Shaobin said pitifully.

 “It’s okay. You can start getting used to being bored.” Yan Molun threw his last card out. “I might just find a girlfriend one day and you’ll be even more bored.”

 Li Shaobin: “…”

 Song Chuyi: “…”

 Zhan Mingwei: “That made some sense.”

 When they parted at 10, Song Chuyi had won some money. When he reached the KTV building Changqing was singing at, he called her.

 Eight minutes later, Changqing came out from inside. She was pulling a long face. “I told you to sing with me yet you’d rather keep your friends company than me. Didn’t you say you’d sing with me before? You even sang with Yu Sihe. Tell me honestly—do you like Yu Sihe even more?”

 “What nonsense.” Song Chuyi found her funny. “I don’t really like the atmosphere of your broadcasting station. They all looked like they want to curry my favor. If you want to sing, I’ll book the entire suite just to keep you company, alright?”

 “That’s more like it.” Changqing hugged his arm. “What am I supposed to do? I feel like having Mala now.”

 “No way.” Song Chuyi stopped her straight away.

 Changqing pouted. “You even said you would treat me well and that I’m the treasure you prayed for for three lifetimes. Was that all a lie?”

 Song Chuyi stroked her hair. “Qing Bao, don’t take sweet talk seriously.”

 “…” Changqing gritted her teeth together. “Song Chuchu—”

 “Let’s go home.” Song Chuyi held her little hand. Changqing flung it away and he held her hand again.

 Changqing snorted. She finally understood. Sweet talk was used to cheat people.

 However, she would always fall for his trap.

 And that was how he swindled her in this lifetime.

 Thinking about it made her go hysterical.

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Chapter 316