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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 315

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 315

“Do you think this is all my fault now?” Song Huaisheng was trembling. “Do you think I wanted things to become like this? Your mom was irresponsible then. I told her to come home to take care of the children but she refused to listen and insisted on pursuing her dreams. Out of 365 days in a year, she wasn’t home for 300 days. What man could stand such a woman? Dai Ai is gentler than your mom and is better at taking care of people compared to your mom. I need a woman like this. Am I wrong? Should I have withstood my marriage with your mom my entire life?”

“Yes. Your marriage with my mom might’ve been a mistake right from the start.” Song Chuyi smiled bitterly. “However, no matter what, you were still the one who engaged in an extra-marital affair. You were the one who had a woman on the outside before getting divorced. You married Dai Ai into the family only one month after getting divorced from Mom. You’re also a person with age. Did you consider our feelings then? Not did you not, but you even wanted us to be respectful towards Dai Ai. Why did I tell you when I had a conflict with Song Chulang? It was because I still trusted you. I thought you would make the correct judgment. As a father, you haven’t been a good role model for us and have never given me proper guidance. You’ve only disappointed me countless times. I don’t want to step foot into that house, and I don’t want to try my best to balance the relationships and ties in that family. I can also earn money through my own hard work and live without worries. I think it’s the same case for Song Chulang too. I think he left because he doesn’t want to inherit the Song Corporation and also because he’s thought certain things through. That’s great. That way, you won’t be in a difficult position.”

Song Huaisheng’s face was ashen. “Is this how the two of you think? You don’t care to inherit the Song Corporation at all?”

“There’s no free lunch in the world and it’s the same even between father and son. If we were to inherit it, what would we have to give up?” Song Chuyi curled his lips up into a mocking smile. “I’m sorry, but I won’t be joining you in your game. If you want to look for Song Chulang, go ahead. My wife is pregnant. I still have to go back to keep her company.”

He left with large strides after saying that.

Song Huaisheng was stunned. After a while, he came back to his senses.

Yan Changqing is pregnant?

I’m going to become a grandfather?


Song Chuyi was leaning against the railing of the balcony that night. He had a cigarette between his fingers in his left hand. He was holding onto his phone in his right hand. “Help me check the airport and train stations for any records of Song Chulang coming in or going out.”

After hanging up the phone, he took two puffs. Changqing came out from the shower and pushed open the door to the balcony. She was stunned. “Why are you smoking? Are you in a bad mood?”

“Mm.” Song Chuyi went silent for a while. “My dad came to look for me today. He said my brother resigned and left the Song family. Now his whereabouts are unknown.”

“No way.” Changqing was shocked. She really couldn’t imagine someone like Song Chulang would actually walk away from all the riches and lavish lifestyle. “Could it be that the knowledge of Song Yunyang’s marriage hurt him too deeply?”

“Maybe.” Song Chuyi turned back to look at the moon outside the window. “A year has almost passed unknowingly. We’re almost back to the time when we first met.”

Changqing felt slightly embarrassed. The scenario of their first meeting was too embarrassing for her to recall.

Song Chuyi smiled and stroked her head.

Changqing leaned into his embrace as she put her arms around him. “Chuchu, actually I don’t hate your brother that much. He’s quite pitiful right now.”

Song Chuyi kissed her forehead and remained silent for a very long time before he started, “Changqing, actually there’s something I haven’t told you.”

“What is it?” Changqing lifted her head and when she looked into his complicated eyes, she felt a strong premonition.

“Last year, when Dai Ai fell down the stairs, I investigated the case afterward and found out that my brother got one of the servants to tamper with the stairs, causing you to slip and pull Dai Ai along at the same time,” Song Chuyi said softly. “I’m sorry. I found out about it a while after it happened but I was afraid it would affect our marriage and I also didn’t want you to hate my brother.”

Changqing was stunned. She slowly left his embrace in disbelief. “So your brother was behind it all. You didn’t want me to hate your brother, but do you know how guilty I felt during that time? Your family members all gave me the cold shoulder and I felt as though I was stabbed by a needle. There were several times when I would wake up to see an image of Dai Ai lying with blood all over in front of me. I was extremely guilty and your family members also had a 180-degree change in attitude towards me after that incident. I was constantly in turmoil and self-reproach during that period.”

“I’m sorry.” Song Chuyi’s gaze was filled with deep remorse and bitterness. “So I had my brother, who treated me the best since I was young, on one side while you were on the other side. I could only use my way to resolve this matter… I tried to ensure the safety of the child. My family members and Dai Ai have long found out about the truth. You were the only one still in the dark. I wanted to keep hiding it from you but I couldn’t get over it. You needed to know the truth; you didn’t do anything wrong. The ones in the wrong were my brother and me. You were innocent.”

Changqing shook her head and turned around to leave the balcony. She towards the door of the bedroom without saying a word.

Song Chuyi quickly chased after her and held her shoulder gently. “Where are you going so late at night?”

“Don’t touch me.” Changqing pushed him away and said furiously, “Song Chuyi, you’re too selfish. I can’t face you calmly pretending that nothing happened. Why is everyone in your family so… perverse? Especially your brother for coming up with something like that. Is he a maniac? Now that I think about it, when I caused Dai Ai to fall back then, you were by my side coaxing and consoling me and I thought you were great. I was touched. So it was all because of your guilt. You’re a b*stard.”

“Yes. I am a b*stard.” Song Chuyi laughed bitterly. “You can scold me however you want. Don’t run out. If you don’t want to see me tonight, I’ll sleep in the guestroom.”

Changqing went to the bed to throw his pillow at him straightaway as she howled at him with reddened eyes, “You’re not allowed to come back to sleep.”

Song Chuyi caught the pillow and reminded her gently, “Be mindful when you sleep at night; don’t keep rolling around.”

“It’s none of your business.” Changqing turned her back to him coldly.

Song Chuyi took his pillow to the room next door quietly and happened to bump into Yan Lei. When the latter saw him, he was stunned. “You two…”

“I made Changqing unhappy. I’ll sleep in the guestroom.” Song Chuyi smiled gently. “Dad, don’t worry. I deserved it.”

Upon seeing that, Yan Lei didn’t say anything else. It was normal for a couple to squabble and fight. There were certain things the elders should stay out of.

The moment Song Chuyi left, Changqing sat on the bed dejectedly. She had a stomach full of anger—anger towards Song Chulang, anger towards Song Chuyi, and mostly anger towards herself.

She didn’t sleep very well that night out of anger. In the middle of the night, she seemed to have felt someone gently flipping her body and covering her up with the blanket.

She opened her eyes and there was no one in the room but she was neatly tucked in bed.

The next day at the broadcasting station, Changqing wasn’t feeling well. In the afternoon, Song Chuyi called and texted her to say that he would pick her up but she ignored him and drove home herself.

When Song Chuyi came back at night, he said to her patiently, “Didn’t I tell you not to drive when you’re pregnant? Why didn’t you wait for me to pick you up?”

“It’s none of your business.” Changqing turned away.

Song Chuyi sighed. “If you’re unhappy, you can vent your anger on me but can you not hurt our Yan Wo?”

“Yan Wo?” Changqing was stunned.

“Didn’t you give our child that nickname? Did you forget already?” Song Chuyi reminded her. He had no other choice to make his wife forgive him sooner. “We can call him Yu Chi (1. Shark’s fin in Mandarin) if you want.”

Changqing turned her back and snorted. “Don’t think of trying to curry my favor. I won’t forgive you so easily.”

Song Chuyi watched her patiently. He wasn’t in a hurry now. Anyway, he had an entire lifetime to coax her.

Now that he told her the truth, he felt way more relaxed.

In the following few days, Song Chuyi slept in the guest room and the Yan family members didn’t probe since they were used to these two fighting.

Changqing was quite frustrated. Especially since she got pregnant, she was more sensitive when it came to her mood. When she slept on the large, empty bed at night, she would always get the feeling that someone was tucking her in. One night, she left a very small ball of paper behind the bedroom door and when she woke up in the morning, she saw that the position of the paper ball had shifted. That meant someone definitely opened the door from outside.

Changqing started to feel conflicted. She felt it was a little sweet but sometimes, she was so annoyed at how easily she could be coaxed by Song Chuchu.

Two days later, when the family was having dinner, Auntie Zhang walked in with a face full of worries. “I don’t know why but Lolita’s been throwing up everything she’s eaten these few days.”

Changqing became uptight all of a sudden. “Could she be pregnant?”

After this idea flashed past her mind, she stood up quickly and went to the backyard to take a look.

Song Chuyi quickly held her back. “Let me take a look. Sit here and don’t move.”

Although Changqing really wanted to go, she still held back the urge.

After seven to eight minutes, Song Chuyi came back from outside. “It seems she has symptoms of pregnancy. I’ll bring her to the vet later to take a look.”

“I’ll go with you,” Changqing quickly said.

“No.” Yan Lei stopped her. “There are all sorts of sick dogs at the vet’s. As a pregnant lady, you shouldn’t go.”

Changqing was depressed. Song Chuyi comforted her gently. “I’ll call you immediately if she’s pregnant.”

“Alright…” Changqing would temporarily put down the grudge between them for Lolita’s sake.

After dinner, Song Chuyi took Lolita out in the car.

Changqing sat in the living room alone with her tablet, searching up the types of puppies a Labrador and a Husky could conceive. Changqing felt increasingly hopeless as she looked on. The mix between these two dogs seemed a little strange. It seemed like dogs couldn’t be randomly crossbred indeed.




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Chapter 315