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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 314

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 314

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Li Shaobin was bewildered. “Would someone as cold and callous as your brother have a weak spot?”

 “His weakest spot is Yunyang.” Song Yunyang took out a shuttlecock and walked towards the center to the court. “Who’s playing against me?”


 At the end of the month, Changqing and Guan Ying sent Jiang Duoyao off. They heard she had to take a plane to Lhasa before taking a car to the area where she would be teaching. The entire journey to and from around the mountainous area would take a day roughly.

 She carried bags of several sizes and even had a few large suitcases. The only person accompanying her was her assistant cum photographer.

 “Why is it just the two of you?” Guan Ying sighed. She stuffed all the snacks she bought into Jiang Duoyao’s bag.

 “It’s too tough over there. Who would be willing to go with me?” Jiang Duoyao pouted. “I’m no longer what I used to be. I had three assistants before and now they were all transferred to other artistes at the company.”

 Changqing hugged her. “You have to take care of yourself. If it’s really too tough, come back. I heard it’s quite unsafe there and there are avalanches and earthquakes from time to time.”

 “It’s not that bad. The company still filtered the places before sending me over. It’s not that dangerous but it’ll be tough. We’ll talk again when I come back. You just have to send me some food from time to time.” Jiang Duoyao waved goodbye to them pitifully. “It’s just three months; I’ll still be a hero when I come back. You guys take care.”

 “Take care.” Changqing watched as she left suavely before saying to Guan Ying, “I’m guessing that she’ll be back after half a month at most.”

 “Maybe.” Guan Ying shook her head as she laughed bitterly. Even as someone who grew up in a village, she couldn’t imagine how isolated that place would be. All she was hoping, for now, was for the place to have some reception at least.


 On the third day, Changqing and Song Chuyi took a plane to Munich together. Because both of them had been quite busy, they dragged it out until the last day before making the trip over. Changqing slept a lot more recently, falling asleep the moment she sat down. It was already nine in the morning when they arrived in Munich.

Rong Chang came over personally to pick them up. When they got into the car, Song Chuyi asked, “Where’s Song Chulang? Is he coming?”

 “I called to ask him but he didn’t say anything,” Rong Chang said helplessly. “I don’t think he’s coming.”

 On the way, Rong Chang introduced Andre Casiraghi briefly to them. He was also a surgeon and was a very gentlemanly German. One could say that he treated Song Yunyang very well. Back then, Song Yunyang volunteered to join the medical team going to war-stricken India and Andre followed suit. For Song Yunyang, he learned how to cook Chinese food and learned Mandarin. Now, his culinary skills were better than a top rate chef in Chinese cuisine. Whenever Song Yunyang worked overnight, he would even deliver supper he made for her and in the morning, he would deliver breakfast for her again. If Yunyang got off too late, he would pick her up for fear of her safety. When Yunyang was unhappy, he would think of ways to send her little gifts to cheer her up. When she encountered a problem at work, he would brainstorm a solution with her…

 Song Chuyi listened quietly. Those were just minute things in everyday life but he seemed to understand why Song Yunyang didn’t consider Song Chulang in the end.

 Perhaps real marriage was just like that. Only the ordinary was real and only companionship was everlasting.

 Just like how an umbrella back then would make Song Yunyang misunderstand and fall in love with him.

When it was cold, she wanted a jacket. When she was hungry, she wanted a meal cooked for her. When it was raining, she wanted someone to be there to bring her an umbrella. That was what Yunyang really wanted.

 Changqing was slightly touched by the story. She turned back and said to Song Chuyi softly, “In that case, didn’t Yunyang find someone even better than you?”

 “You’re right.” Song Chuyi gathered his senses and smiled slightly.

 Changqing pouted. “Then I’m at a disadvantage here. You’ve never learned how to make Chinese cuisine for me and your culinary skills aren’t better than a top-rate chef.”

 Song Chuyi said lightly, “According to my knowledge, you, Miss Yan, don’t even cover the pot with a lid when you cook rice. At least Yunyang can make normal dishes and soup pretty well.”

 Changqing frowned. “Fine. You’re despising me. Song Yunyang hasn’t gone through her wedding ceremony yet. You still have a few hours to take the bride away.”

 “Who’s the one despising whom?” Song Chuyi put his arm around her waist helplessly. Now he had to coax her again.

 Rong Chang found the pair funny as she watched from the front but lamented that her kids had all grown up unknowingly.


 After more than an hour, the two arrived at the church. It wasn’t in the city center but in the outskirts. It was serene and tranquil.

 The church wasn’t large but it was solemn and mysterious. There were many seated inside, mostly foreigners. Changqing and Song Chuyi sat in the second row.

 “Take a seat first—I have to go outside. I’ll be walking Yunyang in later,” Rong Chang said.

 The two sat around for half an hour when the church music played. The groom appeared on the stage. He was a very pretty German, very good-looking. He has a high nose and when he smiled, his eyes were filled with innocence and foolishness.

 Changqing said to Song Chuyi softly, “He’s better-looking than you.”

 “You’re right.” Song Chuyi smiled.

 He was very glad to be able to witness Yunyang marry a man like that. He didn’t have to live in the guilt of the past anymore. Through this man’s bright and clear eyes, he could sense this man was a very energetic person who really loved her. This love he had for her isn’t any inferior to that of Song Chulang’s.

 They were all people with flaws. Perhaps they needed someone like that to make them complete.

 Just like him and Yan Changqing.

 When the wedding ceremony started, Rong Chang walked Song Yunyang in while holding her hand. Song Yunyang was very beautiful today in her wedding dress as she smiled silently.

 They took their vows, exchanged rings, prayed, kissed and became husband and wife like a normal couple.

 Song Chulang suddenly turned back and suddenly saw Song Chulang sitting in the shadows at the back. His stubble had grown out and his hair was long. He looked thin and his black shirt looked empty. If he hadn’t taken a close look, it would’ve been really difficult to recognize Song Chulang.

 1After the wedding ceremony ended, he stood up immediately. The church crowd rushed out and when he reached the seat, it was already empty as though what he saw just now was all part of a hallucination.

 “Chuchu, why did you suddenly walk so quickly?” Changqing walked over carefully.

 “It’s nothing.” Song Chuyi turned back. Song Yunyang and Andre Casiraghi were walking towards them side by side.

 “Hi.” Andre Casiraghi shook Song Chuyi’s hand with a smile. He said in clear but not very fluent Mandarin: “You must be Yunyang’s second brother. I’ve wanted to meet you for a while. I’ve always been curious about the Chinese person Yunyang liked.”

 Song Chuyi had a smile on the corner of his mouth. “You’re way better than me.”

 “I don’t know about that, but I will treat Yunyang better than you did in the past.” Andre Casiraghi looked at his wife with a face full of gentleness.

 “I wish the two of you happiness.” Song Chuyi handed his gift to them.

 “Thank you.” Song Yunyang looked at Changqing’s stomach. “I heard you’re pregnant. Congratulations.”

 “Er… thanks.” Changqing smiled meekly. Receiving a blessing from your love rival felt weird but she didn’t think that Andre Casiraghi would be so generous towards Song Chuyi. It seemed like foreigners were indeed more open-minded.

 After having lunch, the two took part in Song Yunyang’s wedding party. That night, Song Chuyi walked around the bustling streets of Munich with Changqing and bought her many little gifts. They took a plane back on the third day.


 Back in China, Song Chuyi went back to work at the hospital.

 A little less than a week had passed again. Someone called Song Chuyi back as he was getting off work. “Song Chuyi… stand right there.”

 He turned back and saw Song Huaisheng walking over with a face as cold as hail. “I didn’t think that you would come to this kind of place to work. You’re just a doctor, right? I doubt you’ll even reach the position of a department head by the time you reach 40.”

“It’s alright. I think it’s pretty good.” Song Chuyi undid the top two buttons of his shirt. “Are you here to criticize my job?”

 Song Huaisheng was so angry he had to take a few deep breaths. “Do you know where your brother went?”

 Song Chuyi was stunned. “How would I know? Isn’t he working at the company?”

 “He’s already been getting wasted for a month. He’s always late or absent at company meetings and didn’t even complete the tasks I handed him. He submitted a resignation letter to me last week and said he wanted to go out and walk around. After that, there’s been no more news of him.” He had a hint of irritation in his voice. “Did he contact you?”

 Song Chuyi suddenly recalled the time he saw Song Chulang in Germany and his heart skipped a beat. He lifted his head up after being stunned for a few seconds and said, “We haven’t been in contact for a very long time. If you don’t know, how would I know?”

 “Rascal. He’s your brother, after all. How can you not be concerned at all?” Song Huaisheng chided him.

 “You’re the one who works at the same company as him every day.” Song Chuyi scoffed. “You said I’m not concerned about him. How about you? Your son’s been getting wasted every day but have you been concerned? Have you asked him why? After your young and pretty wife gave birth to your youngest son, have you shown concern for us? It’s probably good that he left. I think the Song family will be much more peaceful in the future. No one will fight over your inheritance again and you can keep all that for Song Peiyuan and Dai Ai.”

 Song Huaisheng staggered back a little. Song Chuyi looked at him with pain in his eyes and said, “Have you ever thought about why things have come to this? Don’t keep criticizing what we did wrong. We’ve never felt any familial warmth from this home. We’re just like dogs that you bark orders at. Actually, you don’t understand us at all. We’ve never wanted material things.”

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Chapter 314