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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 313

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So You’re Such A Doctor Song Novel Chapter 313

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Mm. In a church in Munich,” Song Yunyang said softly. “I didn’t want to call you at first but I barely invited any relatives from my side. Besides, didn’t you say you wanted to see me happy? I want to receive your blessing.”

 Song Chuyi opened the window. A summer breeze with some fragrance blew in. He finally found his voice. “Who are you planning to marry?”

 “He’s from one of the medical teams I was on in the past. We’ve known each other for a very long time and he always liked me but back then, I still couldn’t let you go. He’s completely aware of what happened between us but still cared for me meticulously. When I went back to Frankfurt this time, we ended up in the same hospital again and he was still as nice to me as he was before. I was a little tired and I also wanted to settle down and have a home after drifting around on the outside all this time. He proposed to me and I said yes…” Song Yunyang sounded calm. She wasn’t melancholic but it sounded as though she was glad to have finally seen the sunlight again after walking out from her sorrow.

 Song Chuyi knew Song Yunyang had always wanted a beautiful family because she was an orphan. Her parents passed away when she was young so she had always yearned to build a home more than anyone else.

 He made her drift around for so many years for nothing because of the many promises he made to her when they were young.

 Song Chuyi felt guilty. He was so guilty he didn’t dare to invite her when he had his wedding with Changqing out of fear it would hurt her. He had also always thought that Song Chulang would have a chance if he backed out. He liked her for so many years and had sacrificed so much in silence but he really didn’t expect Song Yunyang to be with someone he had never seen before in the end. “I thought… you would get together with my brother.”

 Song Yunyang sighed softly and said bitterly, “Chuyi, you’ve always said Big Brother sacrificed a lot for me and I know that too. Back then in the States, he risked his all to save me and he probably wouldn’t even hesitate to sacrifice his life for me, but… making sacrifices silently in the back isn’t enough. He never dared to take a step forward and only knew how to push me onto others. How would I dare to entrust the rest of my life to someone who only knows how to let others give me happiness?”

 Song Chuyi was stunned.

 Song Yunyang said, “I’ll send an invitation to your hospital after some time. Remember to pick it up.”


 After hanging up, Song Chuyi leaned by the window for a while quietly.

 Yunyang was getting married. How would Song Chulang, who always wanted him and Yunyang to be together, feel right now?

 A week later, Song Chuyi received an invitation sent from Germany. It was a very pretty invitation with the groom’s name written on it: Andre Casiraghi.

 A German.

 Who would’ve thought that Song Yunyang would end up marrying a man called Andre Casiraghi?


 Song Chuyi drove home after work in the evening. After the car was parked in the courtyard, Changqing ran over anxiously.

 Song Chuyi’s face fell when he saw her. “Who told you to run?”

 Changqing stopped quickly. Her face was flushed with excitement. “I saw Robben and Lolita doing it just now in the backyard. Oh my god, they’ve finally formed a connection.”

 Song Chuyi’s handsome face froze and he said angrily, “It’s the mating season for dogs right now; is there any need for you to be so agitated? As a woman, you don’t even feel embarrassed saying something like that. Also, don’t you think you’re too obscene for peeking at them?”

 Changqing’s face became hot. “I… I just felt that they’ve finally grown up. Besides, Robben never seemed to be interested in Lolita all this while. I didn’t think he would also… haha.”

 “You think too highly of Robben,” Song Chuyi said lightly. “He goes bonkers seeing any female dog. Do you think he would even be picky?”

 “That’s true.” Changqing nodded seriously. “I won’t let Robben do anything on the outside to let Lolita down from today onwards. However, do you think Lolita will get pregnant?”

 “I don’t know. It’s best if she doesn’t. After all, Lolita isn’t mature enough and it wouldn’t be very safe for her to give birth. It’s inevitable, though, since there’s a male dog at home.” Song Chuyi looked at Changqing’s worried face and stroked her head. “Let nature take its course.”

 “Oh.” Changqing was still a little excited.


 After dinner that night, Changqing still wanted to go to the backyard to watch the two dogs but Song Chuyi pulled her back. “Didn’t I tell you before not to go over to the kennel? It’s unhygienic.”

 “I want to see if Lolita is fine,” Changqing said worriedly. “It’s her first time. She must be feeling uncomfortable.”

 “You think too much.” Song Chuyi couldn’t stand her. He pulled her upstairs. “I have something to tell you.”

 After they got to their room, Song Chuyi handed her the invitation. “I’m making a trip to Germany at the end of the month. Are you going?”

 Changqing opened it up and was stunned. “Song Yunyang is getting married?”

 “Mm.” Song Chuyi nodded slightly.

 Changqing had mixed emotions as she stared at the invitation. She was feeling a little complicated and a little glad.

 All this time, she was still a little jealous of Song Yunyang. After all, she was the one Song Chuyi used to love. However, she didn’t expect Song Yunyang to get married so quickly. “Yes. Of course. In case you do something while I’m not watching… hmph.”

 “Don’t let your thoughts run wild,” Song Chuyi said with a frown. “The things between me and Yunyang are already in the past.”

 “But I still don’t feel very assured.” Changqing hugged his arm. “You might feel upset at her wedding.”

 Song Chuyi couldn’t be bothered with her. “If you want to go, we have to start applying for our visas.”

 “Are you trying to change the topic here?” Changqing was unhappy and jealousy was written all over her face.

 “This topic is too meaningless. If I still hadn’t let her go, I wouldn’t bring you with me.” Song Chuyi refused to converse with her anymore.

 Changqing thought about it and it did seem to make some sense.

 Before she slept at night, she couldn’t hold in the urge and asked, “Your brother likes Song Yunyang so much. Will he pass out from anger after he finds out she’s getting married?”

 “I don’t know.”

 “He most definitely would.” Changqing stared at the ceiling. Thinking about how Song Chulang might be hiding in some corner crying his heart out, she laughed. “Then will your brother go too?”

 “I don’t know.” Song Chuyi sighed silently in the darkness.

 He had a feeling that Song Chulang would definitely look for her.


 Indeed, a few days later, while Song Chuyi was treating a patient in the ward, a nurse called out to him. “Dr. Song there is a gentleman looking for you. He said he’s your brother and I think the two of you look pretty alike.”

 Song Chuyi nodded. He walked out of the ward after finishing the check-up and saw Song Chulang. Song Chulang didn’t seem to have much energy, looking a little haggard with his stubble unshaven. He didn’t look anything like the spirited and calm CEO he used to be.

 “I know you don’t want to see me. I’m just here to ask you if you knew Yunyang is getting married,” Song Chulang said hoarsely.

 “Mm.” Song Chuyi nodded slightly. “Don’t blame me again. I didn’t hurt her which made her find a random man to get married to. The man she’s marrying is someone she’s known for many years from one of her medical teams. They were sent to India and other places for voluntary services before. That person liked her for years and was always by her side. He proposed to her a few days ago and Yunyang said she wanted a home.”

 Song Chulang clenched his fists so hard his knuckles cracked and his face looked even gloomier because he didn’t shave.

 Song Chuyi took a step back. “You can find out for yourself if she’s happy marrying him when you go to her wedding in Germany. She told me that although you treat her well and have also done a lot for her silently, you only know how to push her onto others and have never tried to fight for her yourself. She doesn’t dare to entrust her happiness for the rest of her life to you.”

 Song Chulang’s gloomy face suddenly froze. He looked dejected, as though someone had scattered a layer of grey over him as he clenched his teeth in pain. “I only wanted you to give her happiness.”

“If you want someone to be happy, you shouldn’t only think about letting others give it to her.” Song Chuyi sighed softly. “I left her then not only because I felt I was useless, but I also thought you could make her happier. Perhaps I thought wrong. You had the courage to save her without a second thought and also had the courage to turn yourself into an unscrupulous stranger, but you didn’t have the courage to give her happiness. The man she’s marrying might not have given as much as you did, but he dared to fight for her and can give Yunyang a home which she wanted the most, while you have no concept of ‘home’ in your heart at all.”

 Song Chulang was suddenly dumbfounded. His eyes became empty.

 Concept of home.

 What is home?

 He doesn’t know anything.

 All he knew was that the place with his brother and sister was called “home.”

 Right now, these things were beyond his reach.

 “Go and take a look at her. I believe Yunyang is definitely happy.” Song Chuyi sighed helplessly inside and turned to leave.

 Song Chulang stood in the same spot for a very long time without moving.

 His silhouette was so pale that it seemed as though he almost blended in with the hospital.


 Another week passed. Song Chuyi and a few friends went out to play badminton. As they were walking to the badminton court, Li Shaobin said, “Right, I ran into your brother at a bar a few days ago and he was pretty drunk. He even offended some drunkards and they got into a fight. He was so badly beaten up I could barely recognize him.”


Song Chuyi was startled. “Really?”

 “Yeah. He lost a lot of weight,” Li Shaobin said curiously. “I heard from the bar’s manager that he’s been drinking there almost every day recently and every time the bill goes into the thousands. Sometimes, he’s so drunk he can’t even stand properly. How did he become like this? Isn’t your brother very scary?”

 Song Chuyi paused in his tracks and replied, “Yunyang is getting married.”

 Li Shaobin was dumbfounded. Zhan Mingwei raised his brows. “It’s just completely tearing him apart at his weakest point.”

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Chapter 313