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Nightmare’s Call Novel Chapter 436

All chapters are in Nightmare’s Call Novel

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Nightmare’s Call Novel Chapter 436

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Fairy Empress cast a few spells within a short moment. At almost the same time, a dark-purple pattern appeared on the man, his forehead shimmering with blue fluorescence, a big black flower behind him.

 These were the spells cast upon the man at almost the same time. Anyone ordinary dark spirit that got caught in this would be dead for sure. But the man could still raise his greatsword, striking it forward as he roared. The great bone sword in his hands shattered into powder. But in exchange, it left behind dangerously violent energy. It shot out, flying across tens of meters to hit the soul energy shield of the Fairy Empress. The shield shattered upon impact, startling the Fairy Empress. She bounced several steps back, raising her wand in front of her. She heard a dang, chips coming off the wand. The impact had damaged her wand.

 “You could quash my spells?” Her eyes said that she was not backing down, waving her wand with more special abilities up her sleeve.

 Like any other dark spirits, she had her own unique special ability. She never used this ability. But right now, she was pissed off; she wanted to kill the man to avenge the death of her soldiers. Earlier, the man had killed an army of dark spirits, among them there were Fairy Imperial soldiers.

 “So… go to hell!” The Fairy Empress wanted to summon all her special abilities.

 “Get out of the way. Let me deal with him!” From the red vortex behind her emerged an arm, pressing on her shoulder.

 “Blade of the Hunt!” The man could not have cared less. He jumped up into the air, laughing frenziedly. The great bone sword came back in his hand. As he struck it down from above, a dark-brown light shone on the blade.


 As he hissed, the great bone sword expanded from two meters to over five. At the same time, the width of the blade also grew in proportion. As the enlarged great bone sword almost hit the red vortex in front of the Fairy Empress, a voice came.

 “Not bad for your strength!”

 From behind the Fairy Empress came a burly figure, a hand reaching out. A pure white flame rose from the hand as it caught the great bone sword just in time. The collision produced violent air turbulence that spread in all directions.

 “I like you!” Lin Sheng looked up, his eyes glowing in a piercing gold light behind his black long hair dangling down his forehead.

 “Pay obeisance to me! With your level of strength, you’re just wasting your life living in this place.”

 The man laughed, trying to retrieve his great bone sword, but realizing he was no match for Lin Sheng’s strength. Cocking an eyebrow, his laughter became even more manic.

 “I am Sayota, the Dark Lord! How arrogant you are in wanting me to pay obeisance to you!”

 Every muscle of his body started to writhe, bones under his skin creaking before white bones began to spike out from his body, shooting out with a force more powerful than a shell. They were hundreds of them, so dense they instantly filled the space in the surroundings in all directions leaving no dead spot.

 “Is this your response?” Lin Sheng stood stock, protected by layers of solid earth walls on all sides. Once a wall was punctured, the second layer would rise, and that went on and on. Mud walls also started to rise in the vicinity, surrounding the entire place.

 As the bone spikes and the earth walls fought and wiped out each other, Lin Sheng stood quietly, doing nothing. His Rock Dragon bloodline got a level up when he achieved the Palatinate breakthrough. This coupled with having linkage with the chaotic soul power were important in enhancing Lin Sheng’s physique. Right now, his Rock Dragon bloodline was powerful enough to manipulate rocks.

 Earth walls kept rising, even into the sky, encasing the man who called himself the Dark Lord in them. Earth walls formed by the dark-red earth were also of the same color. The dark-red earth was about to take the shape of a dome, shrouding the Dark Lord in it.

 “Bone Piercer!”

 The Dark Lord put his hands together, bones in both hands quickly grew together, twisting to form a pointed and sharp white bone spike. Holding the bone spike, he thrust it forward, piercing through three layers of earth walls. He then crashed through all three layers.


 As the Dark Lord laughed and roared in a frenzy, powerful shock waves mixed with bone shrapnel exploded within the earth dome, which subsequently collapsed following the violent explosion.

 Lin Sheng had stopped manipulating the earth. He just stood there and watched.

 “You… would have captured him had you used a little more force. Why didn’t—” the Fairy Empress could not help but ask.

 “That won’t be necessary.” Lin Sheng cut her off, face calm. “I want him to bow to me of his own free will, surrendering and submitting to me.

 He stepped out, walking toward the Dark Lord who had just escaped from the earth wall encirclement. As he went, a coat of pure, holy power covered him. Under the control of his powerful soul, the ocean-like holy power shrouded his body in a process called holy power materialization. It was not the same effect as the Armor of Dawn divine spell but a holy power protection Lin Sheng created with a massive amount of soul power.

 “Kill!” the Dark Lord roared, materializing a great bone sword in his hand. He raised it in the air and struck down at Lin Sheng.

 Lin Sheng parried with one hand, catching the blade in mid-air and flinging him away.

 Flung away by the raw power of the Rock Dragon, the Dark Lord crash-landed and rolled a dozen times, leaving behind a long and deep, scorched gully in the ground.

 “Kill!” However, the Dark Lord did not give up. He lunged back and struck his great sword at Lin Sheng as soon as he got up. This time, he was using his special ability: Ethereal Slash. Everything that he touched would be cut in half by this special ability. In a split second, the great bone sword successfully broke through the holy power protection around Lin Sheng. But what happened next would knock his socks off.

 The moment he cut through the first layer of holy power, a new layer instantaneously emerged. When he further defeated the second layer, yet another layer surfaced. Each layer of holy power was only a few centimeters apart from the subsequent one. And there were seven layers.

 The great bone sword in the Dark Lord’s hand lost its momentum. The tangible holy power was holding the sword in its place. Before the Dark Lord knew what happened, a powerful force field hit him, sending him flying backward, crashing down halfway down the mountain of bones, sending bone ashes rising into the air.

 He howled at the top of his lungs and pulled himself back to his feet. His body swelled as every bone in him was rising to the surface, forming an armor-like structure.

 Following immediately, the bones that made up the mountain flew toward him and gathered to become a skeleton giant of over a dozen meters in height.

 “The final form: Bonefiend! Eat this!”

 When a gigantic great bone sword formed in his hand, the Dark Lord struck it at Lin Sheng like a bolt of lightning.

 “Holy Sea!”

 Lin Sheng reached out his right hand in a soft and light movement. In that instant, endless holy light gushed out like an ocean wall, drowning the mountain of bones and the Bonefiend in it.


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Chapter 436