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Nightmare’s Call Novel Chapter 433

All chapters are in Nightmare’s Call Novel

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Nightmare’s Call Novel Chapter 433

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The man with sunglasses ignored Lin Sheng, his cold gaze bypassing Lin Sheng and looking at Xie Qiaoyue in the room. “Why waste time running away? Does it even work?” The man’s voice was low, and his face calm.

 Lin Sheng was not too happy to get ignored. He thought he was magnanimous enough all this while.

 “I’m asking you a question. Or are you deaf?” His voice was calm, but he was obviously pissed off. This was Henricqal, and he was Seagal. Even the chancellor of Baine University would not slight him.

 “I’m taking her.” The man with sunglasses finally noticed Lin Sheng’s presence, but that did not change what he was going to do. He raised his hand and pointed at Xie Qiaoyue behind Lin Sheng.

 “Is this a request or a threat?” Lin Sheng cocked an eyebrow.

 “A request, I suppose,” the man said.

 “What a shame.” Lin Sheng smiled. “That’s not going to happen.”

 He would not let the man take Xie Qiaoyue because of the man’s arrogance. Not to mention he needed to find out the situation in Xilin from Xie Qiaoyue.

 The man stopped in his tracks, eyes piercing Lin Sheng through his sunglasses. “That’s not going to happen? Who are you?”

 “You have come to my place and you tell me you don’t know who I am?”

 The man with sunglasses did not say a word.

 “Or are you not going to identify yourself?”

 Lin Sheng came out from the room, studying the man. He had a traditional look, his attire covering up almost every inch of his skin like the clothing people wore a decade ago. His clothes were solemn and retro. Had he worn a helmet, he would have looked like a biker from about ten years ago.

 “Let me ask again; are you sure you want to stop me?” the man with sunglasses asked, voice still low.

 Lin Sheng let out a smile, suddenly reaching out his hand. His palm was as white as jade, his arteries and veins visible under his skin. As he struck his hand in a forward motion, a force of immense power surrounded the man.

 The strange energy caught the man off guard, the sharp threads around his body forming a defense force field to ward off the strange energy. As the two energies collided, it sounded as if metal was twisting.

 “First Move!” the man with sunglasses hissed. To Lin Sheng’s surprise, the man bent his waist slightly and the sharp threads around him formed a shield guarding him in the front. The man lunged out at Lin Sheng with great speed and power. The force was so great that even Lin Sheng’s natural force field was unable to suppress it. In the blink of an eye, the man with sunglasses was before Lin Sheng with a right sweeping kick. Lin Sheng parried with his hand while trying to grab his leg.

 “Second Move!”

 The man hissed again. His movement suddenly quickened, fading into an afterimage. In a sweeping motion, he moved past Lin Sheng by lowering his body, then lunged straight toward Xie Qiaoyue.

 “Not bad!” Lin Sheng uttered a word of admiration, and his responsiveness increased at the same time. He did not rely solely on Palatinate’s natural force field in combat. His real strength lay in himself. With a swift motion, he appeared before the man sunglasses, blocking him in his way as he did a chain strike with his hands.

 They exchanged punches and kicks several dozen times a second. The only sound in the room was the muffled explosion from their fight. Xie Qiaoyue and the other two girls felt dizzy, their vision blurry and ears ringing because of the shock waves.

 The ten-odd seconds felt as if minutes had passed.

 By now, it was obvious who the winner was. With a flick of his hand and using his hand as a sword, Lin Sheng struck the man with sunglasses on his right shoulder. He could hear the crack of the man’s clavicle. The strike also forced the man through the floorboard, his tights stuck, face pale with blood spurting out of his mouth. Breath slowly left the man’s body.

 “That was a quick one!” Lin Sheng had not done some real physical stretches for a long time. Since cultivating holy power, his martial arts and cold weapons had taken a back seat. He was using dark energy and holy power most of the time because the lethality and damage that those two powers could inflict far surpassed that of martial arts. He did not even have the chance to fight close-quarters combat. But it was different this time.

 With no suppression technique, the man with sunglasses could totally ignore the Palatinate’s force field and fight him for over a minute, despite Lin Sheng was armed with the Rock Dragon bloodline. That was something.

 Lin Sheng started to think, considering that he did not use dark energy and holy power or dragonization skill and other talents, just his physical strength, the man had to at least be a Six-winger.

 “This guy was good…” Lin Sheng lamented, looking at the man with sunglasses. The sudden appearance of a Six-winger at this time seemed to have spiked things up a bit.

 Six-wingers were no regular fighters. Even in the Sevenlocks Tower, a Six-winger was more than capable of leading small warfare. They were Commander-class elites. The question was, why did someone need to use a Six-winger to hunt down Xie Qiaoyue?

 “Tell me, where are you from?”

 Lin Sheng looked at the dying man, but the man with sunglasses kept mum as if he had no intention to answer his question.

 Xie Qiaoyue and the other two girls were still rooted to the spot, marveling at how Lin Sheng had defeated the sunglasses-wearing monster with just a flick of his hand.

 “You’re not talking, aren’t you?”

 Lin Sheng raised his hand, instructing to take the man away. Two plumes of black smoke materialized into two red armored soldiers beside him.


 The two soldiers replied and pulled the man with sunglasses out of the floorboard and dragged him downstairs. A group of patrolmen and an inspector had arrived outside the teahouse. They took the man away to throw him into the dangerous and cruel Purification Tribunal, which was just a nicer-sounding name of the dungeon.

 Lin Sheng’s eyes returned to Xie Qiaoyue.

 “Now, tell me. Who is the guy? How did you get him here?”

 “He is an elite of the Sevenlocks Tower,” said the little girl with her hair tied into pigtails.

 “If he were from the Sevenlocks Tower, he would not be so reckless coming to Henricqal. Let alone using the nasty area-of-effect ability in public. So, tell me everything, and I may consider giving you all protection.”

 After all, the Sevenlocks Tower had tasted defeat here. They would not recklessly send their elites over here again. What was more telling was that the man with sunglasses seemed to not know who Lin Sheng was, and what Henricqal meant to other Transcendents.

 There was silence in front of the private dining room. Xie Qiaoyue’s eyes flickered, obviously lying.

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Chapter 433