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Nightmare’s Call Novel Chapter 432

All chapters are in Nightmare’s Call Novel

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Nightmare’s Call Novel Chapter 432

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ten minutes later, in the private dining room of a restaurant, Lin Sheng sat across Xie Qiaoyue and the other two girls.

 “Tell me, what information do you have? If you lie, you know the score.”

 Henricqal was Lin Sheng’s territory. Even figures like the Palatinates would not dream of getting out alive if they lied, let alone Xie Qiaoyue.

 Timid like a baby afraid of punishment, Xie Qiaoyue sat down nervously, too afraid to look up as cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

 She knew she could use trickery and sweet words to evade monsters that pursued her, but all that did not work on Lin Sheng. All her petty tricks were only a useless burden in front of the former master of the Ironfist Society.

 The other two girls did not know why Xie Qiaoyue was so afraid of Lin Sheng. By the looks of Xie Qiaoyue and the tense atmosphere in the room, it was enough for them to sit stock still. Apparently, someone who could send the fearless Xie Qiaoyue scared stiff must be something.

 “Master-Master Lin… as-as I mentioned earlier, I have important information! It’s about the Sevenlocks Tower!” Xie Qiaoyue collected her thoughts, plucking up the courage to talk.

 “Just say it.” Lin Sheng looked down, seemingly not interested.

 Xie Qiaoyue did not dare beat around the bush. “The Sevenlocks Tower is building a Blacktide connection ritual, the second time they are doing it. If they succeed, the Dark Pantheon of the Ashen World might come for real. By then, even the three mysterious realms would be helpless to stop the fall of this world! We are being hunted because we have stumbled upon and gotten a key keepsake of the ritual.” She took a deep breath before talking and did not stammer anymore. “Due to this keepsake, someone from the Sevenlocks Tower has been trying to kill us for the past ten-odd days!”


 Lin Sheng still appeared indifferent. As influential and powerful as the Sevenlocks Tower was, it had nothing to do with him. During the confrontation between the Sanctum and the Sevenlocks Tower, it was the Sevenlocks Tower that lost. Lin Sheng had injured a Sevenlock and captured the other guy who had the Tricolor Rubik. By the looks of things, the Sevenlocks Tower must have hated the Sanctum.

 “Don’t you worry? Once the great ritual is up, the Sevenlocks Tower will grow stronger, the Dark Pantheon will come to Earth, and the world will fall!” one of the little girls chimed in. Both girls were in disbelief seeing Lin Sheng’s indifference. How could he be so unconcerned when the world was facing this imminent disaster? What was he thinking?

 “The world?” Lin Sheng could not help but laugh. “Do you know who big the world is? Or you think the world only comprises the countries around the Pearl Ocean?”

 Obviously, countries like Xilin, Redwin, Olro, and others were around the Pearl Ocean. But this was not the entire world. There were more countries in the polar region, surrounding the continental countries around the Pearl Ocean. Further out, it was a strange ocean that until now, no scientific instrument could explore. People called it the Fog Ocean because fog covered the surface of the ocean all year round. That meant, when people talked about the world, it meant the countries around the Pearl Ocean.

 Lin Sheng’s words transfixed Xie Qiaoyue and the other two girls. Few people would look at the places beyond the known world.

 “However, the Blacktide will only get stronger, and your Ironfist Society will face an insurmountable crisis!” In desperation, Xie Qiaoyue did not stutter but was filled with emotions as she tried to convince Lin Sheng.

 “I believe the Sevenlocks Tower will not come looking for trouble. After all, the Sanctum is an organization that embraces peace and justice.” Lin Sheng smiled. “Oh, in case you don’t know, I now belong to the Sanctum, working as a researcher in a research center in Henricqal.”

 “But if you will, you can keep the keepsake safe…” Xie Qiaoyue got even more emotional, pouring out her thoughts.

 “Keepsake?” Lin Sheng smiled. Just as he was about to continue, his smile evaporated, looking in the door’s direction.

 The closed wooden door did not prevent him from perceiving movement outside. A burly man with a crew cut hair, wearing a black vest and boxing gloves was approaching, walking up the stairs. He looked calm with black sunglasses on. The man walked straight toward the private room where Lin Sheng was in.

 As he moved forward, invisible but sharp threads silently emerged around him. The threads weaved and formed an array, protecting him in the middle. As the man approached, people around him would inexplicably go away as if something had come to their minds. Soon, the noisy second floor of the tea house turned quiet with the man’s arrival. Everyone—waiters and customers alike—left as if they were going somewhere. It all happened in just five minutes, and the man with black sunglasses was the only person left on the second floor.

 The man walked straight, approaching the private room where Lin Sheng and the other three girls were in. He suddenly stopped five meters away from the door. Still with his sunglasses on, his eyes seemed to pierce through the wooden door, meeting Lin Sheng’s eyes.

 The wooden door creaked as it slowly opened with Lin Sheng emerging from the inside. He did not come out for any other reason but the man with sunglasses. Lin Sheng had sensed him. The minute he stepped out of the room, he immediately sensed something was wrong on the second floor. The place was still packed with people a while ago, but now it was probably the quietest place in the city.

 “Who are you?”

 Lin Sheng stared at the man with sunglasses, curious. The Sanctum’s suppressive energy was omnipresent in Henricqal, degrading all non-holy power transcendents by a level. That meant a Four-winger would only have the strength of a Three-winger, and a Three-winger a Two-winger’s.

 Lin Sheng could feel that this man was dangerous. Those who could make Lin Sheng feel this way must be something. But he also felt something else; this feeling of danger was not threatening. It was as if a danger warning and signal. In plain words, it was just scary.

 The man was exuding a message of danger and threat. That was the nature of his ability, not really because he was so powerful that he struck fear in people’s minds. Unlike the Palatinates’ natural force field, there was no fundamental gap to this dangerous energy. It was only an element of information.


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Chapter 432