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Nightmare’s Call Novel Chapter 431

All chapters are in Nightmare’s Call Novel

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Nightmare’s Call Novel Chapter 431

Chapter 431: The Clue: Part 3

“This place… Is it also a dream?”

Lin Sheng frowned and walked slowly toward the pillar that connected the earth to the sky.

He was now strong enough to explore a little.

Soon, a strong warrior in a black cloak rose slowly from the ground.

The black-cloaked warrior held a black brazier in his hand, from which black flames burned. He had no facial features, it was all just a blur.

“Like, dislike, disappointment, desperation!!” At the sight of Lin sheng, the black-cloaked warrior roared in pain. The warrior then suddenly lifted the black brazier and hurled it at him.

Lin Sheng stretched out his hand, a small piece of holy light exploded at the tip of his finger, blocking the brazier and bouncing it back.


The brazier bounced back onto the black-cloaked warrior, and the black flames inside set him ablaze.


The black-cloaked warrior screamed and fell on Lin Sheng, but before he could get close, he was hit in the face by a flash of holy light.

With a bang, the black-cloaked warrior was blown to pieces and then killed.

Soon his body turned into black smoke and disappeared into the air.

“Very weak… but…” Lin Sheng frowned and looked down at his fingers.

The tip of the finger, which had just released the holy power, had become a little dimmer and seemed to be stained with dust.

“It’s not an illusion… It seems to have been infected by something…”

Lin Sheng stopped walking forward.

The holy power was not invincible. He knew that. Otherwise, Blackfeather City would not have fallen while the sanctum was still powerful.

The fact that such a thing could penetrate the holy power and attach itself to him showed that it was probably of a more imperious or superior power than the holy power.

“I can’t explore any further until I’ve thoroughly studied it.” Lin Sheng slowly stepped back toward his house.

He pulled open the house window, jumped in easily, and locked it.

He named the plain outside the window the Nightmare Plain. The danger was unknown, so he was not going to explore it.

Back at home, Lin Sheng meditated for a while, trying to dispel the greys on his fingertips with dark energy and holy power, but it did not work.

Neither the dark energy nor the holy power had any effect on that gray, and it surprised Lin Sheng

By the end of the dream, Lin Sheng was still figuring out how to deal with the changes in his fingers.

In the isolation room.

Lin Sheng slowly woke up from his dream.

Rising from the bed, he raised his right hand and looked at the tip of his index finger.

The color of the skin there was not quite the same as in the other places, a little darker, as if it were stained with incense dust.

“I brought it back to reality… What should I do?” Lin Sheng frowned slightly.

However, for the time being, he had no choice but to brush the grey with the holy power over and over again.

Fortunately, washing it under a large number of holy power together with Chaos Soul Force, the gray at the tip of Lin Sheng’s finger finally began to fade.

After solving the problem of his finger, Lin Sheng was relieved and decided not to explore the Nightmare Plain again.

He had to be careful before he figured out the nature of that grey force.

After taking a break from the research center, Lin Sheng turned on his computer to check the consolidated information coming from outside.

Now all the computers in Henricqal were connected to a closed local area network, where computers could communicate with each other, which was quite convenient. And it must be within the range of the holy power, or, the safe zone, to be able to work.

Outside the safe zone, even underground, monsters could sneak in and attack at any time.

After a brief look at the information on the computer, Lin Sheng changed his clothes and left the research center.

He had been eating a lot of dark spirits lately, so he was under a bit of pressure.

So, Lin Sheng liked to go to a nearby teahouse occasionally, order a cup of hot tea, eat some snacks, watch a movie, play games and relax.

This tea house was run by Xilinese. Lin Sheng met the boss several times, who was a middle-aged man. He had chatted casually with the uncle and learned that the uncle had taken refuge from a nearby town after the Blacktide outbreak.

Out of the research center, Lin Sheng walked slowly through two streets into the Ironash Teahouse.

There were not many guests in the teahouse.

“Give me a private room.” He took out his membership card and slapped it on the counter at the door.

“Yes, Sir. Just a moment, please.”

Lin Sheng was about to go up to the second floor to the private room. Suddenly he caught sight of a table of interesting guests in the hall.

The guests at the table were three girls sitting in a corner near the bathroom. Two of the girls were quite young and seemed to be under twenty. The other girl was at least in her late twenties and looked much more mature. She was wearing a red jacket and blue and black jeans.

Of the three girls, the two were not very attractive, but the third, who was relatively mature, was quite sexy and charming.

Of course, there were so many beautiful girls in the world, Lin Sheng could not pay attention to all of them. What really mattered to him was who she was.

“Xie Qiaoyue?” A name flashed through Lin Sheng’s mind.

Xie Qiaoyue caused him a lot of trouble when she was in Xilin. He almost had a head-on clash with the army of Redwin.

“Since we meet here, then…” Lin Sheng smiled and turned straight to the three girls.

He walked straight up to the three girls and was soon noticed by them.

Xie Qiaoyue sensed it. She turned her head slightly and looked at Lin Sheng.

At first, she did not seem to recognize him.

Two seconds later, however, her body began to tremble.

Five seconds later, her face turned ghastly pale and she was already thinking about which way to run.

If she had not been on the run from the monster, she might have gotten up and run.

Unfortunately, if she ran out now, she would surely die, and if she stayed here to face Lin Sheng, she would have at least a slim chance of survival…

Lin Sheng had come to Xie Qiaoyue and gently pressed his hand on the table in front of her.

“How did you get here from Xilin? By the way, I’d like to know how Sarroux is doing in Xilin.” He looked at Xie Qiaoyue gently as if she were an old friend. “By the way, where’s your blue seahawk?”

But Xie Qiaoyue was frozen, not daring to move.

“The s-s… seahawk r-ran away…” She was so nervous that she began to get tongue-tied.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid… I’ll just slap you to death at most. I won’t do anything bad to you.” Lin Sheng consoled her.

Xie Qiaoyue became more nervous after she heard that.

“I-I-I have important information for you! Please spare my life!!” She was shaking and her muscles were so tense that her tears, snot, and saliva almost ran down her face.

“Oh? What is it?” Lin Sheng was interested.




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