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Nightmare’s Call Novel Chapter 430

All chapters are in Nightmare’s Call Novel

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Nightmare’s Call Novel Chapter 430

Chapter 430: The Clue: Part 2

Apart from that, there was nothing else of value there.

All those skills and techniques meant nothing to him. After absorbing a large number of memory fragments, he no longer cared about this knowledge and skills.

Many skills and techniques were used to maximize a small amount of force in order to produce more power.

Most of those skills were applied to a small amount of soul force of the fairies, and the Chaos Soul Force Lin Sheng could produce with just a simple wave was far more powerful than that.

These skills were like a frame, if he forced them, it would limit his power. He simply gave up learning these skills and just skimmed through the books to see if he could refer to them and lay the groundwork for his future work.

Lin Sheng spent twelve days in the Fairy Empire.

He had finished reading all the books in there when he left.

Unexpectedly, Djall Demonhand found a new channel coordinate and came to report to him.

Lin Sheng was very happy and ordered the Fairy Empress to integrate the power of the Fairy Empire to open this channel within one month. One month in the Fairy Empire was around four or five days in the real world.

After giving instructions, Lin Sheng went back to the real world to have a rest.

This time, he absorbed a lot of soul forces in the Darkspirit Cavern Fairy Empire and obtained a new soul force summoner.

However, there were too few powerful ones to summon now. He only accepted Palatinate or Six-wingers at the moment, but they rarely appeared in the dream.

Fortunately, Lin Sheng was stronger, so he wanted to explore.

In the dream.

Lin Sheng slowly opened his eyes and scanned around. He was standing in the middle of the living room.

The red light outside the window was dazzling, and the air was cold and dreary.

“This house in the dream seems to have the ability to stay the same. What it was like when I left, it will be the same when I come back.”

Lin Sheng walked slowly around the living room. He picked up a trinket on a wooden shelf in the corner.

The cheap plastic trinket, originally carved with a black eagle, was not well-defined. Many of the details seemed to have been blurred out.

“It’s a dream. The details are not clear in my memory, so this place is also a blur, unable to be restored. That is to say, the source of my dreams still comes from my memory.”

“No.” He suddenly remembered all his previous experiences.

“It should not be a simple memory from me, but more like a wonderful field formed by the combination of memory and external information, or a wonderful information field.”

In essence, an infinite amount of information could shape a world. And if the information field was complicated to a certain extent, it could also shape a seemingly real world.

“Information stimulates the brain to produce perception, vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. And the five senses are actually formed by external stimulation.”

Lin Sheng looked calm.

“So, if I could get rid of all five sensory stimuli and perceive dreams with other senses, would I be able to perceive different things?”

Besides the five senses, there was a sixth sense. For ordinary people, it might be difficult to find the sixth sense, but for Lin Sheng, the sixth sense was not mysterious.

Because the essence of five senses was actually the perception of the body. And the sixth sense referred to the most basic vision in the perception of the soul. It’s called Soul Vision.

The soul also had five senses. Soul Touch and Soul Vision all come from this.

“So… Let’s see. I remember that there is a technique for activating Soul Vision. This is just the most basic soul force application, slightly modified…”

Lin Sheng slowly closed his eyes.

“Screen out physical perception and perceive the world purely as the soul…”

A moment later, he opened his eyes.

Everything in front of him suddenly changed into something else.

The living room was still the same living room. But the originally clean and tidy walls had become rusty, and the wallpaper might fall off at any time.

The floor was covered with tiny bloodstains, and there were even dark holes in some places.

There were also grey whirlpools floating in the air.

From time to time, human voices, songs, animal voices, and the sound of musical Instruments were coming out from the grey whirlpools.

Lin Sheng guessed roughly what those gray swirls were. He ignored them and looked out of the window.

Now he could see the scene more clearly.

The scene outside the window was covered with dull red fog. Dimly in the fog stood a great pillar, connecting the earth to the sky.

The great pillar seemed to be alive, wriggling slowly from time to time with a strange low rumbling sound.

Lin Sheng walked slowly to the window. He noticed that a little red fog had begun to seep through the window crevices.

“It seems that the home in my dream is not completely safe… I didn’t notice this before.”

With a touch of his finger, the holy power sealed the crevices tightly.

Since he applied it at a slightly higher concentration, the holy power was enough to last more than ten days.

“Why don’t I seal all the crevices in the house?”

Lin Sheng began to seal all the crevices in the house little by little, but there were so many crevices in the house that he was getting irritated doing it.

“Forget it. I’ll seal it all at once.”

He began to release the holy power from room to room, and the holy power shone indiscriminately in every part of the room.

After walking through all the rooms, the entire dream home was immediately refreshed.

Without the red fog penetrating into the house, the floating grey whirlpools in the air were also dispersed by the interference of holy power. Lin Sheng even felt a sense of realness in his home.

Having settled those problems, he returned to the window and stared out at the billowing red fog.

“Let me see what the hell is out here…” He pulled open the window and jumped out.

Lin Sheng fell softly and stood firmly on the dark red ground outside. He then closed the window.

He did not go far but walked around his house.

The house was surrounded by a vast, deserted plain.

The plain was covered with dark red soil. In the distance, stone stelae could be seen standing upside-down in the soil.

Lin Sheng looked up at the sky.

In the red sky, floating islands were burning.

All these islands of different sizes were burning with an unquenchable sky-high flame.

The flames shed a mass of red light, becoming the only stable light source there.




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Chapter 430