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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1976

All chapters are in My Youth Began With Him Novel

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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1976

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

“No. I watched the surveillance tapes and it’s a planned abduction for sure.”

“Where are you right now?”

“The First Hospital.”

“Wait for me. I’m coming right now.”

Once Su Yu hung up, he raced to his Lamborghini and then drove towards the First Hospital. An was by his side in his usual silence.

15 minutes later, they arrived at the First Hospital.

“What’s going on?” Su Yu asked before Qin Chu could say anything. He had run upstairs so he was still catching his breath.

Qin Chu quickly explained the situation to Su Yu and his face immediately turned grim.

“Who the f*ck dares to kidnap the twins. If I catch them, I’m going to shred them into pieces,” Su Yu cursed.

“I already started the investigation so there should be an update soon.” Qin Chu was patiently waiting.

Just then, Qin Chu’s phone rang and it was Gao Ran.

“Chu, can you come to the Municipal Public Security Bureau.”

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s a bit complicated. I’ll explain it to you when you get here.” Gao Ran sounded like it was something very serious.


Qin Chu hung up the phone, looked at Su Yu, and asked, “Can you do me a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Can you take care of Mian for me. Please calm her down when she wakes up… She’s in real shock since the twins are gone… She can’t even think straight… I’m worried about her.”

“What about you?” Su Yu asked.

“I’m going to the Public Security Bureau. Gao Ran said the situation is complicated. It’s probably confidential so he couldn’t tell me over the phone.”

“Okay, leave Huo Mian to me.”


“You’re welcome…”

“Qin Chu…” Su Yu suddenly shouted.

Qin Chu turned around and looked at him calmly.

“Stay strong. Pudding and Little Bean will be fine. God is looking out for them.”

“Okay…” Qin Chu nodded and then turned around to walk downstairs.

After Qin Chu left, Su Yu commanded An, “Investigate where the twins are at any cost… Once you find out where they are, get them back. I don’t care how you do it… Kill the people who kidnapped them, kill them all!”

Su Yu had gone nuts as he ordered to kill the kidnappers.

“Yes, President Su.”

An turned around to execute Su Yu’s orders.

Su Yu walked into the VIP patient room only to see Huo Mian was still unconscious.

There was a drip attached to her arm and she looked very pale.

When Su Yu saw Huo Mian like this, he felt his heart tangle up.

“Why do you have to go through all these hardships… Even I as a bystander can’t bear to see you like this… Why is it so unfair… Why do people always hurt you…” Su Yu held his fist tight.

He would rather take Huo Mian’s place right now and lie in the hospital bed…

Huo Mian was a strong and independent woman. She was omnipotent. She could be a doctor of a hospital or a president of a company.

She was capable of anything.

Now though, she was silently lying in the hospital bed. Su Yu suddenly thought nothing was worth it.

He quietly sat down by Huo Mian’s side.

There was heat in the room. However, he was still scared she would be cold so he pulled the blanket up a bit.

“Mian, you’re an angel. You have to stay strong… Nothing can stop you… God has given you many challenges so you can reach maximum fulfillment in the human world. You will be able to go to heaven when you die but you still have a long way ahead of you… Pudding and Little Bean are so cute and smart. They’re going to be fine. They will come back safe and sound so you have to stay strong…”

Su Yu was so emotional that he held onto Huo Mian’s hand.

Maybe he felt safer that way. When he held her hand, he felt she was closer to him than ever.

Qin Chu arrived at the Public Security Bureau in less than ten minutes.

He felt that the later he arrived, the longer his daughters would be in danger.

“What have you got?” Qin Chu went in, breathing heavily.

“It’s quite complicated. Do you know who came back?” Gao Ran looked serious and concerned.

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Chapter 1976