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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1973

All chapters are in My Youth Began With Him Novel

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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1973

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

Qin Chu glanced at the bodyguards behind him and said, “You guys can leave first and wait for us at the door. We’ll take the kids to the bathroom.”

“Yes, Mr. Qin.”

The bodyguards picked up the luggage and walked out. Qin Chu and Huo Mian held onto the twins’ hands and walked to the washroom.

“I’ll wait for you outside.”

Qin Chu stopped at the female washroom entrance. Huo Mian nodded and led her daughters inside.

The twins were very independent and they could go to the washroom by themselves. Huo Mian went in and once she was finished, she waited outside the washroom stall. She kept waiting…

There were quite a lot of people at the airport…

“Mommy, I want to go poo poo…” Little Bean had eaten a lot on the airplane so she was complaining.

“Okay, no rush. Mommy will wait for you outside. Once you’re finished, call me so I can help you clean up…” Huo Mian smiled softly.

“Okay, Mommy.”

Since Little Bean said she was going poo poo, Pudding wasn’t in a rush either.

Huo Mian was waiting inside the washroom while Qin Chu waited outside.

Between Huo Mian and Qin Chu, there was less than three meters of distance…

There was only one exit in the washroom, and a lot of people were coming in and out, so Huo Mian didn’t overthink.

When she turned on her phone, the company was calling and Bella had something urgent to report to Huo Mian.

Therefore, she was on the phone with Bella talking about business…

Qin Chu was outside waiting for them. He wasn’t on his phone but something else caught his attention.

There was a group of people chasing after two people…

One of the people running seemed to be a woman in a black cashmere coat. She was wearing a hood and a mask and she ran very quickly.

There seemed to be reporters and fans in that group.

Qin Chu wasn’t astonished by the scene as it was normal for crazy fans to run after their idols.

However, the woman ran directly into the washroom…

Qin Chu couldn’t even block her and the fans behind her. Huo Mian was on her phone and when she saw this, she was shocked.

“What’s going on?” Huo Mian looked confused.

“Why would you run in here. It’s a dead end. There’s no exit.”

“Miss Wen… Please don’t run. We just want to interview you…” A few male reporters stayed outside at the door but were blocking the way out.

Huo Mian was shocked by the crowd and she stepped over to Qin Chu’s side.

“Where are the kids?”

“Inside. Little Bean said she wanted to go poo poo.” Huo Mian thought everything was fine.

Three minutes later, the kids still didn’t come out.

The crowd was gone by now and the female star and reporters had left the washroom.

Qin Chu was a bit anxious. “Honey, can you go in and check to see why they’re still not out yet?”


Huo Mian nodded and went back inside the washroom.

“Little Bean, Pudding, are you guys done?” Huo Mian asked.

There was no response…

“Little Bean? Pudding?” Huo Mian was surprised by this and raised her voice to ask again.

There was still no response…

Now Huo Mian was worried. She pushed the door and rushed inside.

“Little Bean, Pudding.”

She tried pushing open every stall but her kids were not in any of them…

They vanished…

“Pudding, Little Bean… Where are you? Don’t scare Mommy…” Huo Mian was so scared that her face turned pale.

Qin Chu heard Huo Mian’s yelling. He didn’t care if it was the female washroom; he just rushed in.

He grabbed onto Huo Mian’s hand and asked, “Honey, what’s the matter?”

“Honey, the kids are gone…” Huo Mian was so scared and worried that she could barely stand.

“What?” Qin Chu was also surprised. There was only one exit but he did not see the kids leave.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian were both standing by the door but the kids had vanished into thin air.

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Chapter 1973