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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1972

All chapters are in My Youth Began With Him Novel

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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1972

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

“Xiaoxue lives in Chicago. I didn’t have time to visit her and her baby. What a pity. She invited me twice and kept calling me. But our schedule was too tight, and your parents didn’t want the kids to leave either. Maybe next time we can stay longer.”

“We’ll have time in the future. We’ll be traveling to the US a lot. Relax.” Qin Chu patted Huo Mian’s hand.

Huo Mian looked over to the little ones sleeping like little pigs in their first class seats.

Pudding was drooling with her head tilted to the side.

Little Bean was even snoring, just like a little pig, it was super cute.

Just as Qin Chu was going to wake them up, Huo Mian put out her hand and stopped him. “Wait honey, don’t wake them up yet.”


“I want to take a little video of them.”

Qin Chu was speechless.

“You are such an immature mom,” said Qin Chu as he laughed.

Huo Mian took out her phone and started to record a video of her daughters. She already thought about how they would react after seeing their own awkward moments.

After the plane landed peacefully, the flight crew announced that they were ready to disembark.

Qin Chu released his seatbelt and woke the twins carefully,

“Girls, we’re home. Wake up.”

Qin Chu said that in such a gentle voice that even Huo Mian felt jealous.

“Honey, you’ve never woken me up this gently.”

“Yes, because I always wake you up with my actions.” Qin Chu smirked.

Huo Mian immediately blushed.

“What are you talking about? It’s day time!”

“Hurry up, help me wake them up. The first thing we need to do when we get home is get over jet lag. It’s so painful.”

Huo Mian walked over while the bodyguards pushed all the luggage.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian walked out of the airport, each with one kid in their arms.

“Daddy, are we home?” Pudding opened her eyes and asked drowsily.

“Yes, are you happy?”


“Why?” asked Qin Chu, smiling.

“Because then we can see Handsome Su now.” Little Bean was not even trying to lie.

Qin Chu was speechless.

“Alright…” It seemed that he was already used to the fact that his daughters were huge fans of Handsome Su.

Huo Mian was holding Little Bean and looked at her palm with sorrow.

It was getting a lot better but there were still marks from the ruler.

“Little Bean, does it still hurt?”



“Really. Don’t worry Mommy, I’m like Popeye, haha. This little thing is nothing to me.”

“Then, do you hate Mommy after Mommy did this?” Huo Mian bit down on her lips and felt really guilty.

“No, I will always love you.”

“Even if Mommy hits you, you will forgive Mommy right?” Huo Mian was constantly seeking reassurance just like a little kid.

“Yup. Even if Mommy hits me, I will still forgive Mommy. Because Mommy didn’t want to do that either. It was us not listening. Mommy is teaching us to become better people, so I won’t blame Mommy. Pudding won’t either.”

“Good girl, thanks for understanding.”

After hearing what Little Bean said, Huo Mian felt so touched.

Suddenly, “Mommy, I want to pee pee.” Little Bean felt the urge to go to the bathroom and felt that she couldn’t hold it.

Huo Mian immediately put her down and looked around. “The bathroom is over there. Come, Mommy will take you to the bathroom.”

“Mommy, I want to go too.” Pudding had same the feeling of having to go to the bathroom so she shouted to go along.

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Chapter 1972