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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1970

All chapters are in My Youth Began With Him Novel

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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1970

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

“I feel like I’m a loser. As a daughter, I’m not outstanding enough. I’ve been causing trouble since I was young. It’s never peaceful. It’s good that my mom never really blamed me. Sometimes even Zhixin worries about me. As a wife, I’m not gentle enough. A lot of times I don’t understand you or think in your shoes. I always cause trouble and need you to take care of things for me. As a daughter-in-law, I don’t have enough time to care for my parents-in-law. As a mother, I’m even more of a loser. The twins have always been well-behaved kids. But I haven’t spent enough time educating them because I’m always busy. I’ve always thought that my daughters were good enough, but it wasn’t until this day that I realized that Pudding had been raised into a selfish egomaniac. Little Bean, on the other hand, is just a little foodie who doesn’t have her own opinions and doesn’t even know how to protect herself.”

“Honey, you shouldn’t say that. As a daughter, you’ve devoted a lot to your family, you worked hard and made money to provide for your mother and brother. As a wife, you’ve always been devoted to this family. Even when you were pregnant and giving birth, you toughed it out just by yourself, with me in your heart. As a daughter-in-law, you’ve done a lot for my parents. When I was in prison, it was you who commuted between home and the company and kept comforting them. You suffered so much to give them the two baby granddaughters. And as a mother, you’ve set enough examples for them. You can’t set your standards for Pudding and Little Bean so high. Don’t forget, after all, they are only three-year-old kids. No matter how mature and smart they are, they are still young. We need to educate them step by step, with a lot of patience. We can’t deny them just because of the mistakes they made.”

“Honey, do you think I’m just being silly?”

“No, I understand your anxiety. Honey, you are just too tired. Once we get back to China, you should stop working at the company – just leave everything to me.”

“So are you firing me?” Huo Mian turned around and looked at Qin Chu with puppy eyes.

“No, I’m giving you time off. So you can spend some days with the twins, and then…”

“Then what?” Huo Mian leaned back to Qin Chu’s arms and looked up at the side of his face, which was almost perfect.

“Then, why don’t you go back to work at South Side?”

“Go back to South Side?” Huo Mian was so surprised that her mouth was wide open.

“I already talked to Director Wu. There are not enough people at South Side. So if you go back, you not only can go back to your old position and continue to be the chief of the Neurology Department, you will also be the vice director.”

Huo Mian was speechless.

“Don’t you think, the pace of me being the president of the company while you work as a doctor is just perfect? I really miss those times, Honey. Although we were busy, we had a fulfilling life.”

“Honey, you’re the CEO of GK Global. If you come back to work, wouldn’t you be lowering yourself?” asked Huo Mian coquettishly.

“Not at all. Spending time with my wife and kids is my biggest happiness. Money and power are not my business.”

Qin Chu said this with ease but Huo Mian was feeling really emotional.

Being a doctor had always been her dream. She never thought that she could return to the hospital one day.

Her life back then was such a beautiful experience, and her husband had already arranged everything without her knowing.

“Honey, thank you. Thank you for always secretly arranging everything for me.”

At this moment, Huo Mian felt so happy. What more could you ask for when you have a husband like this?

“Because you are Huo Mian. No matter what I do for you, it’s worth it.”

Just like Qin Chu said, Huo Mian was so important that he would do anything for her.

– The Next Morning –

The family of four was going to fly to Hawaii.

Before leaving, the twins reluctantly parted with Qin Ning.

“Auntie, you are really not going to go back with us?” asked Pudding sadly while looking at Qin Ning.

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Chapter 1970